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2008 Boston Tea Party Vice Presidential Candidate Found Dead

The 2008 alternative Vice Presidential candidate of another major "Tea Party" movement political party, former porn star, Marilyn Chambers, 56, was found dead in her California mobile home on Monday. Chambers was an outrageous 1970's counterculture figure who was once known as the "Ivory Soap" box girl, but completely shed this wholesome image to star in the 1972 new wave porn smash hit, "BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR" for the Mitchell Brothers who owned California movie theatres and filmed many of their own films played at their own theatres.Marilyn Chambers.jpg

The Boston Tea Party is another fringe appeal political movement that is quasi-libertarian in nature, opposing big government and seeking the downsizing of Washington. However, like the other Tea Party movement, seems to offer no real answers or solutions on how to to revive the American economy or the global economy or to deal with numerous other basic government issues.

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When Bush took office in 2001, the national debt stood at $5.7 trillion. At the end of Bush's two terms, the debt had skyrocketed to more than $9.849 trillion. And remember: Bush enjoyed a Republican Senate and House of Representatives during most of his time in office. It would be nice if some of these Tea Party protesters asked for an immediate halt to the $10 billion a month that America continues to squander in Iraq every month to this day. But I suspect there won't be too many "Stop the Iraq War" signs at these Tea Party events.
Like I said, where were these "tea party" protesters during the Bush years? Where were they when Bush was handing out billions of our tax dollars to his wealthy friends? Where were they when Dick Cheney's former company, Halliburton, was pocketing billions of dollars in closed, no-bid contracts? The Tea Party Protesters clearly do not represent what the majority of Americans want. They claim to speak for "the people," but the people have already spoken. They spoke with their ballots in the 2008 presidential election. Incidentally, the Tea Party Protesters seem to be clueless about the original 1773 Boston Tea Party, which was prompted by a decrease, not increase, on tea taxes.

Paul Hooson:

Good comment, Allen. I can't figure out this "Tea Party" nonsense myself. And for this one "Tea Party" movement party to choose a washed-up former 70's era porn star for their 2008 ticket is a pretty good sign that this goofy political cult is hard up for any real good celebrity power to add legitimacy to this movement. It's merely a crazy political fringe cult.

Rich Fader:

Still hotter than Michelle Obama.


Allen, I don't see a vastly more free nation as money squandered. Now if we bail out on them and let some dictator back in, then it would be squandered. No-bid contracts have been going to Haliburton since 1995. It's not just since Cheney got elected. Haliburton and KBR have some unique qualifications, and have shown themselves to be willing to do the jobs given them with a lot less corruption than the locals, and a lot faster than the bidding process takes. Many times these contracts are time sensitive. You can hire Joe Blow contracting to do the job, but he won't be able to get on site for 6 months after Haliburton can. That's an issue when you are talking chow halls and barracks and firing ranges and showers/latrines. Clinton gave Haliburton no-bid contracts all through our involvement in the balkans. Nobody was complaining then. Is it just because people can now, or is it because Cheney used to work for them? I agree that President Bush was not a fiscal conservative, and I hate the fact that the deficit is only getting bigger. With the way that the current budgets are looking that's not going to change any time soon. As a matter of fact, it's only going to get worse. The government needs to realize that you can't spend your way out of a hole.


Its easy to trivialize a person (hard to believe its coming from the keyboard of the man who promoted a vegetarian strip club), but in the wake of her death, to attempt to denigrate a movement you have little understanding and much disdain for by denigrating her (she did a fine job of that on her own), well, that's so lacking in integrity and couth that I can only guess that either you are channelling Lee or he's stolen your username and password.

Now Chad, I know you didn't mean to end your post this way on purpose, but if anyone knew anything about getting out of a big hole...

Paul Hooson:

Epador, I've actually always sort of liked Marilyn Chambers. She was a popular centerfold queen in CLUB magazine all through the 1970's when I was a young guy in college. She was real major babe that a lot of college boys loved. On the other hand, after she was arrested for dancing nude in a San Francisco movie theatre during the term of Mayor Diane Feinstein, then Marilyn Chambers became sort of an antigovernment activist and the antitax, antigovernment, Boston Tea Party became a vehicle for her political views.

These antigovernment, antitax, Tea Party organizations have been around for years. They include a wide fringe of libertarians, anarchists, some John Birch Society members, etc., and others who might support the U.S leaving the UN, and end to foreign aid, or other goals, viewing no role for the U.S. in many traditional areas. But the fact of the matter is that this is a modern world, and the U.S. drawing into some new isolationist era is just not possible in such a modern world.

Marilyn Chambers may have been a great centerfold queen during the 70's, and entertained a lot of college boys in that way, but like many other Tea Party movement personalities, she hardly presented a workable vision for government and was hardly a serious vice presidential choice any more than Johnny Keyes, her co-star in BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, would be a serious answer to President Obama.


Obvious Paul doesn't work too hard for his money or he would care a little more about where it is going. My guess an investor, banker or better yet works for the government. Take a look at what's going on Paul. Private sector jobs are disappearing while government jobs are increasing. Doesn't take a college education to figure out that if you spend more than you take in (yea that's our government) at some point you go broke. At some point who's going to support those government jobs when you don't have enough private sector jobs paying taxes. You can't keep printing money and selling your soul to China without consequences. Your dam right we are anti-government and against pouring our money into other countries. Time this country (including you Paul) wakes up and realizes both the Democrat and Republican party are corrupt. If a political candidate has enough money for you to see his ad on Television every night for a month straight, it sure wasn't because he or she worked for the money to pay for that. It's because some special interest gave them the money and they will be expected to pay that back using your tax dollars after they are elected. Look up who the major contributors are for both parties. Yep, the same guys getting all the bailouts!


Just to follow up on my earlier comments. Take a look at todays headline financial news on Yahoo.

• Jobless claims top 6M; housing starts plummet
• JPMorgan Chase posts better-than-expected profit
• Stocks fluctuate on mixed readings about economy
• AP sources: UAW focusing on talks with Chrysler
• Mall operator files for bankruptcy protection
• US foreclosures up 24 percent in 1st quarter
• Southwest Airlines posts 1Q loss, plans buyouts

Seems like everything is going to hell except for JP Morgan. Now take a look at how much money JP Morgan contributed to both Republican and Democratic parties in 2008. Notice you don't see any contributions to us crazy people who are liberals or Ron Paul supporters. That's right Ron Paul got his money from hard working people who are smart enough to see we are going down the toilet before it actually happens.


Christina Viering:

She was a trendsetter.


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