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Consumer Confidence Up Sharply

Our nation's recovery is underway, despite Republican efforts to make Obama's plan fail:

The Consumer Confidence Index rose significantly in April after posting modest gains in March.

The Index now stands at 39.2, up from 26.9 in March, according to The Conference Board, a New York-based business research group.

Just continue to say "NO" to the Party of "NO"...

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Comments (8)


One month of 'good' news and Lee throws a party. But then, the same guy get's one month of bad news under a Republican and it's 'game over, the end is coming'. Enjoy now. When the taxman comes and inflation takes off, I'll be anxious to hear your views.....but spare the "It's all George Bush's fault".


Lee is throwing a party? I love how the paranoia evident in the conservative mindset, makes garandfan see stuff in the post that isn't there.


Even for the loony Left this is funny. How can Republicans make Obama's "plan" fail even if they wanted to?


Lee, the index may have gone up, but so has unemployment. Also, the taxpayers are going to have another bill. We have to keep supporting the Iraq Army. Guess President Bush didn't care about that either.

Funny how some people didn't care that Bush ran us into a big debt, but since President Obama is also running up the debt, NOW they care? Kind of late for that.


allen, you must not have been paying attention. there were a lot of folks on the right who have questioned bush's spending plans from the beginning. that you choose not to acknowledge that the existed, does not make them go away. there's just more now because the sheer scale of obama's budgets and deficits is so much more massive.

Lee Ward:

No there weren't. The extremists on the right cheered him on so long as he protested them on issues like stem cell, immigration, same sex marriages and flag burning.

And if he wavered on any of those core issues, they attacked on the core issue. Bush spenindg like a drunken sailor DID NOT COME UP ONCE in the 2004 elections - not a peep from Fox News on that one.

I've been watching conservative media of all forms for the last decade - your suggestion that there was any voice-raising against Bush spending is bull.


lee, i'm beginning to think that anyone to the right of ted kennedy is an extremist in your book. which just makes your using that term ludicrus.

having said that, lee, you need to understand that there are different kinds of conservatives. the fiscal conservatives have never been happy with bush other than some approved of his tax cuts. social conservatives and fiscal conservatives are rarely the same people. and, lee, yes, bush's spending did come up on Fox. and CNN, and MSNBC. i watch the media too, lee, and i saw and heard it.

btw, it's interesting that you label immigration as a social issue. i've alwasy considered it more of a law and order issue myself. especially considering all the angst was not over immigration, but ILLEGAL immigration. i actually know many social conservatives who were and are in favor of immigration reform as bush was pushing for.

i think your problem is that you're lazy when it comes to conservative issues. you don't care about them, so you lump all conservatives together and then you just heap scorn and insult on us without trying to even understand us.

and if consider bush's budgets spending like a drunken sailor, how would you describe obama's monstrosity?

Lee Ward:

Obama is spending what he has to spend to (1) get the economy on track, and (2) fulfill the mandate given him by the American electorate.


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