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Tea Party Promotion by Fox News

Yesterday's "Tea Party" protests were a dismal failure. Nothing close to the numbers of folks who turned out for the immigration demonstrations for example.

And its notable that this relatively small turnout came about despite the best efforts by Fox News to promote the event. Take a look:

Fox News Channel promoted the event heavily for weeks. Organizers want you to believe it was all a grassroots uprising. Not true. It was a media-hyped fizzle.

Grassroots? No, astroturf:

Rachel Meadows (barely) reports on the TeaBagger's Plans:

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Comments (26)


Lee, you maybe correct on the numbers of people attending, but that doesn't take away the number of people supporting the concept of Congress spending our money wisely.

I support the concept of spending wisely, but would not be attending any tea bagging party, because that is a joke. And yet the GOP yells about President Obama spending, they still bitch about supposedly cuts to some federal agencies.

One constant thing about the GOP, they never let facts stand in their way. Do they realize the gov't is operating under President Bush's last budget?

Lee Ward:

As a "demonstration" of grassroots support the Tea Party failed on all counts. There may well be more underlying support, but it wasn't evident yesterday.

If they'd held it on a Saturday they might have gotten more people out.

Having filed yesterday, I don't see the movement growing - but well-meaning people like yourself recoiling in horror at the way they were manipulated by the right-wing media machine.


I don't watch Fox News, so I didn't show up because I was manipulated. And I didn't even show up to "demonstrate" anything. I guess I went to be reassured that there were still plenty of Americans who won't just roll over and play dead each time the Federal Government (note that I am not singling out any particular administration) makes a new power grab or spends more non-existent money. I got the feeling at the rally that some of the impetus for this (regardless of whatever astroturfing conspiracy some folks want to imagine) came from the constant talk of Change, Change, Change over the past year. Even though I never bought into Obama's idea of what needed to change, it certainly got into my thinking ... Hell, yeah things need to change in Washington! I came away with a realization that I need to get more directly involved in politics -local and national - and make sure my voice gets heard. I know... I'm a nutcake!


What you see as failure others see a success. An opportunity for like minded Americans, irrespective of political ideology, to gather and share thoughts, debate, communicate on why they are there, what can be done.

Yeah, I don't claim Bush and the Republicans were innocent, told the in my own little ways through email, returning donation requests with snarky remarks taped to pennies.

Bottom line is, April 15 is a day that many Americans see as a day where they have to give the government money. What they want to see is their government spend that money wisely. Both sides of the aisle have done the back door dealing, kickback, wink and nod dealings that have entrenched those politicians to do what is best for them.

What you see as a failure, I see as a success to put all politicians on all levels on notice that there are people watching.

What you think the government should and shouldn't spend money on will vary with many people, but the bottom line is that you want the money the best way possible...that is what those tea parties were meant to show...a desire for government to spend wisely.

You say manipulated, but have you truly sat to think and ask why aren't all media outlets latching on to this message. Why are they not probing what our government is spending our money on? The coverage of these events only further erode the low opinion people have of news media.

"Our citizens may be deceived for awhile, and have been deceived; but as long as the presses can be protected, we may trust to them for light." - Thomas Jefferson

Lee Ward:

You're entitled to your opinions, John. But I'll just keep repeating - it's a minority view. Americans support Obama over the GOP platform on these issues by a 3:1 margin.

That's 75%-25%. It's huge.

And it's sad that the Tea Party movement was co-opted by Armey and Fox News. That only serves to marginalize the message further.

Rich Fader:

Heh. I look forward to the massive spontaneous demonstrations filling the National Mall and downtowns across the country in support of obscene taxation, profligate spending and massive government control of the economy by individuals who don't even know how to operate TurboTax. Yeah. Uh-huh. Any minute now.

Ah, who am I kidding? Bo wouldn't play with the Obama program if you tied a pork chop to it.

j east:

So, FOX news was promoting the event and not covering it? Hmm...interesting. So, with that same logic, then CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS etc. etc. were all promoting your illegal immigration protests and the anti-war demonstrations and every other demonstration/protest they covered?!

Do you realize just how cheesy you come across? Let's see...400,000-1 million people show up for a Tax Day protest on a work day, that is a failure in this country?


