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President Obama Right On Top Of North Dakota Flood Control Operations

President Obama has been right on top of flood preparations throughout the rising Red River crisis that is threatening North Dakota with very cold flood waters. Fortunately, the latest signs are that the waters might have crested. So far only one school was flooded and damaged from a small leak in one area.obama12.jpg

President Obama was in touch with local and state officials, and deployed federal aid from the Army Corps Of Engineers and other federal agencies to prevent a disaster. Local volunteers also helped to an effort to lay thousands of sandbags to protect against the rising waters.

Although the flooding in North Dakota never presented as much of a potential disaster as the New Orleans Katrina flooding, still very cold flood waters could have presented a great potential to cause death as well great property damage.

Just like his economic efforts. President Obama appears to be right on top of every major issue facing the U.S. and one of the most engaged presidents ever. Almost like a super mayor or governor, President Obama's management style appears to be very hands on and excellent at delegating responsibility to prevent bigger problems.

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Comments (17)


Paul, did you happen to see tis story about the DHS' take on the president's response?:


The focus needs to be on taking care of the residents of Fargo, [N.D.,] Moorhead [Minn.,] all those surrounding communities through the most serious part of this flood," she said. "And then we can begin to work on the issues of recovery. But having him come diverts resources -- quite frankly -- from the immediate response to the flood."

For what it's worth, I think Ms Napolitano is right. Maybe the people who are OK with this will apologize to George W Bush when he did the same thing. Nah, that's too much to ask.


They right wing in not used to having competent leadership, that's why they are crying all the time. At least this Administration is trying to get everything there, and Obama is not off somewhere celebrating some Senators birthday, like President Bush did. Oh, I forgot, when the GOP does it, it's OK for them, but not for the demo's.


Allen, if you could read at a 3rd grade level, you would see that I said Ms Napolitano WAS RIGHT (that's praise, for all you kindergartners), and that President Obama was doing the RIGHT THING (MORE PRAISE!!!!) by staying out of people's way while they work the problem. This is the same credit and courtesy that the left still can't find for President Bush when he did the same thing. They (meaning YOU) still can't acknowledge any good that Bush did, but it's deserving of hosannas when Obama does the SAME EXACT THING.


Tim, four legs good, two legs bad. What's so hard to understand about that?


Rush gave me permission to say that, OK?


Your non sequitur says everything you know you should say but can't bear to do. Good of you to admit you were wrong, Allen. Apology accepted.


Tim, I don't know what you have been drinking, I didn't apologize, just said the truth. Can't handle that, have some more of what you have been drinking.


I've got a shiny nickel that says you'll never see Allen and Lee Ward in the same place at the same time.


You are right Tim, but not only would they criticize and complain when he didn't immediately go to disaster areas, but then when he would go they would criticize and complain that he shouldn't go, that he was using resources, taking up time, only there for a "photo op" etc.

It was simply BDS. And NO, that's not a "right wing talking point" when whatever President Bush did was criticized-meaning both sides of the same issue.

And now especially when the left praises President Obama for the same thing President Bush was criticized for.


Carol, Allen knows that, he just can't admit it. That snide little "Rush gave me permission to say that" comment was just an attempt to distract from the fact that he lost on points, with a gratuitous "insult" thrown in. He would have been better off just saying "yeah, well so's your mom".


BPG, you have a TALKING NICKEL?!?!?! Kewl!!!


Paul, I've read your last couple of posts expressing such naked adulation for Obama and I can't help but get the feeling I should step out of the room and close the door to afford you some privacy. It's really unseemly.

Lee Ward:

A pearl-less oyster, on top of the rest of the trolls weak remarks? How sad for you all.

Must be time to up the prozac for the conservo-bots. They are all in such a deep funk over the sad state of their political party's future prospects.

They must be starting to realize that there won't be any terrorists moving into the White House or the Obama administration, rendering the repeated bleatings of McCain/Palin and the real GOP "star" Joe the Plumber - lol - as nothing more than the same kind of weak-kneed lies told by Bush, Limpbaugh and the right wing blogopshere.

It must really suck when some anonymous right wing blogger has as much political sway as your November 2008 Presidential and VP candidates in shaping your party's future direction.

It must really suck when reality catches up with Republican lies... but keep on repeating the lies they are telling you trolls, all you guys have left is hope - and no one to put that faith in.

And it must really suck when all you can do is post post shots at the writers because you can't come up with anything factual with which to debate with them on the issues.

You can always hope that Obama fails - that's gotten your party a long way so far these last few months.


OK, Lee, tell me - is staying out of the rescuers' way a good idea or not? Do you or do you not want the President on the scene, directing everything? Simple questions, so they should be simple to answer.

Paul Hooson:

Tim, President Obama is way too busy with economic issues, the auto bailout issue and attending the G20 summit in Europe to be flying over a bunch of sandbags in North Dakota with the flooding that was largely avoided. That's why he merely called state and local officials to see what they needed to prevent the flooding, sent in the Army Corps Of Engineers to back up the state's National Guard. The president identified the problem, delegated responsibility, and the crisis was largely averted. That's good management. Mr. Obama could have made a lot of money as a corporate CEO.

Lee Ward:

I was highly critical of Bush when he started backpeddling and grandstanding around his Katrina failures.

Obama didn't fail here.

The difference is in the results.

When the president enters an active disaster area it draws resources away from helping people. He should send in an envoy he trusts to report back to him. It's a simple matter of leadership.

Bush sent Brownie in, and when Brownie was f**king up big time Bush patted him on the back and said he was doing a helluva job.

That's the Republican solution - mismanage and then fail to fix it because admitting you failed is a PR problem and its much easier to lie to the American people and pretend you didn't screw up.

Or was Bush just an idiot who didn't know how badly Brownie had f**ked up? Hard to tell, since Bush has shown both sides -- he was a liar and an idiot.

No wonder you trolls are so pissed off. Obama isn't screwing up the way Bush did! Quick - make fun of his name and wave your hands in the air claiming he broke promises (like what politician hasn't???) or that he is spending a lot of money -- ignoring what the chimp wasted in lives and money.


Lee, Obama didn't stay away because he was 'too busy'. He stayed away because the head of the DHS told him to. Which makes total sense. It also made total sense during Katrina, but no, you wanted the President down there filling personally sandbags. You can't even be honest enough to say that Bush was right for doing the same thing Obama did, whereas I commended Obama for doing the right thing.


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