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WizBlue's Funny Foto Contest Winners

Hey kidz. Last Sunday, I found this old wacky cover shot from the now defunct WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, which used to publish some of the most funny cover stories ever. It was a hilarious publication that I used to buy for my grandmother to entertain her and give a good laugh as she recovered from a series of strokes.

In the spirit of having a few few laughs, we got a few very funny entries this week worthy of mention here..bush alien.bmp

Here's some of the best entries this week:

Rodney Dill hit a home run with the funny, "Dubya:"Say hi to Kucinich for me". Everyone knows that Representative Kucinich is the only space alien member of congress, probably from the planet Argon, I think.

New, but prolific commenter, Christina Viering, offered up the cute, "Will they take him to their leader?". Oh you're a real sweetheart, who writes funny stuff, Good entry.

Mac Lorry impressed me with his funny commentary on the illegal immigration issue with "Bush encounters an alien of a different kind while campaigning near Roswell, NM. Pressing the flesh, Bush confirmicates he'll push for immigration reforms as there are some some jobs that humans just can't do". Hey, isn't "confirmicates" one of those new words from the George Bush dictionary, by the way?

Rodney Dill also managed a pretty funny commentary on all the Bush faith-based initiatives, with "I found your lack of faith disturbing". Maybe this isn't a faith-based alien after all. This also raises a very good question, do space aliens worship the same God as we do or have the same holy books? Every faith book worshiped on Earth was based on some Earth-man, yet perhaps billions of planets and potentially many civilizations exist on at least some of these planets. An interesting philosophical question here.

At any rate, thanks so much kidz for having a little rainy Sunday fun with the wacky foto this week. This coming Sunday, Wizblue will run another goofy foto, and you'll have yet another chance to be witty and get the praise you deserve for your best jokes.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Actually I meant to say "I find your lack of faith disturbing", a double entendre as it is a Darth Vader quote as well as referring to faith based initiatives.

Thanks for the first.


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