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WizBlue's Sunday Foto Contest Winners

Hey kids, I got so involved in so many projects yesterday, that I just plain ran out of time to get up as many posts up as I really wanted. Some were serious, and the other was this fun photo contest where I found an old goofy 1968 photo of myself wearing this Beatles' inspired Nehru jacket while working around the house a few days ago. I thought the photo was funny enough to post and to give the readers a chance to vent a little pent up rage by poking some fun at me. scan0008.jpg

I hoped to see some funny 1960's inspired captions. Oh, there were a few historical references. But most were some ribs poked at your humble editor here.

Rodney Dill managed a funny quip about Bobby Jindal with his clever, "In 1973, Bobby Jindal also declares"I am not a crook". Congratulations Rodney, you managed to bring in elements of 1973 Nixon and Bobby Jindal. Strange, but funny indeed.

Fustian managed several funny ribs, but I sort of liked, "I'm this many years" the best of all of his entries. But "Paul proudly displays his IQ" is pretty good zinger as well.

Along the same lines, Prarie came up with the absolutely hilarious, "Proudly wearing his Special Olympics medal", which was a perfect end joke to the little gaffe of President Obama on Jay Leno's TONIGHT SHOW as well as a funny attack on me. Great stuff.

And the resident doctor who comments on the Wizbang Network, Epador, came up with the funny, "2 scooters please, V is for Vespa", playing up on my love for all things two wheel. The weather broke a little yesterday, and I managed to take one of my scooters out on the road and do a little shopping yesterday. And, boy, oh boy, did it do me a whole world of good to do so.

And just for a goof, I had a little fun returning the favor when Kevin posted last week's Wizbang original funny photo caption, when I posted, "Oh, it's that other funny photo contest. Oh, Oh.", Screwy but funny. Almost like acting that the two photo contests are like that East Coast- West Coast rap music rivalry or something.

Well, we had our fun around kids. Now back to the serious posts until Sunday, when another strange photo will be posted for your best funny political captions. See you all Sunday!

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Thanks Paul. I don't really have anything against Jindal, but the Nehru jacket and the peace sign got me thinking.


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