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The Spicy Mustard President

Update: Straight out of the "I'm not funny enough to make this stuff up " file comes this gem on the comment thread of this post.

Michael Laprarie, who writes for the conservative Wizbang page, is all over this whole spicy mustard "controversy" - calling Obama's ordering of dijon mustard for his burger a "faux pas" (lol!) and wondering out loud about eeevil conspiracy taking place in the White House Spin machine slash Mainstream Media cabal that conspired to cover up the great mustard controversy.

Finally, for a Republican, MSNBC would have edited a similar faux pas into a gag reel, not left it on the cutting room floor. And you all know this ... it's just difficult to credibly explain, isn't it?

Credibly explain? You're waiting for someone to "credibly explain" your paranoid schizophrenia that has you worried about the great mustard controversy and cover-up, Michael? Are you serious? Amazing....

---original post begins here----

The illness permeating the right wing is making them more and more trivial as time goes on.

What is the latest item on which these narrow-minded idiots are focused on? Why it's the raging contraovery over the type of mustard President Obama ordered on his burger last week.

I can't imagine the GOP could get any more simple-minded -- but every time I say that they out do themselves, so I'm sure they both can get more simple-minded, and will get more simple-minded.

Update II: David Frum tries to talk sense to the right wing nutcakes (pardon his 'french' but it's apropos):

Grey Poupon is owned and manufactured by Kraft Foods. It is the processed cheese of mustards. It is the fucking Velveeta of faux-French products. Can we all shut the fuck up?

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Comments (11)


Being a sore loser can cause things like that to happen. Just saying...


Why it's the raging contraovery over the type of mustard President Obama ordered on his burger last week.

Or it may be the reason why MSNBC decided to edit out his mustard request and why and who made that decision. This has nothing to do with Obama and everything to do with a media group that is willing to do PR work for the administration. No one would be talking about this if they had just let the comments stand on their own.

It was just a dumb photo shoot, one designed to show that BHO and Biden are just salt of the earth types. Of course we don't see the images of BHO sitting down for $100 portions of Kobe beef now do we. That doesn't fit the narrative. A narrative that most of the media is all to willing to write.

Lee Ward:

"Or it may be the reason why MSNBC decided to edit out his mustard request and why and who made that decision."

Maybe it was edited out because it was meaningless trivia?

Oh wait, "meaning less" is exactly what the GOP thrives on.

And the nutcakes actually believe there is something wrong with dijon mustard - and they rally the troops to expose the MSM's cover-up of the great brown mustard controversy!

Thanks for illustrating my point, Jr. - Nice hat by the way - don't forget to wipe and powder it periodically!


"Maybe it was edited out because it was meaningless trivia?"

Which takes us back ten years to MonicaGate -- "It was only sex."

Which made you wonder, if the White House spin machine was thrown into full overdrive to cover up a "trivial" and "unimportant" lie that was "only about sex," then what level of deceit was being approved for the important things?

Likewise, if MSNBC has been reduced to editing out minutia in order to preserve the "I'm one of you, not one of 'them'" narrative that they have so carefully built for Barack Obama, then to what extent are they willing to edit, omit, redefine, and cover for the President on important things?

Finally, for a Republican, MSNBC would have edited a similar faux pas into a gag reel, not left it on the cutting room floor. And you all know this ... it's just difficult to credibly explain, isn't it?

Lee Ward:

"Which takes us back ten years to MonicaGate -- "It was only sex."".

I hate to break this to fighting keyboardists - but it really was only mustard, you retards.

Seriously - do you guys ever listen to yourselves whine and cry about the most meaningless crap? The credible excuse is that it really is meaningless crap - but you clowns don't understand that.... It's amazing how trivial YOU make yourselves - the media doesn't even have to try. YOU folks shoot yourselves in the foot on a daily basis by acting like 12 year-olds.

"a similar faux pas"

Seriously? Explain how dijon mustard is a "faux pas"? Please.

I am absolutely amazed at how the most meaningless tripe become front page news on right wing blogs. Do you guys intentionally cater to the lowest IQ, Michael, or does it just come naturally that your audience is a bunch of moronic bumpkins who actually give a crap about kind of mustard the President has on his burger?

In order to believe that MSNBC intentionally edited out the brown mustard ordering for some politically purpose you have to believe that anyone would give a flying fart -- and here again I hate to break this to you, Michael, but adults really don't care.


BTW the Republicult is getting really riled up over the Wanda Sykes jokes about Rush (highjacker, oxycontin, kidney failure) and how Obama looks to be laughing at her (see Youtube links from Dr**** and Rightie blogs.) I realize its typical to laugh at comedians and not micromanage the cherry-picking of funny v. "inappropriate" humor, but righties are welling up to make a big stink. It will make the outrage over Obama's use of Dijon mustard, look like a tempest in a tea pot.

Lee Ward:

Come on, Allen - don't tell me you'ren not taking this whole MustardGate brouhaha seriously?


I call it the way I see it, and if they are so strung out about Obama having mustard, BFD. Just like the GOP going to a pizza joint, and then has to apologize to Rush the next day. What a crew!

Lee, I only have a two-word response to your hysteria over "right wing obsession":

Carrie Prejean.

If you want a perfect example of unhinged, foaming-at-the-mouth obsession over a totally unremarkable incident, then look no further than the Left's manic attempt to completely destroy the life of this woman simply because she disagrees with one of their sacred beliefs -- a belief that at least half of America also disagrees with, by the way.

Granted, Obama's mustard gaffe wasn't nearly as snort-inducing as John Kerry's infamous "swiss cheese on a Philly cheese steak" boner from a few years ago. And both stories are certainly more amusing than outrageous. I mean really, if you make it all the way through Jacobson's original DijonGate post without even cracking a smile, then you take life way too seriously.

At the heart of good satire (or comedy of any kind) there is always a grain of truth. With respect to DijonGate, the truth was minor, yet inconvenient: President Obama thinks they have gourmet mustard at a greasy spoon, just like John Kerry thought they offered Swiss cheese at a Philly steakery. We call that "being out of touch," and MSNBC apparently decided that our current President should be spared that embarrassment. For that, MSNBC deserves a big fat raspberry.

I'm not exactly sure why my comments seem to irritate you so much Lee. It's a strange kind of honor, I suppose.


Sorry but I'm un-elitist as they come,(I dropped out of college and I support my family on a blue collar job) and I (gasp) love dijon mustard.

It's better than yellow mustard in every goddamned way.


The whole Republican party should (and is) put a fucking gun in their mouths and pull the trigger for calling the first black president of the United States an "elitist"

Jesus Christ they're doing so well these days.


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