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Pelosi Mocks GOP Shrinkage

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave the GOP leadership some excellent advice.

Of course they're ignoring the advice - unless it comes from Rush Limbaugh they won't listen... but telling the GOP morons what they should do is the guaranteed best way to get them to do the opposite, so keep it up, Nancy.

Congressional Democratic leaders said Wednesday that Sen. Arlen Specter's party switch is a sign that Republicans should become more like, well, Democrats.

"I say to Republicans in America, take back your party," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told reporters. "The party of protecting the environment, the party of individual rights, the party of fairness."

Specter stunned the political world Tuesday when he defected to the Democrats, saying there weren't enough moderates in Pennsylvania for him to win a GOP primary.

Many Republicans said good riddance, but there was no denying that Specter sent shock waves through the GOP.

As for Pelosi's advice: House Republicans said thanks, but no thanks.

"It seems unlikely that the most liberal Democratic speaker of the House in history is the best strategist for the Republican Party," said Michael Steel, spokesman for House Republican Leader John Boehner of Ohio. "House Republicans will continue to show the American people that we are the party of better solutions."

The party of "NO" never had solutions - they're only answer is to obstruct and hope Obama's plans for economic recovery fail.

Pelosi said Republicans should return to some core issues, such as the environment.

"Our country needs a strong Republican Party," she said.

No, we don't. We really don't. The conservative movement in America is dead, and the Democratic party encompasses moderates, liberals and progressives - the vast majority of thinking Americans.

So the only 'unrepresented" sector not a part of the Democratic party are the right wing extremists anyway.

They're law-hating, Constitution dragging rebels. There are some extremists, for example, that hate that abortion is legal, and they will vote for anyone who represents their views on that one issue. Yes, even an airhead like Wacko Diva Sarah Palin.

So call what's left of the GOP exactly what it is -- the party carrying the flag for the anti-abortionists, the religious extremist homophobes, and the outright racists - and you quickly realize that our political system doesn't "need" a strong party to represent those who hate our laws and our concept of equal rights for all and fairness towards minorities.

Let them drink tea!

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Comments (4)

Well I guess that's only fair. We've been mocking her ethical shrinkage for two years now. Not to mention the fact that her face continues to shrink in rather odd ways.

Lee Ward:

For the record, I'm not a big Pelosi fan at all. She was hugely ineffective as far as progressives were concerned.


so you were disappointed in her lack of progressive credentials, not her ethical issues?

Lee Ward:

Not her credentials - her lack of effectiveness in her role as Speaker.


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