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Palin's Anti-Abortion Extremists at Work While Swine Flu Kills

Update: They failed - the vote was a cakewalk 65-31. Republicans voting in favor of the confirmation are Specter, Brownback, Roberts, Collins, Gregg, Lugar, Snowe and Voinovich. It wasn't even close, but Palin's army knew they wouldn't stop the confirmation -- their goal was to delay and obstruct.

Anti-abortion extremists at work Link:

The Senate debate over the confirmation of Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as Health and Human Services secretary got under way this morning.

"Gov. Sebelius has earned the respect of Republicans and Democrats alike," said Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana.

He said that she has "worked to make health care costs more manageable for business," engages in "forward thinking and she's not afraid to lead. That's just the kind of leadership we need.

"Our health care system is broken...The Congress cannot do this alone. Congress needs a strong partner to develop comprehensive health reform."

Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who opposes abortion, said he would vote against Sebelius. He singled out her veto last week of a bill in Kansas that would have placed new oversight over abortion providers.

"I think there's a flaw there, a critical defect in this nominee,'' he said. "That's a nonstarter with me, not because I dislike her. I think she's a wonderful lady, but I think she lacks part of the moral clarity that is required to lead this nation into the future. Her ability from the start will be compromised by her position on this issue.

But Coburn saves his "NO" campaign clincher for the end:

"I have no doubt that she will be approved today, so I mark it as another sign on our way to oblivion as a nation."

Republicans want you to believe the nation is headed towards "oblivion" because.... well, simply because Sebelius is not an anti-abortion nutcake like him.

And it's "Wacko Diva" Sarah Palin leading the band on this one, through her support group "Team Sarah":

Last Monday, Team Sarah called on members to flood the phone banks. What happened? The committee vote passed by a narrow margin - something no one thought would happen. On Wednesday, Team Sarah called on members to flood the phone banks of their own Senators + Sen. Sam Brownback. What happened? Pro-life champion, Sen. Brownback is now said to be wavering on his previous support for Sebelius.


Swine flu keeps killing, but HHS Secretary is delayed by abortion opponents

Steve Benen observes that the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees our response to pandemics like swine flu, is currently without its Secretary. Governor Kathleen Sebelius, whose own state had some of the first cases of swine flu in the US, is waiting for Senate confirmation. The delay? Anti-abortion activists couldn't kill her nomination, but extracted the delay as a compromise. It doesn't actually get them anything tangible, but it makes them feel tough. Benen writes:

"I'm not arguing the U.S. response to the swine-flu problem is necessarily less effective because Kathleen Sebelius' nomination has been delayed; I'm simply not in a position to evaluate the inner working of the bureaucracy. I am arguing that in the midst of "public health emergency," and a global response to a possible pandemic, it'd be awfully nice if Republicans could be grown-ups for a little while, and let the federal government have a Health and Human Services Secretary."

Grown-ups? Are you kidding? Limbaugh instructed the GOP base to obstruct, drag their feet, do everything they can to slow down government to a crawl, and thanks to Sarah Palin throwing her support behind this same effort we have the situation we now face -- a national crisis -- and all the anti-abortion extremists on the right can do is 'obstruct" and "say no."

They know they can't prevent the confirmation - their mission is to just slow down and obstruct as much as possible.

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Comments (14)

Rich Fader:

Gee, this would never happen if the Democrats were a majority in the Senate.

Oh, wait...never mind.

Lee Ward:

Palin and her wacko extremists were able to delay the confirmation, but they can't defeat it.

That will never happen with a Democratic majority in the senate, thank God.


I really don't want to have to connect the dots to Sebelius and swine with lipstick, but the swine with flu vs the swine with lipstick does make an interesting something or other.

Lee Ward:

Hitting the scotch a little early today,eppie?

Bad day?


I am having crisis exhaustion ... since President Obama came on the scene there has been one crisis (and impending CATASTROPHE) after another. That is why we must ACT FAST, DO NOT DELAY, NO TIME TO READ, NO TIME TO THINK. Sit back and let the Dems run everything unopposed. You can rest easy knowing they are looking out for your best interest. Trust them!

Who knew that Republicans would still be so very powerful in the minority! Wait... I meant the Republicans are scattered and self-destructing and powerless... Aw, heck... I don't know which one I mean!


This pandemic better be the real deal if it wants to even come close to the number of lives snuffed out by abortion since Roe V Wade. So far it's taken, what, 40 lives? Only 35 million to go.

Lee Ward:

Thanks for representing the extremists, Tim. You're a shining example.


Why, yes, Tim... it's so extremist for you to believe those fetuses were alive and had the potential to become living, breathing human beings. And I bet you equate sucking their tiny brains out with an act of murder, just because it puts an end to their life! Egads, man! Get enlightened!


I'm even more extremist than that. I also believe that if the fetus survives the abortion and actually lives, then it should be treated like a live baby that has been born, and not thrown in a linen closet to die. Then again, I'm not running for president, so I can hold indefensible views like that.


If Sebelius could just get to work, maybe she will also be able to prevent the nearly 100 (on average) daily deaths in this country from the seasonal flu! She's got a lot of work to do, people! Don't stand in her way. I suggest we start by tearing embryonic stem cells apart ... the swine flu cure is undoubtedly in there somewhere. Get me 1.5 billion dollars, STAT!

Lee Ward:

Glad you feel that way.

Back when Katrina hit our government decided those blacks folks could swim for themselves. They were expendable Americans because they - for the most part - were people of color and didn't vote for the GOP anyway...

Now we have a government that is on top and responsive - that sucks, doesn't it? It makes the failures of the Republicans all the more obvious.

Yes, even the swine on the right will benefit from tax cuts and a responsive government aiming at preventing a pandemic - as unfair as that may seem at times.


you mean our government that had coast guard rescue teams flying in on the heels of the hurricane? or do you mean the local democrat government that left all those buses at the yard and didn't even follow their own emergency plans?

so, when bush was in office, what did you say about democrats who opposed his appointments on ideological grounds, lee? just so that we can all see how consistent you are on the subject. ha.

Lee Ward:

I mean the Republican POTUS who thought Brownie was a doing a helluva job - when in fact he wasn't.


Ohhhh, BTW thanks for the aspirin Lee. I really needed it. Still trying to figure out the pigs with flu and pigs with lipstick connection. It think it'll drive me to drink eventually.


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