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What Exactly Do Those Tea Party Folks Want?

It's always hard to figure anarchists out. The Antigovernment kooks from the Tea Party movement were out in full force today, sometimes with poor spelling on their crude homemade signs , with protests held all over the nation that not only allowed them to take a day off from work, provided many of them even have a job, but to wear funny costumes and wigs, and to dress like Thomas Jefferson, George and Martha Washington. If anything today was a major windfall for costume shops, and perhaps their best business day since Halloween.dumppolititions.jpg

But looking beyond the funny costumes and the poor spelling on some of the homemade signs, it's quite hard to figure out these antigovernment Tea Party kooks. You know that they're antigovenment, but what do they oppose? An army? A navy? Schools? Former porn star, Marilyn Chambers who died on Monday was the vice presidential candidate of the Boston Tea Party because she opposed laws that had her arrested for nude dancing in a movie theatre in San Francisco back when Diane Feinstein was Mayor of the city by the vice cops. Other Tea Party members imagine that somehow President Obama is going to arrest them for owning guns. Others protest federal taxes, although most of the taxes many of them are paying are to support local police, fire departments or schools. Some are mad that banks were given loans, although they seek a mortgage to buy a home and need solvent banks. Others are buying a car, yet are angry at government help for the auto industry, although they still want a company to be around to buy parts or to honor their vehicle warranty. In short, this Tea Party is just an umbrella for a bunch of kooks with no one single philosophy except that they're antigovernment in nature.

Yesterday, President Obama made a pretty compelling and detailed case for his economic recovery proposals once again that should have satisfied any reasonable person. But regardless of this, some antigovernment persons oppose any more funds to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan or see no merit in the government providing schools, police, fire protection, 911 responders or other services.

To figure out the Tea Party movement is like trying to nail jello to a wall. Many are attracted to this radical umbrella for antigovernment activists for many reasons, all of them kooky and unrealistic in philosophy. And it only gives them another good reason to wear goofy costumes in public without fear of being placed in a mental hospital by a judge for observation and having their belt and shoelaces taken away.

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Comments (36)

Lee Ward:

They want to create so much pessimism and discord in the country that we fail to pull out of the recession before the 2010 elections.

They are anti-abortion nutcakes -- and other wright wing extremists -- along with the puppets dancing on the strings of the corporate interests (Armey) and they want Americans to say out of work and suffering until the next election.

I'm glad to see questioning peoples' patriotism is in vogue.

Better we should hearken back to the immortal words of our forefathers - A people by the government, of the government, and for the government.


Paul, I was at the OKC rally and here is what I want.

* I want the laws in this land to be enforced until such time as they are changed through provided channels. If people come into this country illegally, they suffer the penalty of the law instead of having other laws changed to benefit them; if folks don't pay their taxes, I expect them to pay the penalties and because of their actions be denied a promotion in government service (it happens in the section of government I work in).

* I want to hear Barack Obama say that the tax code should not be used to intimidate people (which I did hear him say today) without having to remember that several members of Congress passed a law taxing certain parties in this country at 90% in order to cover their own cowardly asses during a crisis (but I remembered it because it happened)

* I want a party that I can believe in, not one that 'moves to the center' and ends up pushing this country further into debt, either through fighting a war that they didn't do their homework on or by handing out money right & left in medical 'gimmes'

* I want folks to feel shame that they voluntarily (!) do not work to support their families, because a man that CAN provide for himself and does not, is no better than a common thug (well, at least the thug is out actually doing something to steal the money)

* I want everyone in this country to pay the same percentage in taxes, across the board, because if a person has a vested interest in something, then they give a damn on how it is run.

* I want term limits across the board at the federal level. Two terms, that's it, & then you are out of elected government. Not two terms in the House & two terms in the Senate & then two terms as Vice President and then two terms as President.

* I want the 545 people running this government to pay for healthcare out of their own damn pockets, I want them to pay into their own damn pensions, I want them to actually earn a raise instead of passing automatic ones for themselves, and I want them to stand in the same damn lines that I stand in when I go to the DMV or the SS office or the county courthouse.

