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Earth Hour: Saturday March 28, 2009 8:30 PM - 9:30PM

Snuggle up next to someone you love and turn out the lights for an hour. I'm there....

Earth Hour is a sort of open-source movement against global warming. On Saturday, March 28, at 8:30 p.m. in each time zone, millions of people in thousands of cities are expected to turn off the lights for one hour to raise people's consciousness about the link between global warming and energy use.

Started in Australia two years ago, the event is mushrooming thanks in part to the Internet and social media.

One day before the start of the event in Asia, "Earth Hour" is the top search item on Twitter. A 30-second clip about Earth Hour on You Tube has gotten almost 59,000 views. Facebook groups count hundreds of thousands of members.

The goal for this year is to get 1 billion people to turn their lights off for an hour. In 2007, 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for an hour and in 2008, it went to 50 million.

But it's not just individuals: dozens of cities and 829 world landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower and the Great Pyramids of Giza, will be dark for one hour as well.

The whole point of Earth Hour is to cast a vote and make a visible statement by turning off the lights for an hour. But it's worth pointing out that that a few watts will be saved along the way and that people waste a lot of energy in their daily lives.

This week, a published study calculated that $2.8 billion is wasted from office PCs that aren't shut off properly. Perhaps people who participate in Earth Hour could unplug their home electronics as well.

via CNET.

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Comments (9)

If you believe in global warming, have a nice time. The rest of us will be turning on the gas fireplace, making popcorn and enjoying a film in the comfort of our homes.

Our forefathers worked hard so we didn't have to starve in the dark. Let Obama freeze if he wants to.


President Affirmative Action won't freeze. He keeps the Oval Office at a very toasty temperature. He let the people in Kentucky freeze.

Alan Orfi:

Only liberal whack-jobs would schedule a power-saving demonstration during prime time on a Saturday night.

Lee Ward:

Only drooling conservatives would be too stupid to understand that the protest is turning out non-essential lights, not your television. Edward Norton, the earth hour spokesperson this year, specifically encouraged people to watch the even unfold on CNN when he was interviewed by Larry King the other night.

It's a symbolic protest in support of a better plan to deal with global warming.

There. Now that you've been spoon fed your information, do you understand? Were any of the words too big for you? "Symbolic" was three syllables, do you need a link to a dictionary? Putz...


Only drooling conservatives would be too stupid to understand that the protest is turning out non-essential lights, not your television.

of course that's not completely the case. From your link:

This week, a published study calculated that $2.8 billion is wasted from office PCs that aren't shut off properly. Perhaps people who participate in Earth Hour could unplug their home electronics as well.

We in our house were very happily well lit with out tv on watching the NCAAs while both wife and I were using our laptops. Symbolic protest my a**, this is nothing but a cheap, useless gimmick.

An old story told by utility workers in the late seventies went something like, "When an environmentalist calls to tell you his power is out, tell him to put on a sweater. When his pipes freeze, tell him to wait for spring. When his children get cold, tell him to stop having them." We need to dust off that old storyline.

Worldwide users of energy have been asked by environmentally concerned groups to curtail use of power for one hour this Saturday to bring worldwide attention to the concept of global warming. Shutting down spotlights on famous landmarks is all well and good and does save whatever energy it takes to light them, but this won't be a significant accomplishment. Earth Hour will be heralded as a first step in building a global coalition to fight global warming. Unfortunately, it will be the first step in a global campaign to pressure the US into solving the world's energy problems.

The Chinese build multiple dirty-coal fired power plants each week. Supporting their population is the common excuse for allowing China to continue as the worlds worst polluter and worst producer of the gasses blamed for global warming. The Chinese at least understand that no one wants to live cold and in the dark, and its cheap energy grid allows production of cheap goods and services. The Chinese government is extremely adept at selling the labor of its people and understands exactly what input costs of manufacturing (including energy) are. The Chinese government is a better free market enterprise than many US citizens give it credit for. Because cheap power is necessary for the comfort of its people as well as for the economic engine that keeps them fed, China will never change its power supply model regardless of what the environmentalists do.

Environmentalists and Democrats here at home understand this argument and have decided on their course of action - blame the United States! With a compliant and uncurious media, this sells well. Blaming the US for world problems - including the Mexican drug wars - is popular sport. It just fits that the US would be the main culprit for dirty power coming out of China. The Obama administration has enabled this line of reasoning and has taken it one step further. When Hillary Clinton went to Mexico this week to claim responsibility for a role in the Mexican drug wars, she indicated that American appetite for illegal drugs was at least partially to blame. It would follow then that the US should contribute to solving the problem. Now, look for Obama and the Democrats to blame American consumption of cheap Chinese goods for the global warming problem. This will therefore make it our problem to fix. Just as in Mexico and their terrible drug wars, the US will be asked to assume responsibility for keeping the Chinese people warm in winter without enlarging the global carbon footprint.

Lee Ward:

The rights of gluttonous U.S. Drug consumers need to be protected, eh MAS? Well, that's the first time I've seen conservatives try to take the GOP "big tent" in a way that included criminals. Wow, you guys are working all the demographic angles.

Is the buyers go away, so do the producers and the sellers. Yes, U.S. drug use creates the market these producers, wholesalers, and retailers are feeding.

And in case you haven't noticed, the drug wars are affecting U.S. citizens, but you guys GOPers never were truly interested in reducing crime, it was more about locking up black folks.

It was a symbolic demonstration. Look at the venom that's produced over something as simple as turning out the lights for an hour.

Once I turned my lights out I left them off the rest of the evening. It was romantic, actually.

Not your Average Joe:

I did my part ... turned on every single light and appliance on my 18 acre homesite - started my SUV's (3) and lawn tractor and diesel backhoe. I just wished I could have done more - it was dark and I thought it unsafe to go out and start my chainsaw to cut down a couple dozen more trees. Damn!

F.U.B.O. from WNY

Lee Ward:

Attaboy, Joe. Doing your part to keep America dependent on foreign oil... a true Exxon patriot.


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