Lee Ward:

They were promoting it for weeks, - that's what the first video shows - a lot of that was in advance of the event.

And I love cheese, if it's any of your business. That's why I write about Sarah Palin so much. She's the cheesiest politician I've ever come across.

Mac Lorry:

As I have stated on the main page, the first step in passing someone ahead of you is to get in another lane. If the GOP has a future it's not going to come from following behind the democrats. Obama has made some bold moves to stimulate the economy and in his recent speech he described several initiatives to re-build the economy. These include new regulations for Wall street, healthcare reform, so-called green energy, and entitlement reform.

For all our sakes I hope the economy recovers, but if it flounders under any or all of these initiatives the organizers of the TEA parties will seem visionary and the GOP will zoom past a discredited democratic party and into power once again. Maybe folks on the left should be hedging their bets just a bit. Maybe there's room in the big democratic tent for some who call for fiscal restraint and prudent deliberation.

Lee Ward:

In my view, Mac, the GOP is missing a great opportunity here - obviously they are listening to the wrong folks (Limbaugh et. al.)

Obama is a unifier, and he would love nothing more than to see a bipartisan effort from the GOP to 'bridge the gap"...

But Limbaugh has announced that the GOP aim is make Obama fail, and that's been the M.O. form the right ever since.

Marching around with signs calling Obama a fascist just makes the GOP look like wackos.

The GOP should be coming to the negotiating table, and as much as I hate to admit, Obama would move towards the middle.

But no - it's Wacka-Doodle Nutcakes day for the Teabaggers. Fox News is getting rich, but I'm not sure it's accomplishing anything for the conservative cause...


Ya, know, everytime I hear someone use the term 'teabagger' to describe a protester at one of these rallies, I can also hear them snicker & giggle (like Racheal Maddow & her crew).

Rather than trying to have a conversation about the ideas and principles being put forth at the protests, these folks just smirk with an attitude of "Aww, look. These people had no idea that we have a hip urban word for a sexual practice. They are sooo stupid. We changed a word on them and they have no idea what it means. hee hee hee." How can you can have any hope of discourse with such sophomoric attitudes?

Therefore, I shall refer to these rallies as "Shove a Pitchfork up the Ass of Congress Until They All Stop Spending and Then I'll Burn Them All with Fire".

I don't think anyone can misunderstand THAT or snicker about a hidden sexual meaning.

Lee Ward:

Oh, Maynard - settle down. It's just amusing that the organizers of this drive picked such a stupid name for their effort.

"Out-of-touch with mainstream culture" is and will continue to be the hallmark of the conservative movement, even when they try to get edgy and all grassrooty.

It's not as funny as the evangelical figureheads decrying homosexuality while they hire male escorts in hotel rooms.. but almost.

Nobody is picking on you - we're just laughing at the stupidity...


Lee Ward:

Oh, and Maynard - the fact that you think the use of the "Teabagging" handle is some mainstream media conspiracy (woooo) and not the result of conservatives themsleves naming this a teabag party jus further illustrates how afar out in left field you nutcakes really are...

...as if this didn't already underlinr that precisely -- ""Shove a Pitchfork up the Ass of Congress Until They All Stop Spending and Then I'll Burn Them All with Fire"".

Anger that stems from the lack of knowledge and misconceptions is how this group earned the name "nutcake"...

It's kinda like "Joe the Plumber" openning his fat yap - as if a plumber who was actually getting a tax reduction under Obama's plan had any relevance at all to the 2008 elections... but the GOPers just can't figure that out.


Joe the Plumber not have any relevance? Are you dense. When he asked his sincere question Obama freely admitted that he was for income redistribution.

That's not irrelevancy

Funny how libs always think that the only people that should have any opinion about Obama's taxation and spending plans are those who the left will agree are effected by it. And then they call those people "greedy" and they disregard everything they say.

And anyone that isn't "rich" should have no say since it doesn't affect them....well actually they think they should be on their knees worshiping him because they got 8-13 dollars back per week--of course that's before all the other taxes that they have started and plan to start.

Lee Ward:

Joe had his moment and his 15 minutes of fame that followed - but putting him on the campaign trail was sheer stupidity. He had no relevance, and he'd usually say so -"my opinion doesn't matter" etc...


