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Eric Cantor and the Cool Cat Republicants

Sing along if you know the words...

It's that under-reaction action that keeps Cantor and the Cool Cat Republicants saying "NO, NO NO" to America's economic recovery. They want working Americans to suffer under Obama's leadership.

And you all remember the blow-hard Republicants chanting "NO, NO, NO - we'll produce our own budget? Well, they floated that idea, and came out last week with a "fill-in-the-blanks - we'll give you the numbers later, short on details" piece of crap designed to trick the American public into believing that there actually was a Republican plan.

The Cool Cat Republicants just plain blow.

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In other words: Congratulations, Republicans, you just released a budget that rewards wealthy corporate executives while blocking any attempt to dig us out of the economic catastrophe they created. Smart! The marquee item, however, in the Republican plan is their inexplicably regressive tax cut for the super rich. Wealthy Americans in the top three tax brackets would see their tax burden cut to a flat 25 percent from previous rates of 35, 33 and 28. CEOs from any of the top 800 corporations would receive a tax break of around $1.5 million a year. Meanwhile, if you earn $15,000 a year, your tax break will be around $0 a year. Do you know tax cuts also cure rickets, dandruff, anal leakage, spinal compression, adult back acne, and the pain of psoriasis?

Again, the Republican grasp of fiscal responsibility is about as firm as their grasp of reality and sanity. The subtext here being: The trillion dollar Bush tax cuts weren't irresponsible enough. Let's go crazy! WOOO! At this point, the laughable street vendor pamphlet that John Boehner rolled out was probably less ridiculous than this actual budget plan and its accompanying Wall Street Journal graph. But it stands to reason that given their track record the Republicans would churn out a budget proposal that's fully in line with their backwards, zero cred reputation.

Lee Ward:

Republican governance is designed to keep working class Americans poor. Wage slaves are designed into the American economy.

Democrats know that a healthy tide lifts all boats. Republicans are only interested in helping themselves.

Christina Viering:

Interesting comment.


"Democrats know that a healthy tide lifts all boats."

Well that explains over 10 TRILLION in debt. I feel better already!


read this interesting article on how Cantor has become a top target of liberal interest groups and liberal bloggers.


and the democrats say republicans are the party of personal attacks and destruction.....


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