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GOP Trots Out the Same Tired Old Workhorses

They should be putting these old horses out to pasture, and bringing in fresh new faces and new ideas -- but we're talking about the party of lies and stupidity so it should come as no surprise that the GOP faces on the Sunday news and talk shows are the same old GOP faces that we've seen since the 1990s:

Democrats ask:

"The New GOP. Same As The Old GOP."

"Devoid of new leadership or new ideas -- and having turned in to the Party of No - the GOP has nowhere else to turn but towards a generation of leaders whose ideas and brand of politics have been thoroughly rejected by the American people," DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse said in a statement. "Anyone watching television today would have to be excused for asking - is this 1996 or 2009?"

You've got to give them some credit. The GOP tried to use Governor Bobby Jindal - and that failed miserably -- and tried to elevate a person of color in Michael Steele to a high-ranking position in the party - and that failed when GOP Spokesperson Rush declared that wasn't acceptable.

They've tried to be more inclusive and stop being the party of old white men - but they always, always reveal themselves given enough time and rope.

Update: Mary Kate Cary laments a related tune:

Following up on my post last week about what it's like to be a Republican woman in Washington, D.C.--the "state" with the highest percentage of Democrats in the nation--it seems the Republican women on Capitol Hill are feeling lonely too. Politico's got an article today about the "minority in a minority," documenting the gender gap in terms of elected women. Republican women hold less than ten percent of GOP seats in the House and Senate, while Democratic women hold more than double that percentage in their party. Why are Republican women reluctant to throw their hat in the ring?

Perhaps because they are quickly shoved out of the ring by the Republican leadership?

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Comments (11)

Mac Lorry:
... but we're talking about the party of lies and stupidity so it should come as no surprise that the GOP faces on the Sunday news and talk shows are the same old GOP faces that we've seen since the 1990s

It should be no great effort to keep "the party of lies and stupidity" out of power, so why are you prompting them to change, Lee? It's really about Cheney pointing out Obama dropping the ball on national security to placate the left winglets who can't MoveOn from bashing Bush. The left winglets are pushing Obama into decisions that weaken homeland security, and thus, will destroy support for him and much of the Democratic party if there's another 9/11 magnitude attack on American soil. For the sake of the nation and progressive liberalism itself, the left winglets should MoveOn and let Obama keep the nation safe by whatever means he feels are needed. He's your guy, so trust him and let him focus on the now and on the future rather than going back an rehashing the past.

And no, I'm not rooting for an attack on the U.S.

Lee Ward:

"It should be no great effort to keep "the party of lies and stupidity" out of power, so why are you prompting them to change, Lee?"

I've learned that truth and honesty is the best weapon with which to fight the GOP.

You tell them the truth -- exactly and succinctly -- as I've done many times in regards to Sarah Palin, for example -- and the right wing nutcakes will circle their wagons and hunker down to defend and support Palin.

Here, by attacking the White Wing Party, I've increased the odds that conservatives will continue to embrace their whitey ways.

It's simple child psychology. It works wonders with most Republicans.

Mac Lorry:

Let's see you're helping the Democrats by being anti-religion, anti-business and anti-white. I think they would like you to join the GOP, Lee.

Lee Ward:

I'm anti-hypocritical old white men telling lies.

Oh, wait - you said that already.


lee, you wouldn't know the truth about palin, or any other conservative for that matter, if it came up and bit you on the ass.

oh, hey, and every time you try to paint the republican party as racist, you just show how ignorant you really are. asshat.

Lee Ward:

Feel free to set the record straight about Palin, ke -- show us the depth of your support for this airhead diva - please!


New Headline: "Lee Ward Trots Out the Same Tired Old Bullshit"

There, fixed it for ya. No charge.


Let me see, you have an American who wasn't born into wealth, unlike most of today's entrenched political class, through hard work, effort and intestinal fortitude became popular and let her voice be heard. For that she has been demonized, called names "airhead diva" is mild to some of the things you've called her along with others on the left side of the political spectrum, in an attempt to marganilize her.

The sad part for you elites is that you can't for the life of you recognize how much of ourselves we see in her. Were out here in flyover country trying to make a living, support our families and play by the rules and we are CONSTANTLY being told by ppl like you Lee that we are ignorant buffoons who have no clue.

The Ivy League, secret society, craptards, whether they have an R or a D after their names have controlled this country for the last decade and a half to the benifit of their cronies. I for one am tired of both parties and feel it is time for a change. When ppl, such as yourself, blindly follow a person, without a bit of critical thinking it just continues the pervasive sense of entitlement these so called politicians have.

The last time a non Ivy leager ran the country we had the longest, non bubble, peace time growth in American history. We saw the collapse of our greatest enemy and a deep feeling of pride in America. The scary part is without even saying the name you know who it is, which goes to the point of it being true. Sometimes I feel like our only hope is that another with his appeal will appear someday to save us from ourselves, until then I just hope those that are pushing the cart will continue as more and more jump in for the free ride.


Hmmmmmmmmmm. Cheney, Newt, McCain versus Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi. Come on this choice is way too easy for me. Are you sure this isn't this a trick question? Geez, Lee, there are times I swear that a psychology PhD candidate could build a whole dissertation around you.

Lee Ward:

Deke - it was McCain's campaign staff that made up the "Diva" label for Palin. I guess they thought you bumpkins were funny too.

Dave - It isn't the democrats that need to reinvent themselves and inject new blood and find "new messengers" - it's the tired old GOP...

...and that are failing at that just like they are failing at everything else they touch.


Lee, the mouthpiece of the DNC. Where the hypocrisy has become so blatant it's not longer hidden but openly flouted.


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