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Alaska Gov. Palin Will Now Sign Legislation Accepting Nearly All Stimulus Funds

After joining the ranks of some other Republican critics of the federal stimulus legislation as well as the Obama Administration, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin now intends to sign legislation and accept all but one $29 million dollar energy program funds out of the total $930 million dollars in funds earmarked for Alaska. Interestingly, Palin attempted to join Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal recently by complaining that many programs had "strings attached" that forced ongoing state funding once the federal funding ran out. However, after state legislators conducted more than 20 hearings on various portions of the stimulus legislation, no evidence turned up to support the claims by Sarah Palin, and Alaska's legislature passed legislation to enact the stimulus funds to help the state of Alaska.palin fish.bmp

As part of damage control, since Palin's claims of federal strings attached to the stimulus funds were untrue and unfounded, Palin's spokesperson, Sharon Leighow, now claims that Palin "never said she's rejecting anything. She's been consistent that we need to hear from the public, thus the legislative hearings".

Palin's turnabout is typical of a few Republicans position who are seeking higher office soapboxing on the federal stimulus funds issue. While some governors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger of California are pragmatic and appreciate the role of the federal government working to lessen the problems of the states, some like Jindal and Palin with presidential ambitions want to attack Washington for political points, while at the same time accepting nearly all of the stimulus funds for their states.

Unfortunately truth and honesty often, appears to be the first casualty of a few who seek higher office, while other governors simply seek to do the best for their citizens, regardless of their own political party.

In other publicity seeking news, Palin plans to be a guest on AMERICAN CHOPPER of all shows. Maybe the name confused her. The program is called AMERICAN CHOPPER, not AMERICAN SHOPPER. One is all about bikes, while the other is all about buying lots of clothes. Maybe WHAT NOT TO WEAR might be a choice for her to appear on.

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Comments (12)


Here we go with more of this sick and sad Palin obsession. You'd think she was going to run for president or something.

Paul Hooson:

Here's my opinion, DrLava. The nation elected President Obama back in November by a pretty substantial 9.5 million vote margin that appears to be doing a pretty good job to me, but instead someone like a Sarah Palin continues in her drive to want his job. She misrepresents or misunderstands important legislation such as the stimulus bill, and then issues a statement through a spokesperson when she's proven wrong in condemning the legislation. And she's a publicity hound, appearing on shows like AMERICAN CHOPPER for no real reason to me other than for getting her name out there.

With so much important news out there, news about a wacky politico like Sarah Palin is an entertaining break much like laughing at the latest antics of Britney Spears, I suppose.

Lee Ward:

When Palin repeatedly stated that Obama pals with terrorists in the last few weeks of the campaign she lost any chance to be taken as a credible politician.

She and her grandpa couldn't run on the their record or their platform, so they tried to lie their way into office by scaring the rubes.

Paul Hooson:

Lee, oh man was that line true but funny about Palin "and her grandpa couldn't run on their record or platform, so they tried to lie their way into office by scaring the rubes". You write some great stuff!

Rich Fader:

Respecting the wishes of her voters and her colleagues in the legislature. What a concept.

Senator Specter, I hope you're getting this.

Lee Ward:

Specter's state voted for Obama 56%-44% over McCain.

He got it.



I was joking. I fully understand the importance of Palin in deciphering the brain rotting virus that is afflicting millions of Americans.

While normal people like you and I read books and watch C-SPAN there are millions of people walking around out there that get there news from a dwarf named Hannity.

The other day I was watching televangelist Joyce Meyer, she actually lives right down the street from me, going on and on about Jesus and household finances and getting hubbys to help with housework.

Her routine was so lame and dumbed down and comical it made Lawrence Welk look like Ricky Gervais. But in the audience were these people that looked like they were at a Palin rally. They were being absolutely transported by the perceived brilliance and wonder of this uber-lame scam artist.

I am devoting way to much time trying to figuring out what the fuck is wrong with these people.

Rich Fader:

No, he didn't. If he really respected the voters and his colleagues, he'd still be a Republican trying to win his primary voters back.

Lee Ward:

Specter represents all Pennsylvanians, not just the Republicans.

The majority of Pennsylvanians voted for Obama over McCain 56%-44%.

The Chairman of the RNC, Michael Steele, indicated that the party would not stand behind Specter's next re-election bid.

The voters lined up behind Obama -- and the GOP lined up behind Specter's opponents.

So Specter decided representing all Pennsylvanians was a higher order than sticking with the GOP.

Isn't this just another example of the way GOP is dysfunctional? Appears so to me. I've been saying the GOP is in disarray for months. This is further proof.


The degree to which they trash Mr. Specter will be a measure of how much consternation this is causing in their ranks. Apparently it's a lot. As is usually the case when something like this happens, regardless of party, the people caught off-guard come up with the most outrageous excuses for something they inflicted on themselves. The Republican ranks are acknowledging that the hard right turn the party has taken is causing the damage, including, of all people, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), John McCain's BFF during the 2008 campaign.


This is Spectre we're talking about, right? The guy that switched parties before, the guy that voted with a D behind his name, but claimed the R for political expediency? He should've made the switch years ago. He's been voting like a democrat for years. I say we do away with parties, and bring politics back to the personal level. I'm sick of the government spending OUR money on making itself responsible for things it shouldn't control. Both parties have their hands out to the special interests. I say we go back to the way it's supposed to work. Nobody was supposed to be a professional politician. Let's give them $30,000.00 a year, and have congress in session for 6 months out of the year. If you want to make more, get a second job. Taking the public's money, getting more from the special interests, and making a career out of it is not public service. It's no longer of, by, or for the people, it's how much can money can I get while I'm here. The republican party is dying because it's tried to be moderate and not remained conservative. That's why it's losing support. If you are going to vote for larger government, you might as well vote for the party that's been doing it the longest.

Lee Ward:

Too bad you didn't suggest this 7-8 years ago -- I would have supported you.

Instead conservatives like yourself stood by silent as the GOP screwed the nation for 8 long years...

And now that the abortion loving demos are in charge you want to revamp the system?

Nice try. Talk to me 8 years from now.


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