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God, Guns & Lunatics

Patriot Depot, seems like a one-stop shopping center for the far right. Far from being just some pathetic conservative sore losers left over from the 2008 election results, this website offers extremist message gifts, books and apparel such as hats and t-shirts sure to worry any neighbor about the mental health of their neighbor. T-shirts like "I'll Keep My Guns, Freedom & Money...You Can Keep The Change!" and the ignorant and arrogant messaged, O.B.A.M.A.(One Big Ass Mistake America) are sold right along the side of bibles and books and Christianity. And every rational person knows what a huge gun fan Jesus was. You know that he was also a NRA member. Patriot Depot is also a big seller of the TEA revolt merchandise.

Interestingly, in the claimed "science" department, this website sells books promoting the Christian right's views on creation. Many in the Christian Right continue to believe that the Earth is a mere 6,000 years old, despite a wealth of dinosaur fossils and other items that date back as old 240 million years such as the Brazilian discovery of a fossil remains that is an ancestor of the later T.Rex.

Sarah Palin for president bumper stickers are available at Patriot Depot for a claimed bargain price of $9.86 for just two of them, which certainly seems like a very stiff price for some printed piece of paper backed with a little sticky. So much for bargains or conservatives controlling runaway prices or spending.

In the description for a claimed "conservative comeback six-pack" of bumper stickers, Patriot Depot proudly claims that "Obama is a Marxist and is opposed to the conservative values that made America great". You don't know whether to break up laughing, or to be very concerned that some people actually believe this. Either way I certainly urge strong community support for mental health programs.ConservativeComebackPack.jpg

The latest ABC Poll has public support for President Obama at 58% compared to just 28% support for congressional Republicans, and these Patriot Depot extremists represent an even smaller fringe of American politics with far less politics yet. Most Republicans don't even agree with the wacky views promoted by Patriot Depot.

Part of the beauty of the United States is that it gives persons the freedom to think or believe what they want to believe or even to be just dirt ignorant. And along those lines, Patriot Depot is certainly doing their part by pandering to an audience of goofs who never ever set foot in an institution of higher learning and further their dirt dumb politics by selling these ignorant messaged items. These Patriot Depot products aren't so much "conservative" or "patriotic" as much as they are simply a cult of sheer ignorance.

It is highly doubtful that many Harvard educated economists are ever going to be customers of Patriot Depot. It doesn't take very scientific minds to believe that the Earth is a mere 6,000 years old. Likely, economics, like any science are way over the heads of most common Patriot Depot customers. But that doesn't stop Patriot Depot from trying to sell overpriced junk merchandise to these people. Where there's a buck to be made, a P.T. Barnum always exists it seems.

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Thanks, I'd never heard of them before, now I can go check them out.

Gunner Sykes:

It is highly likely; however, that Harvard educated economists will be largely responsible for the coming hyper-inflation we can expect the silly policies of the Obama administration.

Extremist groupthink is a scary thing -- especially from arrogant elitists who have never ran a business or made a payroll.

I expect global warming alarmists to adopt the 6,000 year-old Earth position in time. CO2-induced man-made global warming actually seems plausible if you ignore the 4.99 billion years of geological data predating that window.

Maybe some day I'll be smart enough to believe that socialism will actually work if we just put the right socialists in charge.


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