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War Pigs

Yesterday, it was disclosed by the Pentagon that live pigs were used in testing of body armor on Humvee military vehicle simulators under fire to see how well human troops would hold up under roadside explosive blasts. About 200 tests involving explosions of pigs and sometimes rats dressed in body armor took place, to see how well human brains and bodies could survive blasts. Generalpig.jpg

It has been a long known fact that pig heart and brains have some great similarity to human hearts and brains. After about 200 blasts, it was discovered that most pigs died within 24 to 48 hours of brain injury or other injury caused by the blasts while the survival rate of those pigs with body armor was much better.

U.S. car companies used to strap pigs into cars for crash tests until the 1990's when a public outcry against using intelligent animals in such live crash tests ended these research programs, and now computerized dummies are used to measure impact forces and injury damages.

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Comments (4)

It's Bacon!

Lee Ward:

yeah, baby - bacon everywhere - crispy too.


Mythbusters sometimes uses pig carcasses to test their theories. One that comes to mind is the idea that a cable under tension can cut a person in half if it snaps. They barely got it to raise a welt on the pig. Still, I wouldn't get in the way of a flying cable.


So how does a 4-star USAF general get involved with this? Cause the uniform is prettier? Or were the Army and Marines bowing up Air Force PIgs?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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