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GOP Will "Blame the Black Guy" for Specter's Defection

No, I'm not talking about President Obama. Certainly the racists in the right will continue to suggest that Obama is a foreign-born terrorist -- No, the black man who will now become the GOP scapegoat is RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

Steele is already on the hot seat because he dared to get in the way of Rush Limbaugh, and now Republican operatives are busily throwing darts at Steele, smelling a chance to get the black man off their podium once and for all.

It is highly unlikely that the following weak statement made by Steele is one of the principle reasons Specter defected:

...and the position articulated by Steele is a widely held view on the right. Steele' suggestion that he'd listen to arguments against funding Specter wasn't a strong position at all...

Nonetheless I predict the RNC Black Man will take the axe for Specter's defection, as the racists on the right leap at the opportunity to get rid of their most prominent black Republican once and for all.

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Comments (17)


So they elected the black man just so they could leap at the first opportunity to throw him out? I guess that passes for logic in Lee's world.


Wow you just can't let this racism thing go can you? You have no real proof of racism except for what you make up in your head. In fact you suggest it so much I'm beginning to think you're a closet racist yourself since that seems to be the first thing that comes to your mind when people criticize (or may, in this case) black people in government.

Lee Ward:

The GOP is shrinking and all that remains is the GOP stronghold in the south.

Tell me racism doesn't exist in the deep south anymore, boys. I won't believe you, but go ahead and lie anyway.

Gayle Miller:

Lee Ward - what shit are you smoking? I've never read such utter and complete nonsense in my very long life! The GOP is not shrinking; it's in a period of reassessment just as the Dems were in that same state a few years ago due to the GOP majority in both houses. It's part of the cycle of life bucko, quit making it a matter of life and death!

Lee Ward:

lol- "A period of reassesment" - lol


Since my election in 1980, as part of the Reagan Big Tent, the Republican Party has moved far to the right. Last year, more than 200,000 Republicans in Pennsylvania changed their registration to become Democrats. I now find my political philosophy more in line with Democrats than Republicans.

200,000 -- just in the state of Pennsylvania.

I'm not sure what shit you're smoking, but I suggest putting it down and getting a grip with reality. The party is shrinking fast - and the more moderates that join the Democrats the stronger we become as a nation.

The GOP has marginalized itself into the corner, thanks to Rush Limbaugh - who makes $30 million a year but wanted to make $40 million - so he pulled strings and got the whole damn party dancing to his "Obama must fail" tune.

It's only fitting - the neocon cabal made the GOP dance for 8 years. Rush saw a leadership vacuum when Bust et al were vanquished and he stepped in to make a few bucks.

Rubes and their pennies are soon parted. Lots of checks written to the GOP in Obama's first 100 days - "stop the socialist who wants to destroy our country" bullshit that the rubes just lapped up like dogs.

And the whole time the moderates were looking for the exits...

and we Dems keep telling you guys that following Rush Limbaugh was taking you down the road to ruin...

but you didn't listen!

Thank you for not listening! lol


Arlen Spector is interested in only one thing Lee. Arlen Spector. He fucked his party on a major issue. He sees he's not going to have an easy re-election. Matter of fact, his chances are non-existent. So he flips. Let's see you work RACE into that.

Rich Fader:

I blame Arlen Specter for looking at a party primary electorate that was apparently poised to choose another man as their nominee next year, and bolting rather than making even the slightest effort to convince them otherwise. To put this as Chairman Steele might put it, he may have fifty problems, but Arlen Specter ain't one.

Conservative Sage:

Lee Ward, I think we share a common pair of eyes. I would guess that in a day of old you once were a Republican. That is the only way to explain what you see.



The whole racism angle that Lee imagines is built upon a faulty foundation to begin with: that the GOP will blame ANYBODY for Specter's defection. The general sentiment I have seen so far is twofold: 1) Specter was a Dem in every way already, he just didn't have the official (D) behind his name and 2) "Don't let the door hit you on your way out!" If Steele is somehow responsible for Specter leaving, then I will congratulate him and say, "Keep up the good work, Black Guy!"

THAT felt so strange to write ... I mean the "black guy" part! I can't imagine seeing the world in terms of skin color ... I could never be a Democrat!

Lee Ward:

You're a smart feller, Conservative Sage -- unlike the fart smellers who call themselves "conservative" as a cover for their racist and bigoted hatred of Hispanics, Blacks, etc...


You're a smart feller, Conservative Sage -- unlike the fart smellers who call themselves "conservative" as a cover for their racist and bigoted hatred of Hispanics, Blacks, etc...-Lee Ward

Lee you are absolutely pathetic. The libs, including you show more and more that you only see things as they pertain to a persons race and skin color. I call that racist, and you show it again in what you write, while you simply accuse conservatives---but have no evidence for.

Lee Ward:

There is a very good reason that the Immigration Reform issue was so divisive among the GOP, Carol - and it has nothing to do with "border security" and everything to do with the color of our southern neighbors' skin.


and when did you stop beating your wife, lee?


So Lee, you've got no proof of racism here but perpetuate your lies- what a goofball. So in the same vein I suppose the Democratic party has no history whatsoever and can currently not be accused of any racism at all? None... at all? If so then all your doing is demonstrating typical liberal "holier than thou" attitude and hypocrisy. My guess is you're trying to deflect attention away from Democrats and their not so secret shame of a racist past.


More liberal racism.


OOOhhhhh.....GianniD You can't call Lee Ward a racist. I did and he deleted my post. Probably just didn't like it that I pointed out that I can point out racist remarks by him...that HE wrote, but accuse conservatives of racism but he doesn't ever give concrete reasons.

Lee Ward:

None of your comments were deleted, Carol.

Are you referring to comment #11 in this thread?


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