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Flush the Toilet on the GOP

Repeatedly, throughout the 2008 campaign, I scoffed and mocked Obama's call for bipartisanship in Washington. After the GOP stuck it to progressives for 14 years my opinion was "who cares about conservatives?" - let them scramble for progressing their agenda just as progressives have had to scramble.

And since Obama's election the right wing has done nothing in the way of constructive efforts to lift this country out of its recession. When the pack of barking right wing dogs are following someone like Rush Limbaugh, the dearth of constructive ideas is evident.

The right is bankrupt. I say let's leave them in that state. No bailout - no helping hand. Screw 'em - just as they've screwed working-class Americans.

The barking dogs made this bed of partisanship - and they rolled in it and enjoyed it to the hilt when they were in power. I say they made this bed, now let them lie in it.

We don't need them to move this country forward, and dragging them along in an effort achieve Obama's promise of bipartisanship is akin to taking a screaming, fit-throwing 12 year-old on a vacation. Who needs it?

Leave them behind with Grandma and cookies, and let's move this country forward.

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If I thought that President Obama was serious about his pursuit of bipartisanship, it would be something I would laud him for. Apparently you were not one of the loyal followers who fell for (or even desired) his calls for change, new tone, etc. As much as I disagree with the Democrats, I would never push for, or wish for, their complete destruction as a party (Not that THAT is likely to happen any time soon!) because all the power in the hands of one party - either party - spells trouble over time. The two parties need each other - they need that voice of dissent and the counterarguments. Each party needs the other to be the one who looks into and predicts the unintended consequences of even the best-intentioned legislation. And sometimes, each party needs the other to say something as simple as "No". I don't expect the Republicans to have an equal place at the table - they had their chance for power and they blew it. But I also don't expect their voices to be muffled, ridiculed and dismissed at every turn.

But those who are blindly partisan and put trust in the goodness and purity of any politician based simply on whether there is a D or an R behind the name tend to call for the complete destruction and dismissal of the other party. It's not only simplistic, in the long run it's dangerous.

Christina Viering:

Hope the economy will be making a comeback.


Lee, don't lose Paul as a writer on this site. I enjoy reading his civil posts.


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