* I want people making decisions that have some actual knowledge of how things work. You as a landlord have more understanding of real estate than all of the overlords of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac and I would vote you in over them in a heartbeat (but only for two terms and then your A$$ is back out on the streets.

* I want people to read the damn bills, out loud, before they sign them.

* I want this country to resemble what is in the Constitution and it has been a loooong time sliding away from that which was written down.

That's what I want, Paul. Now you know about one of the Tea Party attendees.


It's amusing how you start a post denigrating the spelling and ideas of the protesters by stating: "It's always hard to anarchists out." Did you do that on purpose? (And thanks, Lee, for chiming in with a comment on those "wright wing extremists"! Priceless!)

Having attended a Tea Party in little old Columbus, Indiana, with at least 1,000 fellow Americans, I believe I am likely more representative of the protesters than Marilyn Chambers ever could be. So let me help you nail that jello to the wall. I am not "antigovernment", I am anti-BIGgovernment. Of course there are legitimate things for which the government collects taxes - that was acknowledged at our rally. But 3.6 TRILLION worth? When our GDP is 14 trillion? Really? That's a whole lot of roads, military, schools, etc. Just how much are those 911 responders getting paid?

Please don't pass off your simplistic and prejudiced ponderings as serious inquiry.


Hehe, questioning and posting someone's spelling skills...and then to have your opening line, "It's always hard to anarchists out." Oh, the irony.

Paul, I find it hard that you live off the blood and sweat of these families paying you rent and you still don't get it. Those families are working hard to make a living, they have a very limited budget, yet you demand that they pay you. Now, you already wrote about Oregon going through hard times, the new cigarette tax hit, the 1900% beer tax may pass in Oregon, what other tax increases are going to be implemented that are going to affect these families, and in turn affect you? How much longer, how many more tax increases is it going to take for you to see that the government is now a credit card junkie running up debt with no real way to pay it back.

Paul Hooson:

John, I realize my typo and corrected it. Score one for you. When doing a rewrite of the feature, I originally left the opening uncompleted and forgot to remedy that before posting. I'm not perfect. Typos have historically been my weak point in rewrites since I was a teenager because I always think faster than I can write.

I'll add a few more things to those Steve and Maynard have already mentioned:

"Pay As You Go". Remember that?

On its second day under Democratic management, the House yesterday overwhelmingly approved new rules aimed at reining in deficit spending and shedding more light on the murky world of special-interest projects known as earmarks.

Under the new provisions, the House will for the first time in years be required to pay for any proposal to cut taxes or increase spending on the most expensive federal programs by raising taxes or cutting spending elsewhere. And lawmakers will be required to disclose the sponsors of earmarks, which are attached in virtual secrecy to legislation to direct money to favored interests or home-district projects.

President Obama's "Net Spending Cut". Remember that? Obama can't plead 'I didn't know we were going to have a recession so my promise doesn't count' because he made this pledge at the same time he was describing our economic crisis as the worst since the Great Depression.

There are lots of other things -- pork barrel spending, earmark transparency, posting bills on the Internet before they are signed into law, etc. -- but the point is that this administration promised honest, transparency, financial accountability, and fiscal responsibility. And within the first 60 days, they broke virtually all those promises.

Instead, we have a government with no accountability that spends like drunken sailors (how would you have responded to a $1.8 trillion budget deficit if it came from a Bush budget?) and has no compunction about assuming authority that has no Constitutional basis. If you can show me where the Constitution gives the President the power to demand the resignation of private industry executives, or gives the Treasury Department the power to extort businesses into taking government money and then overtake their management, then I would like to see it.

Either promises and pledges mean something -- or they don't. Either the Constitution, as written, matters -- or it doesn't. If your side is happy with the lies and with the wholesale disregard for the delineation of specific government powers outlined in the Constitution, then so be it.

The rest of us, however, aren't.

limit their pay,


Paul, the only kooks out tonight in Astoria were shouting at us to "Love it or Leave it." Now THAT's irony for you. They didn't like my suggestion to try that approach on a late-night comedy show. We started singing America the Beautiful in response. Pensioners, yuppies pushing baby carriages, short hair, long haired, bald and braided. High school and local college students. They were ALL there.

