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Glenn Beck: Major League Putz (video)

Glenn Beck, conservo-moron, has the rabble all aroused and panting... taking them to new heights of lunacy -- here's the report thanks to Stephen Colbert.

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Comments (9)

Paul Hooson:

And don't forget former alcoholic as well. Glenn Beck is quick to remind voters of this fact. Thin about it. George Bush, former drunk and cocaine abuser. Glenn Beck former drunk. Rush Limbaugh former prescription drug abuser. Screw-ups all. Need I say more?


Don't forget Clinton, not inhaling, and the current Presidents usage either.


You two are ignorant...........Steven Colbert???? Don't like the truth? Beck delivers truth in many unique ways, he can be a dork at times but there is one thing you can count on TRUTH and sincerity...more than i can say for almost all other media outlets on tv. Get a grip and read some books and watch your I.Q. go up a bit!


We went through eight years of a so-called reformed drunk, drug sniffer, and have seen and are living through his mistakes. Then Beck, another reformed drunk, plus queer Rush and his drug problems.

My question is: Why do these people get to the positions they are in? Personally I have nothing against pot, but the other drugs, like Ex-President Bush, queer Rush, why do people keep kissing their butts?

And how many other closet queens are there in Congress? How many closet drug users are there in the same place? We need 345 pink slips in the House and 99 in the Senate.

Doesn't matter what party they belong to, they are all crooks. Let's start all over with who gets into office, 1 term only, paid the minimum wage from their state, and no benefits.

Guess what, we might end up with some honest people in Congress.


Good post, Lee, and I agree with Allen.

*"closet queens!" tee-hee!*

However! I must stick up for Glendomorph!

Glendomorph is apparently kicking Sean Hannity in the ratings-balls on radio and teevee!

All hail Glendomorph!


Wow, that sure makes Beck look bad.

Is Colbert correct when he insinuates that the United States of America is simply a Democracy?

Is he also correct in insinuating that America is perfectly safe from all of her enemies, foreign and domestic?

Sounds blissful. Can I have a cup of that?


Stephen Colbert, now there's a great mind to listen to.

Lee Ward:

It's is brilliantly funny. I don't know how much of this was written by Colbert or if he has writers on this kind of stuff, but it's a riot. The way he characterizes wussy Glenn and his manipulating ways is funny!

Christina Viering:

Good points!


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