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Wizblue's Sunday Funny Foto Contest

Okay kidz. Last week's photo contest was kind of a washout. So here's a funnier and more political entry to get the wheels back on. WEEKLY WORLD NEWS has had some great cover stories over the years(whoever said that print journalism is dead). And this one's a real classic. Let's hear your most funny and best captions and get our little fun contest up and rolling this week again. Winners will be announced on Thursday. bush alien.bmp

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Comments (8)

Christina Viering:

Will they take him to their leader?

Mac Lorry:

Bush encounters an alien of a different kind while campaigning near Roswell NM. Pressing the flesh, Bush confirmicates he'll push for immigrations reform as there are some jobs humans just can't do.

ed davis:

Proof Positive! Even the hard right Biblical interpretation of the "Return of the Nephilim" is George Bush's fault!

Dubya: "Please to meet ya Mr. Soros."


and thus...the pot calling the kettle black


Ok, Lee, you can let go now. The future is here!

Dubya: "Say hi to Kucinich for me."

I found your lack of faith disturbing.


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