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New Poll Has Obama Approval At 66%, And Republican Party Approval At Just 31%, The Lowest In 25 Years

With his highly successful foreign trip and his renewed support for the United States among those living in world nations, the American public now gives President Obama the highest approval numbers of his presidency at 66% according to a new NEW YORK TIMES poll. In addition, the president enjoys 59% approval for his handling of foreign policy and 56% approval for his handling of the economy. By contrast, the Republican Party is suffering from just 31% public approval numbers, the worst public support figures in 25 years.ObamaBarack.jpg

In addition, the number of Americans who believe that the country is headed in the right direct has taken a big 15 point jump as well to 39%, only a little below the February 2005 figure into the second term of George Bush before the huge global recession resulted.

Critics such as Rush Limbaugh as well as the TEA Party movement have attempted to oversimplify and misrepresent the economic policies of President Obama, however some positive signals in the economy as well as Wall Streets stocks rebounding about 20% in value since the president took office are quickly pulling the rug out of the shallow arguments of critics such as Rush Limbaugh as well as shrinking Republican hopes of any political comeback in the 2010 midterm elections.

During their European tour, the Obamas made the greatest splash since the Kennedy family during that early 60's administration. Both President Obama as well as his wife really advanced the world opinion of the United States with their highly successful trip as well as the humanitarian visits by President Obama's wife. The U.S. couldn't have been better represented or received better positive publicity.

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check the demographics. the poll has a 16 point spread between dems and reps, which is way out of line with the demographics from most every other reputable polling organization. the President's approval numbers would still be high (probably around 58%) without skewing the polling, but don't count this as anything more than an outlier.

Lee Ward:

Whatever demographics are used they are consistent - so the sharp increase is real - and large - Americans feel better - what a comeback for Obama.

Pity the Limbaugh - then piss on him. Damn conservatives trying to hold back America - no way!

While the stock market was giving back recent gains on Tuesday, a new New York Times/CBS News poll found a sharp increase in the number of Americans who feel their country is on the right track.

The percentage who feel America is headed in the "right direction" has climbed from 15 percent to 39 percent since January, according to the survey, while those saying the country is going in the "wrong direction" has fallen from 79 percent to 53 percent.

The "right direction" figure may still account for only two in five Americans, but it is the highest in the poll since early in President Bush's second term. The finding coincides with a similar figure in last week's ABC News/Washington Post Poll.

In the NYT/CBS survey, the percentage of Americans who feel the economy is "getting worse" has fallen from 54 percent to 34 percent since January. A modest 20 percent - up from 7 percent in January - feel the economy is improving.

President Barack Obama continues to register strongly in the survey, conducted late last week.

A total of 66 percent of those surveyed approved the president's overall performance in the first 75 days of his administration. The approval rating is slightly higher than 58 percent in a Pew Research poll released Monday.

By contrast, just 31 percent of those surveyed had a favorable view of the Republican Party - the GOP's lowest approval rating in 25 years.

Given a choice of who can be trusted to make the "right decisions," 63 percent opted for President Obama and just 20 percent for Republicans in Congress.

63 percent over 20 percent - that's HUGE!


20% approval for any Congress isn't bad, nowadays. Last I saw, Nancy Pelosi's Congress was hovering around 9%. Too bad this poll didn't ask what respondents thought of Democrats in Congress, then we'd have a real comparison. You will note, however, that according to the story, "the poll did register high negative opinions for certain of Obama's economic policies." Pity that's all they had room for. I would have like to know which policies the respondents disliked, and by how much. But that would have brought down the mood in the room, and no one wants that.


Lee -

Get a clue. If you looked at the internals, you would see that the weighting increased the gap between Dems and Reps from 8.5% to 16%. That's not consistent, that's polling in fantasy land.

His numbers are good (Rasmussen has him at 58), no one is disputing that. But if you are going to have any credibility at all you have to call BS when they publish crap like this.


NYTimes poll internals (from Powerline):

"39% Democrats
23% Republicans
30% Independents

Intriguingly, the last page of the CBS copy of the poll, but not the Times', breaks out the demographic numbers further, showing the "weighted" sample (which is where the poll got the 39%-23% breakdown) but also showing the "unweighted," raw number sample (showing the Democrats with a more modest 35%-26.5% lead in respondents).

The secret "weighting" ingredients used by the Times and CBS somehow managed to double the lead of Democratic respondents from the raw 8.5 points to a yawning 16 points."

Gee, I guess statistics isn't Paul's strong suit.


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