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The First 100 Days of the Party of No's Fair and Balanced Mouthpieces

Careful, drinking coffee while watching this video could be hazardous to your lap:

Ratings for the Fox News Channel are off the chart. Obviously Rush Limbaugh and Fox News have found an audience among the right wing morons who believe this crap, and who support the right wing agenda of causing the economy to fail.

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Comments (9)


good lord, lee. can you even write a post without insulting somebody or lying?

for the empteenth millionth time, the conservative agenda is not to cause the economy to fail. it is to stop what we see as bad policy. just because something is obama's policy does not make it the course of action. nor does it mean that it is the only way.

and given everything that is coming out about the way TARP has been mis-handled, the way the government has been strong arming companies, and the expansion of government and government debt, can you really blame us for being concerned and opposed?

Lee Ward:

Rush Limbaugh's agenda is to make Obama fail.

If Obama fails the economic recovery fails.

Simple math.

DO conservatives no longer follow and agree with Rush Limbaugh?


Too funny to see how hateful, bitter, ill-informed, and paranoid the uber libbies are.


lee, some people think that obama's plans will actually be worse for the economy. and from what i've seen so far, i count myself among those. so therefore, we oppose his plans. not the end result that we all want, which is a strong and vibrant economy.

how many times do we have to tell you that ends and means are not the same thing?

Lee Ward:

Wishing Obama would fail - as Limbaugh did - means the economic recovery would fair.

How many times are you going to dodge that plain and simple fact?



I'm pretty sure just from the way that you keep saying that Limbaugh wants anything to fail besides bad policy by the little "o" that you don't even truly believe it, but for some reason believe if you flog that dead horse enough and just keep repeating that idea along with, "lalalalalalalalala" while you cover your ears, that the poor old nag will jump up and start prancing around.

Since most informed people know what Rush said and totally grasp the context within which it was spoken, it is clear that you are doing this for the benefit of any of the dupes who think you know what you're talking about. After all, since the rest of us know what Rush said, you don't really affect us with this B.S., therefore it must be for your minions..

Get real Ward. I don't think you're even fooling yourself. You certainly aren't fooling us


The comments from the "conservatives" [whatever that means] are amusing. America is suffering the results of 8 years of "conservative" rule and not one of these morons had the balls to stand up against the out of control spending occuring under Bush. Where was the outrage at a 3 trillion dollar war that was promoted by horrific lies?

Where was the outrage when Cheneys company, Haliburton, moved offshore to avoid taxes and then falsely billed the American taxpayers for billions of waste in Iraq.

As far as Obamas recovery policy these Limbaugh submissives should read a little American history 1920's , read about Japans lost decade and try to wrap your heads around the basis of it all, "the paradox of thrift".

It's real clear that you guys are pretty numbed.


Lee believes in Alinsky's teachings. He has to personalize everything.

As for Obama and his policies. Time will tell. I'll bring the crow. If I can afford it.


Man. Fox News has stopped trying to pretend.

Lee, quit wasting your time and server space on trying to figure out the wingnuts.

We have a great president, an 80 seat supermajority in the House, and a (pretty soon) filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

America is not listening to these nutcakes. They don't matter anymore.


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