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Who Will be the GOP Survivor?

And why should America care?

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Republican sees poll, decides to play golf instead! Republicans have: No answers. Their budget had: No numbers. They were going to listen to the people, until Rush told them not to. They rebranded their party but then they didn't. They were going to have a Black man as the leader of their party, but then they cut his budget. You know when an opportunist attention prostitute like "Joe the fake Plumber" gives up on them within a few months of being recruited - it's all over except for taking out the trash and picking up the left over beer cans behind the couch.

Lee Ward:

The nice thing about it is the same stubbornness and inflexibility that lead them to the edge of the cliff has them falling over the cliff.

The GOP Mantra-- Paraphrasing Charlton Heston: "You can pry my failed and outdated hypocritical ideology from my cold, dead hands!"

Rich Fader:

Republican sees poll, remembers Poppy Bush's numbers right after Desert Storm in '91, remembers how that '92 election went, reflects that it's a lot longer from now to 2012, says "yeahhhhh, boys and girls...enjoy those numbers while you can, because take it from one who knows, they do not keep."


and what new ideas do the democrats have, lee?

show me where the democrats have been willing to offer any flexibility at all.


Who's going to watch such a show -- no suspense whatsoever!! Everyone knows Dick Cheney wins -- the others all get shot (Cheney making sure he nails Palin first).

Lee Ward:

(laughing) - good one, Herman.


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