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Swine Flu Outbreak Creates Flood Of Rumor News Stories

The outbreak of the swine flu, a disease spread from animals to humans is creating a flurry of rumor news stories and unconfirmed news features among the news underground. Among some of the most interesting are these three stories that are currently circulating in underground news circles:

1. NYC Jet Flyover Story: Officially the flyover by a presidential jet over NYC that panicked many in NYC has been dismissed as some sort of "photo-opt" staged by the Pentagon. However it seems unlikely that such an event would be staged by the Pentagon, adding fuel to some underground news stories that President Obama made a sudden visit to the UN yesterday to meet with Russian and Chinese officials to discuss plans to contain this serious flu outbreak, which kills about 10% of persons who get this illness.

Also it is known that the use of decoy jets are sometimes used for security reasons to better protect the president, and to divert attention away from the real landing of the presidential jet. In Baghdad, President Bush made some surprise visits there, and at least twice, decoy jets were used to divert attention away from the actual landing site of the presidential plane.

Does this explain the strange events yesterday? Not exactly. Yet the events were strange enough yesterday and the official explanation not very good that perhaps some serious security concerns helped to create this strange event as a cover for some more important event. This is a real mystery here where the official explanation does not suffice, fueling some news rumors of a larger story here. Likely this small story will generate more news in the coming days.

2. Swine Flu Epidemic linked To Mexican Drug Cartels: No good evidence really exists to support this growing underground news story other than this animal illness originally came from Mexico and might originate in some rural areas where drug cartels may be active. It is also not clear how some drug cartel could spread this illness to humans. So far this underground news story does not have good explanations to pin it together in any credible way. Yet no doubt, this story may have a little more life in it until an official explanation of the real source of this flu is given by WHO(World Health Organization).

3. Al Qaeda Using This Flu To Cause Economic Destruction And Death In North America: Like the above story, this underground news story has little supporting evidence as well. It is unclear how exactly Al Qaeda could transmit an animal disease to humans to cause illness, death and economic destruction, but you know that they might do it if only they could. However, Al Qaeda has never been a very sophisticated organization, and research labs dealing with biological illness seem far from their technology means. Al Qaeda's means always appear to be very crude and simple. And it is not clear that this organization has much of any presence in South America either. This rumor story has some interesting elements. However, too few facts pin this story together with any credible reality here.

Underground news provides some interesting stories. However with thin facts or sometimes facts that don't line up, such rumors usually aren't usually that good of news. But mystery events such as that NYC flyover as well as the source of this swine flu, all serve to fuel rumor news stories.

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Surely Paul, there is a connection with the pig with lipstick, swine appointments, and the current flu scare. Maybe Lee can help.


"The outbreak of the swine flu, a disease spread from humans to animals..."

I'm pretty sure that you have the source of concern precisely backwards.


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