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Republicans Take their Lie-Fest On the Road as National Council for a New America

Maybe Americans will believe them if they lie to their faces, instead of just appearing on Fox News and lying to the cameras about "Obama's socialism" and the U.S. economy "going bankrupt."

In an effort to revive the Grand Old Party's image, congressional Republican leaders are launching a series of forums and town hall meetings to engage the American public in policy discussion.

Yep - that's right - they aren't interested in actually revamping the party - just putting some spit and polish on their 'image"...

And they're changing the name already - instead of these Republicans calling themselves Republicans - no - can't do that - that would be honest -- they've come up with a new "brand" instead:

The outreach initiative -- known as the National Council for a New America (NCNA) -- is set to include a blue ribbon panel of well-known Republicans like Arizona Sen. John McCain, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

The first event will be held Saturday at a town hall meeting in Northern Virginia, a suburban region that went for Obama in the presidential election -- helping him become the first Democratic presidential candidate since 1964 to win the state.

Topics will cover the economy, education, energy, health care and national security.

Prediction - pathetic turnouts and wacko extremist demonstrations of stupidity (a la "Tea Party") will turn this "image improvement" campaign into a laughing stock.

"Our brand has been tarnished," House GOP leader John Boehner said Thursday.

"We need to stand up to the administration when they're moving questionable policies. ... It's important to have a dialogue with the American people," Boehner said.

But Cantor said the effort is "not meant to be exclusive." And a letter penned by Republican congressional leaders on Wednesday says the outreach is "not a Republican-only forum."

You betcha - we're not Republicans - we're the "National Council for a New America."

Pathetic liars....

Update: Ben Smith at Politico notes what's missing from the new Republican branding effort:

The National Council for a New America launched with an open letter that's notable for what it leaves out: The issues that a large segment of the party's base are most passionate about. The letter, signed by 14 congressional Republican leaders, makes no mention of same-sex marriage, immigration -- legal or otherwise -- or abortion.

By not talking about these issues does the "National Council for a New America" hope that people will forge that they are still supporting limited rights for gay and lesbian Americans?

Are they hoping to quiet the racists on the right who who see the Immigration issue as an opportunity to oppress Hispanics?

And don't tell me they are attempting to hush the anti-abortion wackos.

The conveniently ignore all of the issues most important to their base, and hope that by not talking about these bedrock Republican issues they can convince unsuspecting Americans that they are actually out there doing good deeds?

Not on my watch.

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"Not on my watch"!!
You made me snort!


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