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S.C. Gov. Sanford's "Miss South Carolina" Moment (video)

Yeah, Sanford's got "good reasons" for turning down the stimulus funds, and as soon as he thinks of one he'll tell us what it is.

Glenn Beck tells Sanford what to say, and Sanford still can't remember his lines. Maybe lying isn't as easy for all Republicans as it might seem. Maybe Sanford was growing a conscience...?

Naw, he eventually lets Beck suggest taking stimulus money is the equivalent of child abuse - and Sanford the Moron agrees. What a pethetic piece of crap.

Diva Sarah Palin is experiencing equally stupid moments - have the Republicans been taking stupid pills?

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Has it occurred to you tax and spend liberals that there are people out here that don't want that money? The polls that you all so heavily rely on, say that an overwhelming majority are not in favor of more spending That is a bi-partisan majority, by the way.

One reason is that it raises every American's taxes, not just the evil and hated rich. Two, it makes the deficit even more out of reach, than it already is. Three, people don't want the government running their lives, like most of the politicans in Washington D.C. think they should.

Mark Sanford is listening to his constituents, doing what he is told to do; unlike the idiots that run the United States House and Senate and the empty suit that occupies the White House right now.


Last I heard, after all the bluster, he and Caribou Barbie took the money. I loved watching him squirm and fizzle on national TV though. Thanks, Mark!

Lee Ward:

Are you kidding, Ryan? Sanford took the money - after letting Glenn Beck lead him around by the nose and put words in his mouth?

Gawd, aren't they idiots? Just moralizing morons who can't think past second base.


Ryan, you are correct that some people don't want the money. Those people are mainly GOP governors who are trying to position themselves for the White House run. But the other elected people in those states do want the money.

And those governors finally realized their stand would cost them votes at home. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but it's a political fact. And when it comes to facts, the GOP never lets that stand in their way.

Yes, that empty suit, we saw 8 years of what that empty suit did to our country (with both parties help). Wasn't it not very long ago, you and the other right wings people were spouting off to "not support the President" in time of war, was akin to being a traitor?

The war is not over, so why not practice what you preached back then? But don't let the facts stand in the way, right?


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