The fellow next to me who claimed to be (and looked the part) like a life-long registered Democrat summed up what most of the people I talked to said. "When they passed that spending bill with no transparency, no thought and without even reading it, I knew we would have to fight to get our country back." Paul, this is the beginning of that fight.



Since the 1960's we have spent several TRILLION dollars on the war on poverty, for this huge investment, we have roughly the same number of people in poverty today as we had then. The bottom line is we don't live in some Gene Rodenberry, Star Trek, Utopian, universe, some ride in the cart and some push it.

You would be surprised but on many social issues you and I would probably agree, but to denigrate those who protest the over bloated governemnt as kooks and right wing extremeists is unfair and idiotic on your part. Do you use the same language to describe those who protest the governemnt from a more liberal objective, I'm sure you don't.

I attended a rally today because when I look at my children and realize with the flower power generation in charge and the debts they are running up there is no way humanly possible that my kids have a chance! Each kid being born today has a debt of more than $110,000! The thought that my children are born owing money to a government that is so bloated and over reaching scares the SHIT outta me!

Obama brought the promise of hope and change, I voted for the guy btw, but all's we've received is broken promises and business as usual. Paul I would plead with you to stop following an agenda, stop supporting ppl blindly whether they have a D or an R after their names and look to what our founders intended. Do you think these wise men intended for some guy in an ultra safe district in Mass. to have the power and influence to effect the lives of a hard working citizen in Texas or Kansas? Do you think our founders intended that the Treasury department would have the power to shut down and dictate to business or that our President would demand the resignations of private company executives? How about our congress setting out to punish individual citizens because THEY screwed up? If your intellectually honest you know the answer to these questions would be emphatically NO!

Paul, calling people names and questioning their motivations without first looking at your own is childish and patently unfair. I would ask again that you not follow blindly a politician and or agenda just because of the letter after their names. I would remind you that the democratic party is controlled by some of the wealthiest families in America and if for one second you think they will give up their wealth, well then I have some ocean front property in Arizona I'd love to sell you. Be a free thinker bud, question your government and look at the free flow of ideas in an honest manner and I will guarantee you that you will be a better person for it.


Ref #3. Amen, I want the same damn things. Plus, I don't want tree huggers making laws, nor do I want the religious right people making laws.

What both the lefties and rightes don't understand, people are pissed off, VERY pissed off, at both parties. You never seen one protest when President Bush was in office, but now you see it when President Obama is in office. WHY NOW?

Look at who is funding and flaming the flames for this. What is, and who is paying the bill for a lot of this, and look at the speakers for this protest.

But thank goodness they did it, even through they don't/won't realize what they have started. They have woke up the American taxpayer and the taxpayers have realized that both parties are to blame, and it's time for a change for the whole gov't. And the GOP has not helped the taxpayers, nor has the Demo party.

Remember Phil Graham, he called us a nation of whiners. Yet he is also to blame along with plenty of other people. It doesn't matter which party you vote for, THEY BOTH WANT TO SCREW YOU.


Aw, Paul, I am so disappointed. When I first started reading your piece I could have sworn it was another Lee Ward post from its unprovoked insults and irrational, emotional skew. I expect much more from you; I generally enjoy your writings because while I may not agree with you, at least you present an intelligent article.
What do we tea party folks want? We want less reckless, less massive spending. Much of what was in the spendulus bill shouldn't have been there. We also would like our elected oficials to actually READ a bill before they vote on it. :)

Lee Ward:

They want Americans unemployed and suffering -- in the hopes that more people will vote for republicans in 2010.

It's just that simple.


Unprovoked insults and irrational, emotional skew from Lee Ward? AJ, whatever in the world could you mean by that?

Lee Ward:

Thanks for stopping by and putting your LDS on on display, Tim. Feel free to comment on the topic at hand next time as well lest someone figures out you're just an idiot troll.

What both the lefties and rightes don't understand, people are pissed off, VERY pissed off, at both parties. You never seen one protest when President Bush was in office, but now you see it when President Obama is in office. WHY NOW?