That's the first time I've ever had the "pleasure" of watching Rachel Maddow (or "Meadows" as Lee calls her). She's one classy lady, isn't she? And who is Ana Marie Cox again? The only thing I gathered was that it's evident from the tape that Maddow really likes Cox ... (here I giggle like a liberal commentator, completely dismissing anything the two of them actually said because I find sexual innuendo so doggone funny... heeheehee ... and it's even funnier because - as I understand it - Maddow is a lesbian and so my sexual innuendo really is multifaceted... I bet I can say similar things over and over and it will get funnier each time ... hee!) From the look in her eye, Maddow wishes to reach through that monitor and give Cox a big squeeze. Har! They were probably unable to bring Cox into the studio with Maddow there! Snort! Because she'd probably want to snuggle right up to Cox and that would be awkward! Smirk! Makes me wonder if Maddow and Cox have ever been together? Hah! But maybe Maddow just prefers to look at Cox larger than life on the big screen there in the studio, I don't know. (Wipe tears from my eye)

That's the end of my in-depth analysis and commentary on what the two of them spoke about for 3 minutes.

Mac Lorry:

Watching the news tonight some serious commentators were referring to Rachel Meadows and Anderson Cooper as Beavis and Butthead for their sexual innuendo rants. It's dawning on middle America that the liberal media outlets who defended the right to decent and protest as patriotic for the past 8 years are now behaving like frat house brats when working Americans protest unprecedented spending and taxes.

Mac Lorry:

Anderson Cooper 360 is now Anderson Cooper 69.


Do some of you people really think Joe (Sam of the Keating family) the plumber really has a frigging clue on what is going on? Owes back taxes, owes child support money, and heaven forbid, Pajama Media (kooky right wing) hires him for a news correspondence and send him to Israel.

But to the right wing, what he and queer Limpdick says is gospel. Damn, the idiots on the right haven't woken up that the majority of the taxpayers have seen through this BS.

But the GOP does not let facts stand in their way, they just repeat lies. And your Party is going to run Newt for President in 2012? Man, as you people have stated you are a party of values (which you can't describe what the values are)you are presenting him as your candidate?

I can see the Demo's adds on him and how he got rid of a couple of ex-wife's. GO FOR IT.

Mac Lorry:


It all depends on the economy. If it's doing good in 2012 Obama will be elected to a second term. If it's still in bad shape then even Obama has said that he wouldn't be reelected.

We all hope the economy recovers, but for democrats there's more at stake if it doesn't. Democrates thinking they can't lose to Newt shows that they have forgotten that it was Newt who formulated their defeat in the 90's over tax issues.

Tax issues and a poor economy in 2010 and 2012 should be real high on the list of worries for democrats.


Regarding a comparison of the Tea Party Protest's success against that of the Immigration rallies- a lot of those who showed up en masse at the Immigration rallies were (surprise!) ILLEGAL ALIENS! Of course they're going to show up in the thousands!

I was in Chicago during a very large protest, and I was stuck sitting in traffic as I was TRYING TO GET TO WORK (it was a Wednesday)because of all the protestors being bussed in from outlying areas.

Sure, maybe we're not as organized, and maybe we're not as interested in bussing criminals in to swell our ranks. But we'll get more organized, and more Americans are going to get fed up with the Obama Administration's broken promises and ineffectiveness at helping productive citizens.


Steve- I think Rachel Maddow prefers the term "Vagetarian".


Back taxes Allen? Like tax cheat Geitner heading up the Treasury? Or do you mean like kickbacks Rahm "Won't Release Tapes" Emmanuel, Richardson and now Rattner? Yeah, real stand up servants for the American people right?

Not everyone follows Rush Allen, understand that, most folks can and do think for themselves.

Yeah, let's not let facts get in the way Allen, how do you like your liberal role models bemoaning and demonizing AIG and the like...but still willing to take that campaign cash? You enjoy their bald-faced phony outrage, lying to the American Public while lining their pockets? How about this one Allen?

"How many of you think we would have so many troops stationed in that area of the world if we didn't need the oil?" Biden said. "If you add the actual price of oil, it's probably $10 more a barrel just by the military we have to provide to be able to ensure those oil lanes stay open." -Joe Biden, Apr 16, 2009

Guess the VP and a spokesman for you and your liberal friends, the years of "Against War for Oil" mantra was a damned lie determined to undermine the war effort right? I mean, he just admitted that we need the oil! The Democrats were on board, but they had to lie about it to show they were with the anti-war crowd right, elections were more important right? A pox on both their houses...

