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Wanda Sykes Makes Short Work of Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney

A very funny tribute/roast to the "half-white guy" in the White House. A hat tip to Juan Cole- Who says all liberals are dour?

Wanda Sykes makes short devastating work of Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney -click to part 2- at the White House Correspondents' Dinner this weekend, on Saturday, May 9th.

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Comments (26)

Paul Hooson:

Wanda Sykes is way cool in my book. She's a great sharp-tongued comic. She's so brilliant in her own way.


The words of the American Left.

"How dare you question my patriotism!"

"Dissent is the hightest form of patriotism!"

"He (Rush Limbaugh) just wants the country to fail. To me, that's treason."


I want Rush Limbaugh to die. Wow. What brilliant observational comedy. I wish I was that funny. Wait, let me try - I hope Barack Obama dies of an impacted colon. Ha!! I kill me!!!. OK, wait, wait, I got another. Joe Biden sucks. He's way stupid! Man, I better get an agent. I'm going to be HUGE!


I suppose wishing political opponents would die and making jokes about the horrible death of several thousand American civilians is funny. Yes that doesn't make you "dour" at all, it makes you a bunch of misguided, immature partisan cowards. Morally bereft pretenders that I'd pity if I didn't find you so disgusting.

I heard Indonesian-born Barack Hussein Obama was the 20th highjacker! I also hope he has a massive stroke. Pretty funny and brilliant stuff huh?

I think the best part is Obama on camera laughing away at this material, only to have the Press Secretary lie about it later, saying it was in bad taste.


Don't dish it out if you can't take it. When limbaugh is silenced and resepectful of others, he just might get the same. Put that in your pipe and smoke that.


When Limbaugh is "silenced"?

The left is so scared of Rush they want him "silenced". Now THATS funny. Well, it'd be more funny if there wasn't a history of fascists silencing political opponents.


I think the funniest thing I've heard today is a leftie talking about respect. I've never seen you bunch of petulant, paste-eating children have respect. I seem to remember the last eight years being all about disrespect.

Your parents must have been absent alot when you were growing up, hm? That's okay, it's soemtimes hard to love someone after you've dropped them on their head.

(I hope you're all enjoying my brilliant comedy!)

Lee Ward:

Heralder, your psychotherapist is on line 3.

To see you conservatives babbling incoherently after 3 months is astonishingly sad. I hope you survive the next 7 years and 9 months in better humor.



I find it sad your kidneys are still working.

Come on, how is the above not funny? That's sharp-tongued wit.

I really do find it sad though, that you consistently get your ass handed to you while trying to debate on your own posts. The truth of it is, very very few solid arguments come from the left. You only dismiss conservative's problems with the ineptitude of the current administration as babble because you're simply not intelligent enough to counter it. But, if you were intelligent enough, you'd be conservative, and the point moot.

By the way, I've begun to wonder, when did dissent stop becoming the highest form of patriotism?

Lee Ward:

It hasn't, Heralder. You'll learn to embrace it and cherish it.

You'll have no other choice. Your breed is on your way to extinction, and will never again return to power.

Your leaders taught you the culture of cultural wars, and you were ultimately defeated by the forces of liberalism that rose up and slapped you silly. Literally silly.

Unless and until you learn to reintegrate into American society the life of the conservative will remain one of the outcast constantly scorned and ridiculed by the remaining 80% of America. We piss on your leg with glee.

And until you watch the U.S. Attorney General lie under oath you can't experience the anger and outrage we true Americans experienced under the Bush administration reign of terror.

Oh wait, you DID witness the AG lying under oath, and you did nothing but defend him and the failed administration he represented.

My bad...?

No, it's all yours. You're losing the battle AND the war. Cry me a river. I have only pity for you and your type -- respect left the building around 2002.


You simply cannot argue with liberals who think stuff like this is funny because they live in an alternative reality. Rush Limbaugh has never said anything that vial and he is on the radio five days a week for how many years now? What we have are people who simply have never taken the time to listen to his show and they feed off one or two sound bites (all without the proper context of course) and they make their assumptions based on that. We had years of liberals wanting us to fail in Iraq and they call Limbaugh a traitor for hoping Obama's socialist economic policies will fail? For this he is referred to as the 20th hijacker who missed his flight because he was strung out on pain-killers he became addicted to because of a debilitating back condition? You have to marvel at the lack of true compassion liberals are willing to publicly display. She then went on to say she hoped his kidneys fail and that he needed to be waterboarded. I thought liberals were against waterboarding? I guess they are when it is the enemy that is getting waterboarded. I am glad we cleared up the distinction. If liberals were as tough on our real enemies as they are their political opposition they would have no credibility issues when it comes to national security...

