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The War on Terror is Over: We Lost

It's official - the grand "War on Terror" is over.

And we lost.

We lost credibility among the rest of the democratic nations because the "War on Terror" was revealed as nothing more than a cheap political trick to practice some good old-fashioned nation building.

And we lost our way as a nation for 6 long years as the the White House was occupied with lie after lie and deceit after deceit in attempting to keep us fighting a "war" that was just a sham.

Over 4,000 American soldiers lost their lives, and their families lost a loved one, a wife or husband, a brother or sister, a Dad or Mom.

And billions upon billions of American taxpayer dollars have been lost, wasted away on a phony war.

We lost the "War on Terror" in another very big, very important way as well. We allowed terrorism to drive our nation in the wrong direction - we allowed terrorism to rule us by dictating our nation's prime directive for over 6 long years.

And now it's over, at last.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday the Obama administration had dropped "war on terror" from its lexicon, rhetoric former President George W. Bush used to justify many of his actions.

"The (Obama) administration has stopped using the phrase and I think that speaks for itself. Obviously," Clinton told reporters traveling with her to The Hague for a conference on Afghanistan, which Bush called part of his "global war on terror."

The term "war on terror" was coined after the September 11, 2001 attacks against the United States, which were planned in Afghanistan by the militant group al Qaeda.

The phrase was strongly criticized by human rights groups who said it was used to justify many actions, such as the opening of the Guantanamo Bay prison for detainees held without trial at the U.S. Naval base in Cuba.

Internationally, the phrase was seen by critics as a "with-us-or-against-us" philosophy, overly dependent on military force and what many Muslims decried as an attack on Islam.

Since taking office on January 20, Obama has moved swiftly to reverse some of Bush's practices, ordering the closure of Guantanamo within a year and an end to harsh interrogation of terrorism suspects.

"I have not heard it used. I have not gotten any directive about using it or not using it. It is just not being used," said Clinton when asked whether the term had been officially dropped by the Obama administration.

Clinton has said one of her main roles as top U.S. diplomat is to improve the U.S. image abroad, particularly after the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.

She has embarked on aggressive public diplomacy during her visits to Europe, the Middle East and Asia, seeking to reach out to ordinary people.

...just as Obama reached out to ordinary people here in the United States, and began the process of healing our nation.

It's a long journey - we wasted a lot of time and money and lives getting here, and it's going to take a lot of time and money to get this nation back on track.

But the good news is the war is over, and we can start the process of rebuilding our nation back to its glory days again.

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Comments (12)


Other reports are saying that the Pentagon is now using the term Overseas Contingency Operation. Sounds a bit Orwellian to me.


Changing the name doesn't change facts. You can call a table a chair, if you want. It's still a table. Of course, there never really were terrorists, that was just our chickens coming home to roost, right? Lee, I sincerely hope that it's YOUR family and not mine at ground zero of the next terror, I mean, Contingency attack. I will feel zero sympathy, because it's assholes like you that don't care that wer'e at war. It's assholes like you that don't want to fight terrorists. It's asshole like you that should suffer.

Lee Ward:

It isn't now and it never was a "War on Terror" it was an "Excuse to Invade Iraq, Iran and Syria" and every thinking adult knew it.

Sadly, just before he was conceived Dim Tim's parents traded their "thinking genes" in for a 50% off coupon at Wal-Mart and now all Dim Tim can do is hurl insults.

"It's assholes like you that don't want to fight terrorists. It's asshole like you that should suffer."

I'm all for fighting terrorists, and support Obama's efforts in Afghanistan to hunt down al-Qaeda and bring them to justice.

I'm just not in favor of the Republicans who lied this country into a war in Iraq by claiming that it was necessary in order to fight terrorism. It wasn't.

You're a great American, Tim. Yes sir, a great American, I'm sure of it. Now why don't you start acting like it instead of being a putz.