Because the right wing extremists, corporate puppeteers and right wing media hate the fact that there's a liberal in the white house. They will happily destroy anything and anyone to get back in power.


It's not that hard to figure out my motivation. I get sick thinking how Obama, Hillary, and McCain have Goldman Sachs in their back pockets at $1 million, $400K, and $240K respectively. I get sick thinking that the man who runs the agency that forces tax compliance in this country is a tax cheat who also has Goldman Sachs in his back pocket. I get sick thinking how Congress has handed over blank checkbooks to him and to the Federal Reserve, which is busily destroying our currency and igniting a fuse for a hyperinflation bomb. That's what my tea party was about and if others cannot understand that and share my concerns, I pity them and wish them the best of luck in the future, because they are going to need it.


So I'm an "anarchist" now? What do I want? I want the fucking politicians to work for me. The elite bastards in Washington are evidently under the impression that I work for them. Guess that makes me a member of the 'extreme right wing'.


Lee, corporate puppeteers? In the 2008 election cycle corporate doantions particularly from the financial sector seemed to favor Obama's party. They are not resisting the president's economic policies - at least up to this point.

From the Center for Responsive Politics:
1 Act Blue $3,151,038 100% Dem 0% GOP Solidly Democratic

2 Goldman-Sachs $1,656,954 71% DEM 29% GOP Strongly Democratic

3 Citigroup Inc. $1,582,857 63% Dem 37% GOP Leans Democratic

4 JP Morgan Chase & Co. $1,171,720 68% Dem 32% GOP Strongly Democratic

5 AT&T Inc. $1,094,144 45% Dem 55% GOP On the fence

6 UBS AG $1,068,953 62% Dem 38% GOP Leans Democratic

7 Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $947,815 98% Dem 2% GOP Solidly Democratic

8 Laborers Union $924,500 91% Dem 9%GOP Solidly Democratic

9 Morgan Stanley $923,850 62% Dem 38%GOP Leans Democratic

10 Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union $904,000 97% Dem 3%GOP Solidly Democratic

Lee Ward:

Given that you supported the Bush regime for the last 8 years as they trampled to American Constitution - yep - this sudden burst of concern makes you just another right wing extremist, GarandFan.

Rush called the extremists to rally against the failure of an American President.

Corporate intersts backed a tea party as a gesture of discord.

Homeland Security has identified right wing extremists as a major concern going forward, specifically citing the right's new interest in fomenting discord and recruiting people unhappy about the economy.

You're just a pawn, GarandFan, manipulated by Fox News and the right wing blogosphere into believing the world is ending.

Have you bought your guns yet? The right wing is lying about Obama outlawing guns - and they did so to arm their militia of extremist putzes. You clearly are among those ranks -so if you haven't gotten your guns yet - get to it. Aren't you a "Great American"?


"Given that you supported the Bush regime for the last 8 years as they trampled to American Constitution - yep - this sudden burst of concern makes you just another right wing extremist, GarandFan." Please provide an example.

"They want to create so much pessimism and discord in the country that we fail to pull out of the recession before the 2010 elections." Please point out where you did anything but criticise President Bush.


lee, do you even read these comments? do you even try to understand where we are coming from? or are you just so filled with hate that you are blinded by it?

have you even been paying attention? for the past eight years many on the right have applauded *some* of bushes actions while condemning others. do you remember the fights over the prescription medicine bill? or the fight over immigration reform? how many conservatives were against the bailout bill that bush signed?

your claims that we are all puppets of Rush and that we all walk in lockstep are just showing your absolute ignorance of conservatives. and your willfull denial of history.

oh, and by the way, the TEA party protests yesterday were about fiscal matters and the role and size of government. they drew from a wide range of people who may not have agrees on much else. but they all agreed that there is something wrong with the way our government spends money.

but to actually answer Pauls rather question.
*i want a government that spends money wisely.

*i want a government where the laws are understandable.

*i want a government that is limited in its role.

*i want a government that isn't sticking it's nose into other people's business.

*i want a government that doesn't try to run the economy.

*i want a government that doesn't take so much of the money i work hard to earn.

* i want a government where the politicians aren't more concerned with their own power and pocketbooks than the good of the nation.