Don't talk about ex's with all the liberals and their crooked connected husbands/wives. Don't forget Barney Frank's former lover over in Freddie Mac, or Schakowsky calling people shameful but "ignorant" of her husband's tax evasion and fraud while bouncing checks? Those your heros in the DNC Allen? You take Jefferson's tax shelter advice and stash your cash in the freezer? Maybe you will enjoy the new streamlined tax code with TAX CHEAT Rangel writing the rules...

"It all depends on the economy. If it's doing good in 2012 Obama will be elected to a second term. If it's still in bad shape then even Obama has said that he wouldn't be reelected."

Mac, I think you're exactly right here. Unless there is another domestic terror attack or a violent confrontation involving an established or nascent nuclear power, the economy will the the only issue in 2010 and 2012.

The last twelve years gave us two massive boom/bust cycles, each accompanied by an expansion of government. Ironically, the biggest government expansion occurred under a Republican president (which is probably why the R's were turned out of office during the last two elections).

Anyway, it seems clear to me that we have reached a very dangerous point with respect to the intersection of government and the free market. I think the last two boom cycles have prompted big government dreamers into thinking that massive government expansion is no big deal, because we can just keep growing our economy in order to pay for it.

But we are now in the midst of a pendulum swing back in the other direction. As a reaction to the loosening of government oversight that aided both the dot-com and real estate bubbles, Obama wants more regulation, tighter control, nationalization of entire industries, and unnecessarily restrictive environmental policies. All of these things have been proven time and again to hinder economic growth. He is also engaging in the most reckless deficit spending and debt generation ever witnessed in this country's history.

It is difficult to understand how economic growth comparable to 1997-2000 or 2003-2007 can be achieved under these policies. Obama's proposed government expansions are going to be very expensive, and at this point, future tax rate increases -- heavy ones -- seem to be an inevitability. High taxes create stagnant economies. And if the Treasury has to print more money in order to pay for government spending (as opposed to printing money to cover the creation of capital due to genuine economic expansion) then interest rates and consumer prices will, in all likelihood, start to spiral upward.

History could be wrong, of course, and there is a chance that we can beat the odds and once again create sustained economic growth with low unemployment and low inflation, while simultaneously implementing the largest expansion of the Federal government spending and power in the history of America.

But if history is right, by 2010 (and certainly by 2012) we could see the onset of an extended period of high unemployment that never drops, tax rates that keep rising, high interest rates that make home ownership prohibitive (no matter how many racial quotas for mortgages are in place), and inflation that continually wipes out the small gains made by the financial markets. Think of it as 1974-1982 all over again.

If that happens, Obama will be out of a job on Jan. 20, 2013.

Craig Davis:

This is really amusing. It is so apparent that the majority of those that loudly condemn both the realization and organized protests by so many obviously have very little historical knowledge, if any, let alone are genetically deprived of something so important - common sense. Again, very amusing, yet rather frightening also.

I've often wondered how well they may be, psychologically, once their taxes - in all areas - suddenly increase? Have any of them actually lived in Europe, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia or China? Probably not but I will allow them the benefit of doubt on that. That's only being fair isn't it?

BTW, how many know the true history of the Federal Reserve? Very few I'm sure. How many know the true history of the actions of President Woodrow Wilson? Very few I'm sure. Look them up and read about it. You don't have to accept the truth but hey, try it, you'll like it. I promise, it won't give you e-coli or the bird flu and it sure won't add to global warming. Once you've completed that then simply sit back and look at what's going on now as well as what results of present day government actions could lead to. In simple terms, step out of your box and look at the entire picture, not just one little self desired segment.

Gregorio Rimeriz:

Obama: Liar, marxist, tyrant. Tax protest? I was there .. 10,000 people. Have 60 pictures. Stood next to an FBI agent. Why do I know?? I work with the USDOJ and I recognized him. The patriots of this Country are standing up and voicing their opinions. I encourage those of us who are persons of color to step out and support the conservative movement! Or, perhaps, as Th. Jefferson suggests, revolution. Who knows???

Dr. Rimerez


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