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March Stocks: Signs of Upcoming Economic Improvement

The stock market is a leading indicator, and its signaling better days ahead for the U.S. economy.

Stocks finished off their earlier highs on Tuesday but resumed a three-week rally that has brought the Dow Jones industrials up a total of 16 percent since hitting their lowest level in 12 years on March 9.

The Dow rose 7.7 percent overall in March, its biggest monthly gain since October 2002.

The best month in over 6 years -- and the conservative right will continue to push negative images onto the American landscape, with Fox News and right wing blogsphere determined to make Obama's efforts for an economic recovery fail, and drive more Americans out of work and onto the welfare rolls.

It's their only hope for the 2010 elections -- to have the recession deepen into a full-blown depression and to have voters reject Democrats in the 2010 election as a result.

Can they stop America?

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Christina Viering:

Negative press affects the economy in a negative way. We need to hear and think on the positive.


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