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Obama Family Chooses Episcopal Church To Worship Easter Sunday

The Obama family chose St. John's Episcopal Church, across from the White House to celebrate Easter Sunday services. For weeks, a number of churches had hoped to lure the president as a member. However, major security reasons as well as not wanting to be overly disruptive of the other church members, has made St. John's a safe choice for many American presidents including President Bush and others.

This church dates back to 1816, and the this church claims that most presidents since James Madison have prayed or worshipped there. President Lincoln was known to walk to pray at this church alone, as serious problems such as the American Civil War tore at the nation and weighed heavy on Mr. Lincoln.st. john's.jpg

There were some mostly African American congregation churches that hoped that the Obama family would become regular members. However, because of security concerns as well the president careful to avoid new problems with controversial sermons or pastors, the president has been careful to choose a new church to attend. So far, the president has not sought to become a member of St. John's Episcopal Church, so the option remains open to attend several area churches, while not committing as a member. This might become an option to honor several area churches on major holidays.

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Comments (2)

Lee Ward:

Apparently it's been a tradition for the standing president to visit St Johns at least once in the term since Madison.

I don't see Obama sticking with an Episcopalian church. Just my guess from seeing the video clips from Rev. Wright's sermons.

Christina Viering:

Lovely church!


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