The bottom line is this: liberals are only for free speech if they agree with it. If they don't, they will shout their opposition down in the most mean-spirited and disgusting way - nothing is out of bounds with them. And if they need to use legislation like the Fairness Doctrine to silence people like Limbaugh and Sean Hannity they will do it because they are the real fascists. Dissent is the highest form of patriotism for liberals as long as they are the ones dissenting. Notice how they derided the tea parties with such venomous passion. Hundreds of thousands of working-class people took a few moments of time away from their productive lives mid-week to engage in a peaceful protest against reckless government spending. For that they were called racists who were engaging in an unhealthy and unhelpful activity. I have a hard time expressing how angry and dismayed I am about this because I feel slowly but surely our rights to speak out are being taken away and we will be threatened if we do.

Thank you for bringing this nation together President Obama. You are doing a hell of a job.



You truly embarrass yourself every time you post something. The astounding arrogance of liberals like yourself is the one thing that gives me hope because history is full of tyrannical fascists who overreached and were ultimately overwhelmed and defeated by their own stupidity and grandiose ambitions.

I have seen far more evidence over the last couple of months of people being intimidated because they spoke out then I did in the previous eight years. I am tired of hearing and reading this drivel about how people like you suffered such immeasurable pain over the last eight years and what a horror story it was for you. Give me a break because there is no credibility to back such an outrageous statement. The prior administration did nothing to keep you from expressing your opinions. They did not spy on you or intimidate you in the slightest way. But now we have a president who is brazenly willing to call out political opponents and private investors by name who have done nothing but assert their legal rights. We are the ones that are now really suffering, Lee. We are being demonized for expressing our opinions and asserting our rights and if that does not frighten you than you are not an American. Spare me your self-righteous attitude about what you think conservatives are really about because you have no idea. I know what liberals like yourself are about and their ilk will not help this nation out of this crisis. America began to die on January 20, 2009...


We differ Lee, in the respect that I cherish a two party system. I like that the Democrats and liberals exist, they're needed to keep check on the Republicans and conservatives, and vice versa. Why do you think there are laws against monopoly?

You may wish some leftist could sit in office for the rest of his life cramming whatever he wants down the public's throat and never be challenged by anyone, but that's not what's good for this country. Both sides must be constantly challenged by the other to better themselves. Democrats and Republicans will take office in the future, President Obama, while I disagree with his policies, will be in office four to eight years then he'll be gone. Someone else will be voted in from one or the other party and we'll move on.

As much as you purr at the thought of unchallenged power, and somehow feverishly conjure up the image that conservatism and the Republican are party moving towards extinction, it's simply not the case. I'm sorry, you can be a sore winner for a time, but, like it or not, you'll have to cede to the conservatives at some point. And Lee, I'll save your post for when it does happen, because I'll want to see you explain your words.

And please, don't even start on lies. You comment on political blogs. If politicans lying is some horrible surprise to you you're hanging out in the wrong spots.

If that's the case, you also voted in the wrong party. Seriously, the last one hundred plus days has been a virtual cornucopia of deception.

Anyway, let's get back to the subject, how funny Wanda Sykes is and how she made short work of people! I'm learning alot from her, and how her humor is so brilliant.

For instance, I heard she's a lesbian because no man in his right mind would get anywhere within ten feet of that mangled bear trap of a face.

Isn't that funny? Let me know when the humor crosses into bad taste.

Lee Ward:

Rock on, Heralder. All is fair in love and politics. I've never suggested anything less.

Steve Crickmore:

I seem to remember the last eight years being all about disrespect. (by whom?)

Let me know when the humor crosses into bad taste.

I would suggest Heralder, it does in the following; well maybe, not so much bad taste as just tasteless of any kind. Listen to this comic remark about WMD, at the same dinner, five years ago, and it comes not from the mouth of a comedian but the president. But I guess you thought this remark repeated several times was respectful and funny.

Lee Ward:

American lives have no meaning to conservatives, Steve, when it comes to fighting their war against equal rights and equal justice.

In the eyes of a conservative any Americans who differ in their views are expendable and meaningless.

Gays? They have no right to happiness because Heralder's church says so...

