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Wizblue's Easter Sunday Funny Foto Contest

Hey kidz. We've got a very special Al Franken Easter funny foto for you to post your most outrageous entries this week. alfranken-thumb.jpg

Few men elected U.S.senator would want to pose for such an attractive foto like this. Such is the problem with a comic being taken seriously when they want to run for office. How about your most funny comments here? Winning entries will be announced on Thursday.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (8)

Reporter: "Mr Franken, what is your legal strategy to win the Minnesota Senatorial race with Mr. Coleman."
Franken: "Eh.... Depends."

Lee Ward:

A historical note -- the photo is a fake, doctored and distributed by the Ohio GOP in an attempt to smear a Dem candidate who'd been endorsed by Franken:

Yesterday, the Ohio Republican Party sent out a news release (full text here) attacking Rep. Sherrod Brown (D) for enlisting the support of comedian Al Franken:

It is not surprising that Sherrod Brown is enlisting the help of a Hollywood liberal, who like him, is so far out of the mainstream of Ohio values. What is troubling is that Brown would solicit support from someone [Franken] who compared conservatives to Nazis "who should drink poison and die."

The quote used in the news release is taken from Bernard Goldberg book, 110 People Who Are Screwing Up America, in an alleged interview between Goldberg and Franken. But in his book, Goldberg makes it clear that the exchange is completely fictional. The Ohio Republican Party represented it as fact.

The news release was accompanied by this photograph, showing Franken dressed up like a baby bunny, wearing adult diapers and clutching a fluffy white teddy bear.

Andy Barr, director of Franken's Midwest Values PAC, confirmed, "The picture is a fake." The Ohio Republican Party used a 2004 AP photo of Franken for the doctored image:

Follow this link for the actual photo used to lift Franken's image and past it into this doctored fake.

Jees, Lee this is a Caption Contest... are you going to ban yourself for being a troll?

Paul Hooson:

(Interesting history, Lee. Thanks for it. I just thought it was a funny foto that had a little Easter look. With my highly critical piece on "Never Quit" Norm Coleman the other day, who looks a little stiff like the Frankenstein's Monster, I thought this foto would be a funny balance of sorts.)

Lee Ward:

Jees, Rodney - is there a reason you think letting folks know the history behind the photo is a bad idea?

Or do you just believe that the photo caption post should only have caption entries?

Jees, Lee this is a Caption Contest... are you going to ban yourself for being a troll?

Well, I guess your comment answers the second question. You're allowed to criticize me on the Caption Contest post, but I'm not allowed to expose the truth behind the lying, smearing photo above.

Who was more "off topic" Rodney -- you or me?

Since you were entirely off topic, and I was berating you for such, its easy to tell, but somehow I don't think you will get it right.

Jees, Rodney - is there a reason you think letting folks know the history behind the photo is a bad idea?
No evidence I believe of such from my comments toward you. However, I'll note that you didn't jump all over the obviously faked picture from the last contest. I guess you just weren't interersted in exposing the truth on the lying and smearing then. I didn't comment, out of 'caption' context on that picture or on this one either, until you took the 'off topic' route. Given Franken's past as a comedian and skits on SNL I don't see how this could be a smear against him even if it were true. (and for the record I personally didn't find last weeks picture offensive or particularly derogatory toward Bush)
Christina Viering:



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