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Republican Racists Use H1N1 Flu as Excuse for Their Hate

It's not surprising. Whether the issue is Immigration Reform, Homeland Security, or something like the Swine Flu outbreak, Republicans will use the issue to spread their racist message:

"No contact anywhere with an illegal alien!" conservative talk show host Michael Savage advised his U.S. listeners this week on how to avoid the swine flu. "And that starts in the restaurants" where he said, you "don't know if they wipe their behinds with their hands!"

And Thursday, Boston talk radio host Jay Severin was suspended after calling Mexican immigrants "criminalians" during a discussion of swine flu and saying that emergency rooms had become "essentially condos for Mexicans."

The party of hate marches on:

That's tepid compared to some of the xenophobic reactions spreading like an emerging virus across the Internet. "This disgusting blight is because MEXICANS ARE PIGS!" an anonymous poster ranted on the "prison planet" forum, part of radio host and columnist Alex Jones' Web site.

And , as usual, conservative jackass Michael Savage is falling back on the time-tested Republican tactic of scaring the bujeezes out of his ill-informed, low-IQ listeners:

There is even talk of conspiracy. Savage speculated that terrorists are using Mexican immigrants as walking germ warfare weapons. "It would be easy," he said, "to bring an altered virus into Mexico, put it in the general population, and have them march across the border."

ANY opportunity to lie to the American people and spread their racism and hate is capitalized upon by the Republicans.

Here's one of the jokes that Republicans are telling these days:

"Pigs would fly when a black man got to be president, so now we have swine flu."

It's un-American.

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Comments (13)


If you've been properly indoctrinated, Obama is the greatest President in US history. If your of traditional American moral values, our country is in a sorry state.


Party of hate?? Good grief, Lee, every single one of your posts is FULL of hate toward those different than yourself.

The VAST majority of Republicans do not agree with Savage & friends, because the VAST majority of Reps are not racist. Just because a person is for border security and immigrants following the law (just like the rest of us), does not mean we are racist.

Shall I assume all Democrats are as hateful and vulgar as yourself?

Lee Ward:

You know - you find posts like mine denigrating Savage and outing his racism, but you never see posts on conservative blogs complaining about the vile crap Savage says.

Know why? They don't want to piss off their readership.

They'll write posts complaining about Michelle Obama's choice of shoes, and say nothing about rampant racism among conservatives.

Actions speak louder than words. Conservatives give lip services to equal rights and opposing racism - but they do nothing about it.


What is the incubation period for H1N1? when did President Obama visit Mexico City? What was the real purpose behind the "Scare Force One" event. Why did VP Biden encourage a boycott of airline travel and Subways? I'm really interested.


GOP is a party of NO, Party of Know Nothing, Party of NO Ideas, Party of NO LEADERS who are smart enough to Tackle Major Issues!

GOP is a local Party! Party with no future and will be secluded in the south in tiny little pockets! And withing GOP there are Right Wing Nuts low IQ morons who are easily swayed by sham groups like NUMBERSUSA, VDARE, FAIR.

These groups employ the White Unemployed Low Skilled Adults to use online Fax and telephone services to call their representatives to scare them of dire consequences during election time if they tired to solve issues aka CIR, which werent in their favor!

These poor bastards listened to them and lost their seats in 2006 and 2008. Wait We have more! GOP has been consigned to a minority party and in future it will cease to exist as a major national party.


Maybe you need to look up the definition of racism. Savage is far from a racist, he just refuses, and rightly so, to give in to the politically correct speech of the liberal left. If you don't like it-- don't listen.


to be honest, i don't read or listen to any of the pundits that you quoted. and i looked to see if anyone is posting agreement or calling them out on it on conservatives sites. but, like you i find the quotes unacceptable.

actually, lee, plenty of conservative sites call out racism from others who claim the conservative label. they do it because they aren't racist, and they don't want to be associated with those that are. a perfect example is the whole david duke situation.

conservative sites have a long history of calling out other conservatives they feel have crossed the line. not long ago, i even saw some liberal sites surprised at things said over at LGF. they have a better record of it than liberal sites, in my experience. how many sites have called out al sharpton for instance? none that i have ever seen.

i still think illegal immigration is, well, illegal. and should be punished. but there is no call to be insulting to those who are looking for a better life. i only ask, no - demand, that if they expect to live in this nation, built on the rule of law, that they obey the law. i don't think that is too much to ask. if you disagree, i'd be very interested to hear why.

but to pull individual quotes and then label a whole party or movement racist is also not acceptable. or should i declare you are a jew-hater because of things that al sharpton has said?


Ke, you mentioned those who are looking for a better life. Yet your party continues to bash union members who are looking for a better life. Just wondering why you say one thing and perhaps say another when you are talking about unions?


"It's not surprising. Whether the issue is Immigration Reform, Homeland Security, or something like the Swine Flu outbreak, Lee Ward will use the issue to spread his racist message."

-Fixed it, free of charge. I'd send you a bill but the cost of the postage will outweigh the "tax cut" that's gonna get taken back when 2009 taxes are filed.


huh, i thought i had posted a reply to you yesterday, allen.

my dislike of unions is because of personal experience. i lost one job because i work in a closed-shop state and did not want to join a union that did not actually do anything for my job classification and whose politics i did not like. and i lost another job because the company i worked for could not even bid on most sub-contractor jobs, even tho our quality and costs were lowere, because our installers did -not- want to be unionized. in my strictly personal experience, unions are a racket.

having said that, i firmly believe that some unions have done some very important work, and continue to do so today. especially in the high risk fields such as mining and lumber work.

but some unions have also been involved in organized crime, extortion, violence, and intimidation. they also commit massive resources to the democrat party.

and then there are the purely ideological/political reasons, such as support for universal health care, and many of the policy proposals which republicans feel would give an unfair advantage to unions, such as card check, or mandatory government arbitration on new contracts.

NONE of my political beliefs are generated by emotion of any kind, least of all HATE! I have reached my political conclusions based on a thorough knowledge of history, serious thought and rechecking of my positions with an eye toward the moral certitudes of my life. Then and only then do I come to a position on any topic and once there, I will defend it against any shrieking, foaming at the mouth liberal buffoon with quiet confidence and certitude! The truly intolerant people are the liberals, the truly hateful people are the left wing liberals. The substitution of emotion for logical and intelligence is a hallmark of the liberal groupthink, exemplified by the repetition of tedious little catchphrases that their chanters somehow think are clever or funny! Pathetic really.


"NONE of my political beliefs are generated by emotion of any kind, least of all HATE! I have reached my political conclusions based on a thorough knowledge of history, serious thought and rechecking of my positions with an eye toward the moral certitudes of my life."

You were actually doing pretty well there, I was impressed and waiting to hear what you had to say.

"foaming at the mouth liberal buffoon"
" the truly hateful people are the left wing liberals"
"liberal groupthink, exemplified by the repetition of tedious little catchphrases"

Then you lost me. You rail against a group of people with a hateful, foaming at the mouth tirade ememplified by the repetition of tedious little catchphrases.

"Mission Accomplished"


Republicans abolished slavery while democrats succeeded from the union to keep their slaves. Are you serious


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