* i want a government that takes the people seriously

*i want a government that doesn't think it knows better than i do

Lee Ward:

Sure - there were a few times conservatives opposed Bush - every time there was a bipartisan effort to get America back on track as a matter of fact.

S-CHIP and the Immigration issue are prime examples. Republicans and Democrats alike supported both measures, and conservatives shouted it down.

Michelle Malkin says "no" - Rush Limbaugh says "no" -the right wing blogosphere sits up and barks - and the putzes read it and start calling their congress critters.

It's the same pattern over and over again. Limbaugh and Malkin snap their fingers - and the army of nutcakes lap it up.

Samuel Pike:

how about you Liberals get all the facts straight before you start spouting off more lies? Sure Bush added a trillion to the debt of the country,however,Obama,in 3 months,has already added over 3 trillion,now tell me,who has the spending problem now? Ya that would be the left wing,Socialist,neo-Marxist Obama party. This is what the Tea Party rallies were for,is to protest that we are tired of the liberals,we are tired of the media glorifying everything that Obama does,he is selfish,radical,and cares nothing about anyone or anything but making himself look good. Bush kept us safe for 8 years and stepped back to allow the troops to do their jobs,now Obama wants to cut their spending and yet give bailout money to people who dont deserve it? Boy talk about a slap in the face to everyone serving in the military,you want hypocrisy on the left? It is rearing its ugly head and exposing itself,and yet the media never never never mentions any of this. We are in trouble if we dont do something about this mess now! Change,what change? I havent seen any change yet,oh ya,yet one of several Obama lies that have been told,so what else is new?

Lee Ward:

Bush spent a trillion fattening the coffers of the war machine and giving tax breaks to the rich

Obama's spending is to rescue the economy from the downside of Bush's spending and tax cutting spree and to put Americans back to work.

Looking at what is spent without understanding why is foolish, but then you're a conservative and you were probably born foolish.


I've never posted on here but I read this and the responses. Paul Hooson, you like to throw out ad hominem attacks much. You misunderstood what this was about and it makes you look simple minded.

Lee Ward, you sound like a young man who has never had the responsibility of a house payment and bills. As a responsible adult I pay my bills on time and live within a budget. I expect the same from my government. You claim that you have knowledge of all of the attendees of the Tea Parties, you don't! The other commentors on here have voiced the concerns of the American populace loud and clear.

Paul and Lee, why do you hate the United States of America and it's Constitution so much?


Careful Cindy, might get the insta-ban for such a question!


No worries John....there's ways around bans! : ) I'm also against censorship!


Imagine that you owned a company and it came to your attention that an employee had been accepting bribes and embezzling from the company coffers to pay off the briber. Surely, you would fire, if not prosecute, the culprit. America is the company. We the People are the owners. We have over 500 employees doing exactly what I just described. It's time to throw them all out and start over.

Perhaps, we should institute a system where our representatives are chosen by drawing names out of the hat. It would satisfy the "public service" requirements. Surely the resulting government would be no worse than the one we are now saddled with.

Lee Ward:

"Perhaps, we should institute a system where our representatives are chosen by drawing names out of the hat. "

Spoken like a true nutcake.


Ah, yes, Lee! I see you are demonstrating your lack of a sense of humor by going straight to the name calling. Good Job!



Burt, ironic that Lee thinks your idea was "spoken like a true nutcake"...but that's pretty much how they send out jury duty notices...


John, true, and those people have the power of life and death over their peers.


Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him work diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built.
Abraham Lincoln


"Perhaps, we should institute a system where our representatives are chosen by drawing names out of the hat. "

I think we would have a lower prercntage of criminals in office if we did that.

Lee Ward:

True - lol,- but it isn't a serious suggestion. Last time I checked were still a democracy, despite Bush and Cheney's best efforts to undermine that.


No Lee, we are a representative republic or at least we're supposed to be. A democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.


hey lee, you are such a troll. and on your own site too. you hop on threads and insult people, change subjects, make ad hominom attacks, and tangental points to derail the discussion when it isn't going your way.

when are you going to ban yourself? =)


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