A woman's right to choose? Even though it's legal it's not a "right" in Heralder's view because his church says it shouldn't be.

They are more loyal to their religion than to their country. That's their choice, but they shouldn't whine like babies when true Americans call them on their crap.



Liberals have no credibility about criticizing Bush's WMD joke - they were making jokes about there being no WMDs found for years. Bush was just acknowledging the criticism from the Democrats and the media - many of whom made similar claims about Saddam's WMD capabilities before the war yet they decided to hold Bush solely responsible as if he knew beforehand that he did not have them and invaded Iraq anyways.

I hardly thought it was his best moment regardless (he probably should not have done the skit in retrospect) but you cannot be outraged by that and think what Sykes said was funny. If you do, you are as much a hypocrite as those you deride.



You get more outrageous every time you post something new. Do not lecture me or any other conservative about equal rights or equal justice. Your misguided paranoia is ludicrous. I don't view those who have different opinions than mine are meaningless and expendable and I find your assertion beneath contempt. I am married to a liberal!

Just because conservatives generally oppose gay marriage does not mean they are denying them happiness. The marriage issue is more a desire to maintain the sanctity of the institution of marriage - that is that marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman. Most conservatives like myself do not oppose civil unions for gay couples and this would give them the same basic legal rights. For us, we see gay advocacy groups as trying to rock the boat just because they feel they can on this issue and naturally there is push back on the issue. Even a majority of voters in liberal California defeated gay marriage legislation at the ballot box so we do not constitute a small number of people. We are the majority on this issue I believe.

And when it comes to a woman's right to choose it is so interesting that liberals at the same time cavalierly ignore the rights of the unborn. For many of us, abortion is akin to murder and we have the same right to disagree on this issue as you do and that does not make us less tolerant than you.

We are not more loyal to our religion than we are our country so table your ridiculous accusations. The way your side acted in cheering for our nation's defeat in Iraq could easily be interpreted as placing your desire for political power over love of country.

In the future I would refrain from painting with a broad brush like that because you only damage your own credibility.

Lee Ward:
Just because conservatives generally oppose gay marriage does not mean they are denying them happiness.

It most certainly does.

The marriage issue is more a desire to maintain the sanctity of the institution of marriage - that is that marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman.

Why? Why does it matter to you if my gay sister marries her gay lover.

Who the f&ck are you to say that's not acceptable?

And why? Why does it matter to you?


When you get the same rights out of a civil union as a marriage how are we denying gays happiness? Does just saying you are "married" make the difference between being happy or depressed? If it does, those who feel that way need to see a psychiatrist because that is NOT rational thinking. As far as I am concerned they can say they are married if that is what will make them from committing suicide because the pain we conservatives are inflicting upon them. Conservatives simply are trying to protect the notion of what marriage is. Who the f&ck are you to say that's not acceptable? See how that line of argument works? And at what point will liberal hypocrites like yourself call out Obama for opposing gay marriage or is that an inconvenient truth you don't care to discuss?

Conservatives have principles and I don't think we have to apologize for trying to protect ideals we believe in. Nobody is denying anybody happiness here. This is just more shill paranoia and fear-mongering from the left and they are very good at it all the while they call out others for allegedly engaging in the same practice.

I seem to remember the last eight years being all about disrespect. (by whom?)

All the conspiracy theorists on the left blaming Bush for 9/11, all the leftists who compared Bush to Hitler, the same who usually hung effigies of our then President. All those who had long hateful tirades about his 'regime', or his 'reign of terror' or any of those that attacked him personally for every single of the eight years he served this country.

If that's respectful, I'll eat my hat.

It didn't stop with Bush out of office though, now we have you guys smearing common citizens, dragging them through the dirt, calling them racist and anti-gay bigots, simply for not agreeing with your point of view. We have a DHS report released painting regualar people as possible extremists for simply disagreeing with governmental policy. Dissent, now it's been branded extremism since the left is done with it.

Is this respect Steve?

Both sides often fail at being respectful, but very little can match the absolutely acid vitrol spewn forth by the American left for nearly the last decade. The character assassination and personal vilification of a fairly elected political figure was absolutely revolting.

In this 'new era' of bipartisanship, we have a Congress that tries to ram pet projects through disguised as stimulus without the other side's support, we have the President of the United States threatening to publicly ruin private citizens for not wanting to be robbed by him, we have the concerted effort of the still campainging politician in office to paint Rush Limbaugh, another private citizen, as the spokesman of the conservative party and then tear him down.

