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Cds You Should Own: The Move ANTHOLOGY 1966-1972

The Move had to be one of the very best UK pop bands of the 60's that you probably never heard because this great act had absolutely no success whatsoever in the United States despite a string of successful singles in the UK. The membership of the band that included members like Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood in the later days of The Move became far better known as The Electric Light Orchestra. The Move ANTHOLOGY 1966-1972 is an excellent collection of the early nucleus of what would become ELO during the years when The Beatles, The Hollies, The Rolling Stones and other pop groups were the ruling kings of the UK pop charts. the move.jpg

The Move Anthology includes not only the hit singles such as an alternate version of their first 1967 single "Night Of Fear" which hit #2 on the UK charts, but also three versions of "Fire Brigade" which was a #3 UK chart hit as well as all of their 12 career singles. Even included is The Move's early version of "Do Ya" which also became an ELO hit as well.

It is interesting to hear the later material begin to evolve into the Electric Light Orchestra's roots. The band goes from a generic Beatleslike act sound around 1966 to 1968 into the more unique sound that became the hallmark of ELO. It's quite a ride as this band finally found their ultimate identity as one of rock's most unique acts.

This awesome four disc box set includes 62 songs, including many rare unreleased tracks and live tracks. It's certainly a great package by this terribly under-rated UK act that was virtually unknown to many in the U.S., yet certainly worth hearing. This 2008 UK release package is a rare opportunity to hear the early roots of ELO as well as one of the best and greatest UK pop singles acts of all time.

With 31 previously unreleased tracks, comprising half of the length of this entire box set package, this 40th Anniversary item includes one of the best box set books ever published. The exhaustive details about each track and about their albums as well as singles is sure to please any fan of this band as well as even the curious listener who just wants to purchase a great Cd box set of a significant UK 60's pop band. The $36.97 list price for this box set also seems rather reasonable for the large amount of great packaging and music and the nice booklet included. Only the Cd mounting system for the four discs seems rather cumbersome to remove the discs as the only real negative item here. Otherwise this is sure one great Cd package.

This box set is available on Amazon and elsewhere as a UK import on the Salvo/Cube Records label. It's well worthwhile.

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The Nuggets II Collection piqued my interest in so many bands of the 60s that led to The Move, Police, Yes, Genesis etc. The history of British rock is so fascinating, so much music from such a small place. I am a big fan of Jeff Lynne productions such as Julianne Raye.

Paul Hooson:

Hello Drlava. Indeed that NUGGETS II is a great box set. Rhino sure knows how to compile great stuff. That early song by John's Children on that box set was also the first band of Marc Bolan from T.Rex as well. There's some great stuff on that collection for sure. You'd love this Move box set too. It's great.


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