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The Baddest Isetta Of Them All

Most Isetta automobiles struggled along with anemic one cylinder engines putting out a pathetic 13 horsepower. Well, one enterprising fellow decided that wasn't quite enough horses for him and put this mountain 502 C.I. Chevy V8 in a little 1957 Isetta with a whopping 730 horsepower and created a really fast little minicar. The nice foil on the back helps to keep this wild ride earth-bound as well. whattadrag-03.jpg

Strangely, Mattel's Hot Wheels brand die cast cars have featured this hot rod Isetta before. And FAMILY MATTERS, the show with Steve Urkel featured a dragster Isetta before as well. So there's an audience to put monster engines in tiny cars out there.

Reportedly, this little car only weighs in at just 1502 pounds, making it grossly overpowered to say the least.

And, oh yeah, there's a trick little switch inside that allows this dandy little ride to spit flames out about four feet as well, just to impress the folks. Way cool!whattadrag-00.jpg

This is another little gem in the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum in Madison, Georgia, and a darn good reason to hop a plane ride and spend just five bucks to see this car and many more there. That great museum has to be one of the best kept secrets in the whole nation.

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Comments (2)

Lee Ward:

Nice ride.

The Isetta body was an italian design. Italian designers have a unique visionary, a unique design sense - this is an example of the "art in motion" that comes out of italian design.

Fiat will reinvent Chrysler.

Paul Hooson:

I kind of like the Italian designs myself as well, Lee. Even that little Benelli motor scooter I own has cool Italian styling that stands out from all other scooters on the road. And some of their sports cars are some of the most beautiful designs around.


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