Lee, you have to understand that Tim is one of the 27%er's that still believe Bush could do no wrong. They even insist that President Bush made sure we were never attacked on our soil again. But they refuse to realize that the Anthrax attacks did HAPPEN on Bush's watch, and it did happen on our soil.

And also, Tim just has to call people names when he tries to make his point. Typical GOP BS. Remember when you said something against President Bush, you either had BDS, (they had CDS, but won't admit it.) or if you don't support the President you're a traitor, etc.etc.
Well, when are those people going to start practicing what they preached?

So Tim, by your party's own words, your a traitor! Don't like what I'm saying, boo Fricking Boo, but I'm just using words you used.

And talking about who is fighting the war against the terrorist, where are the yellow elephants? Joining the 82nd keyboard division?
As a disabled vet, I personally think most of the GOP (not all) are chicken hawks.


OK, Lee. You're in favor of hunting down Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, or so you say. Is that not part of the war on terror, which doesn't exist because the Obama and Hillary said so? Are we still in Afghanistan? Should we still be there? Why, if the war is over? How do you think the International Contingents will view our new policy of weakness and appeasement - with Obama's open hand of hope, change, and love, or with something else? If the head-chopping extremists do decide on a non hope-and-changy response, is it fair that MY family suffers for your fecklessness? I don't think so.


This is the most incredible piece of BS that I've ever read.

The "war on terror" is lost-because Obama is no longer calling it "war on terror"?.

We're still in Iraq, still in Afghanistan-in fact there Obama is drastically increasing the number of military personnel, there are still many Islamic extremists who are calling for the death of US military people, civilians and the US, because allah calls for it. Worldwide intelligence agencies are still stopping plots to kill people-you know terrorize people.

What? You think they are kidding when they call for it? Or do you have your head in the sand?

And they were doing this long before the US was involved in any way, shape or form. It's not just the "poor" who are lured into terrorism because of poverty, either; almost all the senior people who plan and carry out the attacks are wealthy, educated people.

The koran calls for Muslims to kill "infidels" (anyone not a Muslim) where ever they are. They don't need any reason beyond that so you don't need to repeat the liberal talking points about the war on terror.

Really. You libs won't believe it until your mothers, sisters, wives and every woman is wearing a burka; until homosexuals are routinely hung (because they are homosexuals) or until all non believers are killed and you are facing that. (Christians and Jews are considered "people of the book" and are either killed, forcibly converted or severely oppressed as dhimmis.)

And knowing you, you will blame President Bush and conservatives.

Wake up.


War on terror is OVER?.. of course WE LOST!? ...and who won BIN Laden?!

Because we KNOW flying planes into buildings were just a "cheap political trick", not terrorism....
More "cheap political trick" scumbags all over the world are planning to hit us again, NO MATTER WHO the President is.....

So douchbag liberals can proclaim LaLaLa ..all they want....but fantasy still won't protect our ass..


The war on terror is not over. It has just been suspended while America has a tapeworm in the White House. Unfortunately this great country was misled into electing a halfbreed hoodrat in 2008. So we're just not fighting at the moment. The war goes on though.

Lee Ward:

"A half-breed hoodrat" - glad to see that racism is no longer the 'hidden agenda" behind the republican return to power.

Got to rid the nation of those "half-breed hoodrats", right Lyn?


The liberals are the horses in the center of the herd. As long as they are not the ones getting picked off at the periphery of the group by the predator all they can really feel is inconvenienced by the jostling that goes on when the group is attacked. It's always 'tsk, tsk, too bad about those others, such a shame, well what can you do, we must move on.....'.

Lee Ward:

Glad to see the conservative hate-mob scum out in full force today, and making no pretenses...


"Sadly, just before he was conceived Dim Tim's parents traded their "thinking genes" in for a 50% off coupon at Wal-Mart and now all Dim Tim can do is hurl insults."

Actually Lee, when Tim called you an "asshole" he was stating fact.

And when folks don't stroke you like Allen deem them all "conservative hate-mob scum"



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