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The GOP and Dead Heroes

Doesn't this pretty well sum up the GOP platform over the last few years?

We're the party of Ronald Reagan, not President Bush!

How's that working for you so far, Repubbies? lol

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Comments (13)

Mac Lorry:

Just a 3.7% shift in the vote and McCain would have won. Given the poltical headwind, McCain did much better than exptected. If the economy is still not doing well by 2012 the wind will be blowing the other way.

Funny, I seem to remember Democrats braying for over thirty years -- "We need another JFK!!!"

Gary Hart - he's the new JFK!!!
Bob Kerrey - he's the new JFK!!!
Bill Clinton - he's the new JFK!!!
John Edwards - he's the new RFK!!! (a little off-message, but close)
John F. Kerry - problem solved; look, they have the same initials! 2004 Presidential Ticket saved!!!

Barack Obama, however, has largely managed to avoid this comparison, but only because he was believed to be Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Jesus, Gandhi, and the Dalai Lama all rolled into one.


Michael, do you pull this gibberish out of your ass or are you just repeating what you heard some other morons say, essentially pulling this garbage out of someone elses ass.

You know nothing. You know nothing of who these people, these liberals, democrats are. You and your conservative buddies are in the wilderness. The electorate has changed but you people are too ignorant to understand what has happened. Conservatism is dead, you people are mocked and laughed at all over the world [exceptions: NASCAR events, monster car rallies, Toby Keith concerts and tea-bagging parties].

The electorate has tipped upside down since the election of Reagan. The GOP has lost the young, has lost the Latinos, has lost the African-Americans and has lost everyone with an IQ over 90.

Maybe you can explain how you win elections outside the south with 20%


Even if people were treating President Obama like a savior --which they're not, of course -- smarter conservatives would be asking why so many people feel the NEED for a savior; what could possibly have gone so wrong over the past 8 years that would make people so desperate. That's what smart conservatives would be asking themselves.

Paul Hooson:

The current GOP has two major problems, no message and no messenger. Ronald Reagan was at least the last Republican leader who had both, although I disagreed with his message. But that's what the GOP is currently lacking today and Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich or Rush Limbaugh have totally failed to fill this void in lack of a messenger or message so far.


There can be no resurgence of the republican party because their core beliefs are based on myths perpetuated for 2 centuries.

For proof of this watch "republican leader",Mike Pense, try to defend the creation myth on Hardball on Tuesday.

You simply can not get a full picture of the depravity of these republicans with out having read the Chris Mooney book, "The Republican War on Science".

There is a reason Limbaugh pushes Palin. an un-educated superstitious electorate is easier to control.



The GOP will resume majority status again; it's just a question of when does that happen. If they win a couple of seats in 2010, listen to them bray about their comeback. They will conveniently forget how many seats they lost in 06 & 08. They never let facts get in their way.

If they would have policies like Ike did, and Goldwater did, they would really have a solid platform. But until then, they will be wandering in the fog for quite awhile.

drlava, I guess it's just too difficult for you to type "the next JFK" into Google and see what comes up, isn't it?

Speaking of myths, the biggest shift in voters during the 2008 election occurred among upper middle class families earning $100,000 a year and above. That demographic group is the one that has really gotten socked by the market collapse. And unless economic conditions improve enough to allow them to begin earning that money back (without losing more to tax increases, interest rate hikes, and inflation) then it's a pretty good bet they won't be pulling the lever for a Democrat president again any time soon.

Allen, I would guess that the need for a savior was precipitated in great part by a chattering class that spent eight years foaming at the mouth about how terrible, horrible, callous, ignorant, hateful, disgusting, arrogant, vicious, condescending, elitist, greedy, and totally uncool Bush and Cheney were. They created the need, then found their savior to fulfill that need.

Rich Fader:

Of course, liberals in the Fifties and Sixties thought Ike was an amiable dunce at best and detested Goldwater, thought he was a bloodthirsty, racist nutter who wanted to set off a nuclear war. And liberals in the Eighties absolutely loathed the Gipper, thought he was a lot like Goldwater except stupider and senile. I know the former because, apparently unlike some here, I've actually read a little history. I know the latter because I lived through it. So I find it annoying and amusing at the same time that some liberals now point to those individuals and say to today's conservative movement "Why can't you be more like those guys?".

Lee Ward:

I don't think that liberals are pining for the a return of the gipper - and I'm not admonishing conservatives because of their lack of gipper-ness.

I just think it's a riot that every GOP presidential candidate in 2008 so desperately wanted to be seen as Gipper-reincarnate.... and that they weren't going to defend Bush's record - even though they each defended Bush's actions for 8 long years.


Ref #9. I also lived through those years, and the first Presidential election I voted in was for Goldwater. They made more sense than the GOP does now, but don't let the facts confuse you. My question now is: Who speaks for the GOP? I hear a lot of sound bites, from different politicians, but no real leader.

Rich Fader:

Sorry, guys, I've seen that particular strategy a few too many times to think it's anything else but what it is, concern as genuine as Joe Biden's hair.

And speaking of facts, anybody who says they haven't noticed that at least some people are treating Our Dear Leader like a savior is either highly inattentive or simply lying.


"....anybody who says they haven't noticed that at least some people are treating Our Dear Leader like a savior is either highly inattentive or simply lying."

I can think of two "news reporters" in the MSM who would probably orally copulate him on prime time if given the chance. And I have no doubt He would let them.


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