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Republicans Promoting Voter Suppression to Regain Political Power

2008 GOP Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is flat out promoting plain and simple voter suppression in order to help the GOP regain political power.

Tire slashing for the GOP is "the Lords work"?

It's absolute amazing the lengths that the power-hungry conservatives will stoop to in order to try to scrape their way back into power.

As if Rush Limbaugh wishing for a full-scale depression, throwing hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work wasn't enough, now we've got other GOP figureheads promoting these despicable tactics.

How desperate can these pathetic asses get?

This is almost as serious as Barack Obama giving the wrong type of DVDs to a foreign head of state!

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Comments (6)


We all know that denying soldiers stationed overseas an opportunity to have their votes counted is the real Lord's work...


Huckabee's the idiot who sandbagged Romney in favor of McCain, pretty much ensuring our favorite RINO would cruise to the nomination. Maybe someone should have let the air out of his tires.


I would have had a hard time believing he actually said that, if he hadn't already joked about the assasination of President Obama. This is the guy who ran SECOND to McCain in the Republican primary for the office of PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

Take a few seconds to let that really sink in.

This has gone far beyond party identification and ideological differences. We need to do everything we can to further stamp out and marginilize this party. They have truly become lunatics and dangerous individuals.


Stupid F****. Where were you the past eight years with your outrage?

Christina Viering:

This is too controversial.


Wow. Huckabee sounds like a Democrat -- more specifically, a Milwaukee Democrat from 2004. You might recall several very well-connected Democrats were sent to prison for doing just that.

So, if a semi-serious exhortation is a sign of the apocalypse, how bad is it when it's actually been done? Or does the fact that it was done by Democrats mitigate the heinousness of the deed?



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