Hope and change, both of those words are absolute utter lies. It was the red dye in the koolaid you all drank, along with the celeberties that went on to make this infomercial about how now, when they apparently couldn't ever before in their lives, make an attempt at being a decent individual.

Just like our wonderful first lady, who until right around the time her husband was campaigning for the highest office in the country, said she was for the first time in her life proud to be an American. Not a surprise given that they were married by Reverend Wright who for twenty years preached racial hatred and anti-American propaganda to them. Then baptized their children.

And now, you have the audacity to ask who was being disrespectful for the last eight years? Are you senile Steve? Really, I know liberals tend to not be history fans but to ask that is so mind-boggling and almost scary, because it gives the idea that liberals went mind-warpingly frothing at the mouth unhinged for the greater part of a decade and didn't even realize it.

Well done.

As for tastelessness. I think I've made my point. It takes all of two brain cells to be a complete asshole to others. Brilliant, Wanda Sykes is not.

Steve Crickmore:

Heralder, before you get too carried away, you must remember it wasn't only conservative politicians who were being satirized or savaged by Sykes?

Did you find Wanda Sykes comments about Biden (being tortured) and Pelosi (third in line for succession- if Biden and Obama were assassinated together when they went out for a hamburger, encouraged by Pelosi) funny? Most of the audience seemed to, particularly the joke about Biden's long-windedness, but they oohed and awed about her remarks on Cheney and Limbaugh, feeling they were getting close to the line.

Hey, but this is political brash humor, 2009 style,- actually for the last thirty plus years.


Reminding you that the left had been almost inhumanly cruel and vicious for the last eight years is not getting carried away.

I find the subject of her jokes repulsive. It's not funny to say you wish someone would die, and I find it especially interesting that this event is typically handled by roasting the politicians who are there, not the ones of the opposite political party not even present, and certainly not even a politician but a radio host.

I didn't find any of her comments particularly funny because she's a no talent hack.

I wouldn't have even vocalized about this at all except that the title and body of your thread vaunts her wishing death on others as 'very funny', and Paul apparently finds her 'brilliant'.

Meanwhile in other news on this site, Prejean is the anti-christ.



I totally agree. Nobody laid a glove on Obama. You have a lesbian comic doing the humor thing and she could not even bring herself to jab Obama on his anti-gay marriage stance. There is no courage out there and it was obvious when they chose to remake the event into a bash the prior administration and Sarah Palin extravaganza which was totally opposite of the tradition. And Obama did not exactly make fun of himself - most of the stuff he said about himself was actually true. He is so full of himself - pretty much every member of the mainstream media (save for perhaps half of the people who work for FOX News) did vote for him and their response after he said it proved that fact. But people like Paul and Steve thought the death to Rush Limbaugh jokes were funny and brilliant (as did Obama judging by his laughter) and that says more about them than anything else. The civility of our politics is getting worse by the day and as this is happening on Obama's watch I must hold him responsible because his expressed vow to change the tone of politics is yet another campaign promise he has chosen to break. He could have stood up and criticized her comments as reprehensible as was his right but he chose to laugh and then congratulate her afterwards. He is a disgrace to the office.


My, my, my. Republicans (I am one too!) cannot take a joke. They are all right with Limbaugh's behavior. They are even apologetic. Yet, when another comedian calls him on it, you defend him again. Maybe he is the head of our party. I am starting to wonder. Wanda Sykes is a college of Limbaugh. They are in the same business. They understand each other. We don't. That is their "shtick." We set ourselves up when we actually believe what they are saying. I don't even believe that Limbaugh expects us to believe him. We don't seem to be able to think for ourselves nor even research what he is saying on the air. We seem like cattle. Are we really that stupid to believe everything a comedian says? Rush Limbaugh does not speak for the Republican Party, yet the Republican Party represents him? We are stupid. He doesn't need us to defend him folks. He's richer than most of us and is laughing his way to the bank when we follow up on his "suggestions." He is a "radio-talk show host" and a private American citizen, yet he is treated with more respect than his fellow comedian Wanda Sykes. We are really stupid. We need to stop following "Hollywood" and think for ourselves. Rush Limbaugh is not even a news anchor; he is a "radio-talk show host and a comedian. Get it? They are both comedians. They are both in "show business." Get it.


I misspelled "colleague" and wrote "college instead.


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