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Carrie Prejean is Miss California, not Miss Straight California

She represents all of California, not just the straight homophobic Republicans.

(@2:36)"...because she in fact entered the contest under false pretense."

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Shanna Moakler as a spokesperson and beauty pageant director? That's rich. She actually refers to the "severity" of the nudity in that picture, even though there was none. Of all people she should know, she was completely nude for Playboy.

They are desparately searching for something to allow them to take away her crown. It's pathetic. So apparently she can't represent all Californians and have an opinion.


Straight hompohobic Republicans? The largest voting block for Proposition 8 was black Obama voters by a 2 to 1 margin, and Obama himself is against gay marriage. Funny, but I didn't even know he was a Republican.



I don't get it. All I see is homophobic, gay-hating, etc. etc. etc. When did she say anything hateful about homosexuals? All she said was that, for her, marriage is between a man and a woman. How is that hateful? Oh, that's right, if you say anything that somebody from a minority doesn't like, it's hateful. Oops, forgot about that rule for a second there. Don't forget people, it's not about what the electorate wants anymore, it's about who can buy enough activist judges.


It amuses me that the militant homosexual is all about diversity and free opinion except when someone speaks an honest coherent opinion that disagrees with their point of view. This poor girl was set up from the beginning, what in the name of God is a flaming homosexual man doing judging a beauty pagent? This guy should be judging oral arguments at a Castro district street fair of fellow homosexuals. The more these deviants want to press issues, the less tolerant I get.


Chad, have to agree with you on that. IMO she never, in her answer, made any hateful statements. She was asked for her opinion, and she gave it.

If you don't like someones answer, then why was the questioned asked? Some people need to get a life. Start posting about how congress can bail out the banks, but not people losing their homes because they lost their jobs. HOW ABOUT IT? That possibility can happen to anyone, including people who post or read the posts here. Or the price of gas going back up, etc. Like I said, get a life.

Mac Lorry:
She represents all of California, not just the straight homophobic Republicans.

If that's the purpose of the pageant then it's the duty of the pageant officials to prevent moralphobic activists from asking wedge issue questions. Being that they failed in their duty, Trump should fire them.

BTW, Trump has now looked at the evidence and just announced that Carrie Prejean will retain her title. That's actually good news for the moralphobic hate mongers trying to destroy Carrie Prejean, assuming they're smart enough to shut up and let Prejean go back to being an irrelevant beauty pageant winner.


Here a shiny object, there a shiny object, everywhere (except the White House) a shiny object.
Ol' Lee Ward had a blog
E I E I oi!

Rich Fader:

And that noted Christianist wingnut Donald J. Trump says:

"Carrie...ya still hired!"


Here's what I want to know. How can Carrie Prejean represent ALL of California on this issue, when the state is almost evenly divided on the issue? Prop 8 passed 52-48. Seems to me if you take one side, half the state will be mad. If you take the other, the other half will be mad. The only person I've ever seen who can take both sides and mean it is Bill Clinton.


She represents all of California, not just the straight homophobic Republicans.

She doesn't represent anyone. It's a beauty pagent, not an elected office. Her winning is based on how she looks in a bikini, not what's between her ears.

I'll bet she endorses world peace and wants to use her position as Ms California to make the world a better place. Other than an excuse to boost revenue by posting bikini model pictures in the front page of newspapers and useing the headline word "Nude", I can't think of any reason why this is news at all.


I agree with Allen. How about some articles of substance guys? Maybe you and the wb crew could get together and let us know how to tap into all that "free" stimulus money that is going to cost $25,000.00 per tax payer. I'd like to get some of that back. Anybody got a suggestion on that one?


That's a good question, Chad. Anyone know whatever happened to that doofus from the infomercials with all the question marks on his suit? He always seemed to know how to tap into the gravy train.


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