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Palin Supporters Populate Alternate Reality

Apparently, living in a fantasy world (one where dinosaurs roamed the earth with man, for example) is a warm and cozy place that Sarah Palin's supporters love to inhabit.

I received a forwarded email, that originated with the Palin support group "Team Sarah" folks, which included the following:

Did you know that we are IN THE NEWS? Yes, we are getting more exposure in "the media", as for instance our Newsletter was reviewed recently. URL: http://www.anchoragepress.com/articles/2009/05/06/news/doc4a02389b45eab849920418.txt

Here's the gist of the "review" of Team Sarah's newsletter. It has me believing that these Team Sarah folks' lack of clarity is a pandemic of its own. I've also included a cover shot of the publication (click to enlarge):


In the alternate reality within the pages of TCSV [Team Sarah Conservative Voice], Alaska's governor is one part saint and two parts media victim. She has "endured more revilement and demonization than any other political figure in recent memory," writes Mario J. Borgatti under a column titled "In Defense of Sarah: Sarah and the Sanctity of Life." Borgatti is in the minority among TSCV writers because his byline includes a full name. The 'zine's masthead credits "Gina C." and "Jane B." as co-editors.

The TSCV contributors spend most of their effort railing against abortion, but they save some ink to attack "the media" and a "culture of death" they believe President Barack Obama promotes. There's also a page listing accomplishments of governor you-know-who--joining the Samaritan's Purse grocery airlift to rural Alaska, accepting stimulus funds from the federal government, rejecting other stimulus funds from the federal government, calling for consolidation of electric utilities, and so on. Amid this busy schedule, the governor also "partook in a human interest interview with her daughter Bristol and discussed the stimulus package at the Iron Dog race," TSCV reports, adding she did all her work "with a servant's heart."

Awkward verbs aside, the 'zine mostly makes Flashlight wonder if the culture war is being resurrected under Team Sarah's banner. If it is, will it be as viral as it was in the 1990s? And if other, non-Team Sarah travelers aboard Celebrity Cruises' ship Millennium pal around with Team Sarah, could they catch it? What are the symptoms? Will they rush to their cabin afterward and wonder if it was the salmon dip?

Interesting article to link to as evidence of your good work there, Team Sarah.

The Team Sarah cult continues... more to follow.

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Comments (9)


The one-eyed woman is Queen in the land of the blind (the Sarah Palin Base).

The antics of the Wicked Witch of Wasilla and the pronouncements of her deluded minions bring entertainment to this ol' girl's life. Thanks to, but not limited to, Team Sarah and Conservatives 4 Palin.

And your hard evidence that Sarah Palin specifically believes that cavemen walked alongside dinosaurs is ...?

Lee Ward:

Try reading the linked articles once in a while Michael. I know you don't read the ones you post, but try reading mine before asking dumb questions like that one.

Feel free to disagree with the evidence, but read it first, m'kay?


As a fundamentalist christian Palin believes in the literal "truth" of the bible. She therefore believes the age of the earth to be somewhere in the 6 to 8 thousand year old range.

Although dealing with facts like that would be confusing to the average person, people who profess strong religious zeal also, luckily, have a very high level of stupidity that counterbalances the dizzying effect when facts collide with myth.

The perfect example of this were the hundreds of catholic priests that could perform their godly chores and then slip behind the altar to sodomize a young boy.

One aspect of this Palin thing still confuses me: who is the more dimwitted Palin or the Palinite?


So by your logic anyone that has deeply held religious beliefs has and I quote, "a very high level of stupidy that counterbalances the dizzying effect when facts collide with myth"

Thus you would juxtapose the opinion to be "enlightened" one must be athiestic or agnostic in philosophy? It amazes me when elitists, such as yourself, assume that anyone who doesn't agree with your world view is somehow flawed, the vitriol with which you attack shows a true lack of tolerance and an assinine ability to argue a point. Name calling and base attacks is the refuge of the ignorant.

There are a plethora of PhD's out there who hold religious views but I'm sure they are "stupid" also. Our Founding Fathers, men who were smarter than the totaled combined IQ's of this entire blog, held very strong religious convictions, but of course you would say they were ignorant also even though they provided a country in which you have the right to say those things without fear of reprisal.

Obama spent 20 years in a church that espoused hate and bitterness on a weekly basis, I wonder is the President stupid? I would bet a dollar to a doughnut you would defend him.

Please drlava before spewing hate and bitterness and condemning a large portion of the American people, put some thought into your comments, think crittically, and by all means clean up your thought process.


Just want to set the record straight about the Republicans who continue to think and say that President Obama sat in a church for 20 years listening to sermons on hate!!!

Until you attend a Black church on a regular basis, and see for yourselves...I find this statement offensive!

Pastor Wright did not in anyway shape or form keep thousands of intelligent people coming back week after week, year after year spewing hate. This is not the basis of his nor any Black Pastor's platform. This was an isolated sermon that was taken out of context and used as amonition against President Obama for your on hate agenda. Stop it Christians in wolves clothing. You're looking too hard to not accept what God has put in place, "your new leader - President Barack H. Obama".


Sorry Deke but I think anyone who believes that the world is 6 thousand years old is a moron.

Sorry Deke but I think that priests that molest boys are worse than morons.

If you want to believe in imaginary beings or ghosts or saints or aliens or leprechauns or the devil or scientology that's great but a healthy dose of ignorance and a fatal lack of honesty and truth are also on your plate.

Lee Ward:

Parables are helpful to society - they have been used to teach important lessons for centuries.

But when you can no longer tell the difference between fact and fiction you leave yourself open to ridicule.


There is a great way to fight back against this ignorance.

There is this guy who wears a robe and a funny hat and leads a religion that rakes in billions and billions and has millions and millions of followers. This guy is actively pursuing an insane policy in Africa to deny one of the best methods to avoid a horrific disease that has lead to massive suffering and millions of deaths. Why does the pope not want to lessen the scourge of AIDS with a flood of condoms? I think the technical term for it is stupidity.

There is nothing I can do to stop the pope. But I can do something REAL. So while good people are praying for something to happen in Africa, you can go to the Doctors Without Borders site and sign up to have them deduct 20 bucks a month from your checking account.



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