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President Obama's White House Building Impressive Record

For only having about 70 days in office, President Obama is compiling a very impressive record of hands on leadership and achievements. This president is proving that he can juggle and manage many serious issues and problems all at the same time, and has been able to compile some very impressive results and goals in such a short time in office. Here are just a few of the highlights of impressive achievements so far:obama_family_pan_426813a.jpg

*American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Of 2009: The President urged congress to quickly author and pass wide sweeping legislation that might provide up to 4 million jobs over the next few years along with funding many vital state projects that are vital to economic stability as many states struggle with red ink state budget deficits. So far some positive economic signs such as the stock market rebounding about 20% have resulted. Further good signs are improved new and existing home sales. Some retail sales figures are now better than expected as well. Unfortunately, unemployment tends to historically lag about 6 months behind the stock market, however the recent good Wall Street performance speaks well for lower unemployment figures within a few months as the president's hands on actions are reversing this recession.

*Modernizing Schools, Community Colleges and Universities: The president's plan is to modernize the nation's education system, modernize schools and improve educational standards in the U.S. and catch American students up in educational standards which have been lagging students from many nations around the world for many years now. Educational opportunities were how this president, the son of a mother on Food Stamps, was able to become a law professor, a U.S. senator and then president. Education is the key to a better future for America.

*Getting Credit Moving: This White House is working with it's top economic staff to inject billions of dollars into the credit market to get cash into the hands of consumers to get home sales, auto sales and retail sales moving again.

*SCHIP Children's Health Legislation: At the president's request congress passed and the presidency signed an expansion of the SCHIP children's health care program, providing continued coverage for up to seven million children and expanding health care for up to four million more children largely funded by increased tobacco taxes, holding this industry responsible for part of the serious health costs they create for society.

*The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act: The president's first piece of legislation that he signed was this excellent piece of fair wage legislation that will help to insure that all persons will receive fair pay regardless of sex, race or age.

*Doubling Alternative Energy Production In The Next Three Years: The president is requesting congress to write legislation that will double the production of alternate energy production within the U.S. in just three years. This is an impressive goal that will result in less air pollution, reduce global warming and greenhouse gases and provide less dependence on foreign oil. This is a very ambitious goal.

*Computerized Medical Records: The president's proposal is that congress write legislation that will computerize medical records allowing for quicker life saving efforts in emergency situations, a record of existing medications, and a record of medical allergies to medications and other vital information which will saves billions of dollars and improve medical care and save lives. This will help to streamline medical care, especially in emergency situations.

*Investments In Science, Technology And Medicine: The president proposes that congress heavily invest in research funding that will create new medical breakthroughs, new technology to provide future jobs and in science that will modernize and create a better tomorrow.

*Improving Energy Efficiency: The president is proposing that congress help to promote greatly improved energy efficiency that will not only save government but average homeowners a great deal of money on heating, electrical and other costs.

*Broadband Expansion: The president is proposing that broadband computer service be spread all across the nation so that businesses and individuals can more fully compete in the national and international economy.

*DTV Delay: The president helped to urge congress to delay the February deadline for the switch over to DTV, allowing more time for those with lower incomes to acquire equipment to be able to enjoy TV including news coverage. The government has expanded funding for the converter boxes as well.

*Afghanistan: On Friday, the president offered a moderate but tough plan that will increase U.S. troop strength as well as plans to weaken and destroy the Al Qaeda terrorist network that has been very active in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

*Middle Class Tax Cut: The president is at odds with congress over his proposal for a middle class tax cut to help to spur the economy. Congress is concerned about the costs of the other economic recovery programs and has put this proposal on delay, however the White House will continue to push for this tax cut until it becomes law.

*Expanded Child Care Tax Credits: The White House is urging congress to act on a proposal to expand tax credits for child day care to make it more affordable for working parents to place children in day care while they work to provide a living for their family. This proposal is especially important to some many millions of single mothers with children to be able to afford day care so that they can work to provide a living for their children.

For an administration only 70 days into office, these goals and achievements as well as many others are an impressive record of a White House and president that is quickly moving on an agenda to improve life in the United States, modernize the nation and to quickly pull this nation out of the recession, and build America into a modern huge and booming economy. It has been an impressive record of so much achievements and goals within such a short time in office. This is a very good presidency.

