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Another Reason for Republicans to Oppose Obama's Health Care Reform

Damned Socialist Fascist Elitist!

Stand Up, Republicans, and speak out in behalf of the funeral industry. If these damned socialist, fascist, elitists get their way people will live longer!

JUST SAY NO to long lives!

Heaven waits for us conservatives, and to hell with the rest of America.

Call your congressperson now!

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Comments (14)

Mac Lorry:

Wait until Al Gore finds out MoveOn is promoting something that increases the human carbon footprint; longer lives. He'll visit their headquarters, which means they'll be exposed to a lot of hot air and then they'll have a snow storm in summer.

On a practical note, invent a 10¢ pill that cures all cancer and people will just die of some other "incurable" disease. It's the fate of all mortals, and it consumes more and more resources to extend life for those in developed nations, all at the expense of others in the world.

Lee Ward:

Really? Got any facts that support that broad-brushed generalization?

I didn't realize that a cancer cure would be "at the expense of others in the world"...

Fascinating, tell us more, dear Republican.

Mac Lorry:
Really? Got any facts that support that broad-brushed generalization?

You're not paying enough attention to deep environmentalists. They even think people should be held accountable for the carbon footprint of their progeny. If you got kids, you're bad; more than two and you're really bad.

You do know that deep environmentalists are a powerful lobby in the democratic party, don't you? What you exhale is now considered pollution even though most life on the planet would die without it. Just look at Obama's no energy plan; no new domestic drilling, no new coal plants, no new nuclear plants and a carbon tax that will drive gas to over $6 per gallon.

Extending a person's life increases their carbon footprint in direct proportion to the lifespan increase.

I didn't realize that a cancer cure would be "at the expense of others in the world"...

Without cancer many people would live longer, but then die from some other cause. It might take 20 years, but then the death rate would be the same as without the cancer cure, but the population of older, mostly non-productive people would increase. In a world that's already overpopulated, that means fewer resources for others, mostly in poor nations. It's crass and cold logic, but if you read the deep environmentalist web sites you'll find it's source.


I would be very curious about where Mac learns "facts" like those he has enlightened us with.

Why would someone want to embarrass themselves like that?

Mac, do you want to get information from a real, live, genuine scientist. He is also a very nice man and he is also going to be on David Letterman tonight. Check out Joe:


Mac Lorry:
Mac, do you want to get information from a real, live, genuine scientist.

I looked at the information you linked and it really doesn't address anything I posted on this topic. If a human has a carbon footprint, then the longer they live the more carbon footprint they have. If a person has kids, those kids each have a carbon footprint that wouldn't exit if they were never born. Sorry you don't like those facts.

The real cost of Obama's proposed carbon cap and trade law is between $800 and $3,900 per
, most of that cost is due to the heavy tax component, but that revenue is needed to fund Obama's health reform. No carbon cap and tax scheme, no funding for healthcare reform.


I want to just tell those morticians to relax because once the government really gets its hooks into the health care industry, all that "free" care will start to get rationed. Then, granny and gramps will be waiting in a long, long line for care and dropping over before they can get to see a doctor. So hang in there morticians, business is bound to pick up in a big way with Obamacare!

My brother is a doctor and he was telling me recently how the government had required all the pharmacies in his area to go with electronic prescriptions which meant that his little private practice had to dole out $45,000 for the computer system to be compatible. He says there's only one pharmacy in the area that isn't required to have the new, necessary, much better electronic RX system: the Navy hospital pharmacy. The Navy Hospital said it wasn't in their budget, so they couldn't do it, and thus they are exempt from the rules the government has placed on the private sector! Can't wait to have the government in charge of all of it! People will be living FOREVER! Government is the answer!

Move.on said, I believe it and that's good enough for me!


Hey asshat,
We will all still die. Morticians won't be hurting for business.


Behold the Cult of Obama.

Obama's Healthcare Reform will make us immortal!


I saw an interesting quote on page one of the Oregonian last night, where an AP reporter quoted an insurance executive in Washington pleading with legislators to avoid a single-payor system, accepting more government oversight and controls of the insurance system:

"we're not asking people to trust insurers, we're asking them to trust government."

Rich Fader:

Okay, I'm trying to think of a post on Wizbang Blue that hasn't made me feel dumber for having read it. Except for the music posts, I can'[t think of one. And this one wasn't it.

Scariest sentence in the English language: "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

The Obama White House is already working on a plan to sell government health care to America by presenting it as a cost-saving solution. Of course the only way they can do that is, as Steve already said, by rationing services, or by refusing to pay for treatments that are, in the words of Mickey Kaus, "unproven or too expensive--when a person's life, or health, is not worth the price."

Let's say you have an elderly stroke patient who may only have a 50/50 chance of partial recovery, which would mean spending the rest of his life in a nursing home that will cost Obamacare $5000 a month. Which is more cost effective, letting the patient die in the emergency room, or treatment and a partial recovery that leaves him an invalid, needing full time nursing care for the rest of his life?

You can't expand health care and promise everyone healthier, longer lives, while simultaneously reducing the total amount of health care expenditures. If you want to save a lot of money, then more people have to die at a younger age. If you want people to live longer and remain healthier, then you will have to spend a lot more money. Seems pretty obvious to me.

Lee Ward:

Helping Americans live a long and healthy life is a Democratic priority.

Obviously, Republicans disagree.

Mac Lorry:

Helping Americans live long and prosper is a Republican priority.

Obviously, Democrats disagree.

Lee Ward:

The comments of conservatives on this post prove otherwise.

But that wouldn't be the first lie told by a republican.


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