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Right Wing Extremist to Challenge McCain Re-election

Yet another single-issue right wing extremist has decided to run for election, something we'll see more and more of as the extremists break out from under the GOP tent and set out to claim their place in the political landscape. This chap is an anti-immigration wacko, apparently determined to use Senator John McCain's past bipartisan efforts towards immigration reform as a club against him.

Chris Simcox, an anti-illegal immigration activist who founded border watch group the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, will announce today that he will challenge John McCain in the GOP primary in Arizona. Simcox will highlight McCain's moderate stance on immigration, which dogged him during last year's presidential primary. It will be a tough path to hew for Simcox, given McCain's fundraising ability, brand and name recognition. Still immigration is a sensitive issue for many voters, and while McCain's rhetoric on the issue shifted some during the campaign, he remained committed to the kind of comprehensive reform that inflamed conservatives.

We can expect the fracturing of the GOP to continue along these paths as the extremists abandon any effort to work within the framework of the GOP establishment.

Related: Stopping Dem 60 'real hard,' Cornyn fears

The man in charge of electing more Republicans to the Senate said it will be difficult to stop the Democrats from winning a 60-seat majority in 2010.

Sen. John Cornyn (Texas), the new head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), knows he has a difficult road ahead of him.

"That's going to be real hard, to be honest with you," Cornyn said of keeping Democrats from reaching 60 seats, adding:

"Everybody who runs could be the potential tipping point to get Democrats to 60. We've not only got to play defense; we've got to claw our way back in 2010. It'll be a huge challenge."

So far this cycle, Republicans have been faced with retirements in four swing states, emerging primaries against at least three of their members and a map that, after two cycles of big GOP losses, continues to favor Democrats.

Progressives should do everything possible to encourage the further splintering of the GOP base. They are in disarray and floundering - let's keep them there.

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Comments (7)

Paul Hooson:

I sort of expected that a challenge to John McCain might come from the right. His re-election might still be pretty secure though, despite his fairly bad failure in his 2008 presidential run which ran up his negatives even among Arizona voters.


like the left doesn't have single issue voters and politicians. jeez. as far as being an illegal-immigration activist. what exactly is whacko about that, lee? reading the article, i don't see any indication that this guy is an extremist or a whacko. come on, answer up. or do you support people coming into this country illegally and with no documentation? or is it just that anybody who doesn't think exactly like you are, is an extremist?

Lee Ward:

I think any racist, bigoted "minutemen" who think they should arm themselves and "protect our borders" are certifiably nutty, ke - but I'm glad you don't.

That's a good sign for Dems. Hopefully this guy will alienate more Arizona moderates into voting Democratic in the election.


so wanting immigrants to actually follow the law is now racist and bigoted?

Lee Ward:

I didn't say that - you did.

I described racist and bigoted Minutemen who choose to arm themselves and act like immature children as being "certifiably nutty."

If you don't agree with that definition that's your business, but don't lie about what I said.


Actually Lee, you said exactly that. The "Minutemen" went armed for their own protection and when they saw illegal aliens crossing the border the called the authorities. So, please explain how they where racist? How they are extremist for wanting people to obey the law.

Lee Ward:

I want people to obey the law, Rodney, but carrying a gun and playing cowboys and indians in the border is childish - and extreme.


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