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Comments (20)


I'm not wanting to rain on your parade but here are some key words in each of these bullet points
1) The President urged congress
2) The president's plan
3) This White House is working
4) congress passed and the presidency signed
5) The president's first piece of legislation that he signed
6) president is requesting congress
7) The president's proposal is that congress
8) The president proposes that congress
9) The president is proposing that congress
10) The president is proposing
11) The president helped to urge congress
12) the president offered a moderate but tough plan
13) The president is at odds with congress over his proposal
14) The White House is urging congress

As far as I can, #3 (working),#4 (signed),& #5(signed) are the only ones where he has accomplished something. Everything else is 'planning', 'urging', 'requesting', & 'offering'.

I can propose, urge, request & offer on my job all day long. But I only get paid if I produce something.

Lee Ward:

President Obama is producing results.

Well Maynard, when all you have is lemons, you try to make lemonade.


"Well Maynard, when all you have is lemons, you try to make lemonade."

Or at least propose to make some.


"Well Maynard, when all you have is lemons, you try to make lemonade"

Is the government now bailing out the fruit industry, too?


"Is the government now bailing out the fruit industry, too?"

Yep. They're putting Bawney Fwank in charge.

Lee Ward:

From what I've read about Barney Frank's sense of humor I think he'd laugh at that joke.

Not your Average Joe:

NICE! President Obama has injected the economy with money - inks still wet money - that will do nothing to save anyones job - unless your an illegal alien not yet in a labor union. The man is an IDIOT and would fail at running a lemonade stand. Five (5) percent of America is going to pay for this whack jobs thrifty spending spree and the destruction of America. Praise him for his intentions are good (for nothing).



"For only having about 70 days in office, President Obama is compiling a very impressive record of hands on leadership and achievements."

Hahahahahaha! Thanks! I needed that. You're not drinking the kool aid, you're inhaling the powder!


Where can I get some of that good weed that you are smoking? Must be some damn good shit, because from my perspective, he has done everything ass backwards. Funny how you lefties have truly distorted everything that has gone wrong in the last 70 days to a blazing success, when the records show that Obama is a merely a toy of the George Soros cabal. In the end, the policies that have been put into place will backfire, then your hero will be left holding the sack of shit that he tried to foist off onto the American people.

Lee Ward:

Funny how you couldn't name one single thing Obama has done wrong... cause you know you're full of shit.


Can't name ONE thing President Obama has done wrong? How about all the broken campaign promises? How about spurring along a 1,400 page spending bill that neither he nor the congress (nor the American people) had a chance to read before he signed it into LAW! Hey... it's only a trillion dollars ... why read it, right? Who knows what other surprises might be in there (like approval for AIG bonuses!).

What is truly impressive his how quickly he can spend money we don't have! At one point on the campaign trail he was compared to Paris Hilton ... but she is nowhere near being in his league!


And I bet you'd be impressed with what I myself could do with a stack of blank checks and a gaggle of journalists and pundits who applaud each time I sign one!

Lee Ward:

I see a press that's pretty hard on Obama - just as hard as they were on Bush.


then you need to look again, lee. the press is propping obama up where they were trying to tear bush down. and all for partisan politics. if you are unwilling to even consider that is the case, then there is no hope for you.


Ref #12. What is truly impressive his how quickly he can spend money we don't have!

Where was your voice/comments when President Bush was doing the same thing? Be honest now, and show positive proof that you spoke about about it. We didn't have the money for the Iraq war, but that was OK with you? Sorry, it does work both ways.

I do agree with you on spending money we don't have, but why complain now when you didn't complain when President Bush was doing it?


I'm proposing that the Congress quit spending money they don't have.

I propose that the Congress drop their own healthcare and use what the rest of us use.

I propose that Congress no longer get automatic pay increases, including cost of living because it's their job to keep the cost of living down.

I propose that the head of the post office not get an $800,000 salary when the post office is so far in the red the communist chinese say "WOW! Now THAT's RED!!!"

I propose that nobody in this country be allowed to serve more than two terms, at anything!!!!

Whew. I gotta rest. I just did a whoooooole lotta work.


Allen, please don't assume I am as blindly partisan as most of the bloggers on this website. I actually am a fairly independent thinker and try to look at both sides. Of course I thought that deficit spending was wrong under Bush. The federal government has far overreached the limits placed on it by the Constitution and their reckless spending is proof of that. I refuse to be one of those you find on this site who chant Democrats are always right and Republicans are always wrong, or VICE VERSA!

Pierre Legrand[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Haven't visited Wizbang for a while and now I remember why. This Paul Hoosey guy is a lunatic.



Oh ok, never mind... as long as the other party was doing something that's wrong, it's ok for your party to do it too. That's the kind of thinking that keeps this big ball of shit rolling.

People on both sides scream, "It's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong", when the other side is doing it. then when their own side is doing it, "Well, they were doing it too."

We've become a country of semi grown children.



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