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Andy Cobb: Teabag Party!

Comic Andy Cobb pokes fun at the corporately-funded "Tea Party" movement with his own spin on basement revolutionaries:

And here's a Public Serice Announcement. Remember John McCain - remember him telling us chaos would erupt if we withdrew from Iraq? Now the withdrawal plans are set and where's the screaming from the right? Non-existent -- the conservative hypocrites are cheering the withdrawal on as evidence of a "Bush-led victory".


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The "tea parties," which are inventions of well-off conservatives who are upset by President Obama's plan to end Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy and who feel the need to make up stories about fascism to attract followers to their anti-tax cult. The reason for the made-up stories is that the American people don't really believe the rich need any more financial aid.

It is understandable that people are angry. We have a government and an elite that never stop looking for ways to take money from ordinary workers and redistribute it upward to the richest people in the country. I like how Republicans are the first people to back up CEOs during this economic crisis by insisting that people who work hard make a lot of money...but the second a liberal person makes a lot of money; they have something negative to say about it.

Paul Hooson:

Another wacky thing about this Tea Bag movement is that most of the taxes that a person pays are highly likely to be property taxes that go to fund local projects like schools, police or firemen, including 9/11 service. Much of the federal taxes are actually returned to lower income or elderly persons by comparison. And it is the high local property taxes that often result in persons losing their home to tax foreclosures. Sometimes most of the federal taxes that some pay are into the Social Security retirement insurance program which they will more than get back when they turn older.

Lee Ward:

It's total corporate bullshit played out through the right wing mediapuppets.

95% of those "protesting" are seeing a tax reduction, not a tax increase.

It's pure Bullshit. The rich are pulling the strings on Americans again - and the Rubes are totally falling for it.


actually, paul. the majority of my tax burden is income taxes. property taxes and sales taxes come in similarly, but lower.

here's the thing. people don't mind paying taxes for things that are important. fire, police, schools, etc. the problem is that the tax rates keep going up, yet these services keep getting less and less money. that's because the money keeps going to things that most tax payers don't think are important. like the earmarks that congress critters throw in appropriations bills. or the way the bail out is working.

lee, what is buillshit is your continued insistence that this is all corporate bullshit. it's not. and if you actually spent some time looking at who's actually running the local events. and who's been attending these events. and waht they are actually saying, you would know that.

but no, you just listen to the left wing mediapuppets when they say that anything against larger, more expensive government is bad.

oh, and just so that we are clear. i'm not in the top 5%, but i see my overall tax bill go up every year as a percentage of my income as well as in real dollars. i'm not some corporate shill. i'm just an every day guy who works for a living. and i'm pissed.


Ke, I am retired, on a fixed income which, thank goodness is very nice. And I have to agree that income tax, and property tax is pure BS. Why should I have to pay these excess taxes, that I paid before I retired, and now still have to pay?

I have no problem paying taxes for police, fire Dept, water, sewer, etc. I am dead set against paying taxes for people who won't/can't get off their dead asses and find a job.

Almost every person does need help at some time, I have no problem with that if they are trying to help themselves.But to make a life off of welfare is pure BS.

And Lee, if you have a problem with that, I am more than willing for you to pay the taxes I pay for those slackers. ARE YOU WILLING TO DO THAT?

Also, 85% of my SS is taxed. Why is that? Shouldn't it be the same percent that my tax rate is? I don't agree with the idiots on their so called tea party's, those idiots are nuts. But they do have a point. Spend our tax money where is should be spent.


Letting those evil Bush, only for the rich, tax cuts expire...yea putting the marriage penalty back and ending the deduction for children boy that's really gonna get those rich guys, boy they sure are gonna pay their fair share now! As we all know only the top 1%
are married and have children. (end sarcasm)

Whether ya like it or not one of the Good
things Bush did is give a tax break to the middle class. Eliminating the marriage penalty and a greater deduction for children was the first time those making between $75k - $200k, the MIDDLE CLASS, have gotten a tax break since Reagan. Obama is on the verge of letting those expire and putting a HUGE tax burden back on the middle class, I wonder if it will be reported that way, probably not.


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