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Put On Your Own All Biker Puppet Show?

Everyone knows that children love loud big motorcycles and leather clad bike riders more than even Barney the Dinosaur. So it was only natural that some enterprising seller on Ebay would offer these four biker figure puppets so they can put on their own all Harley rider puppet show. Of all the strange items ever to appear on Ebay, these items seem even more without an audience of buyers than most items. What's the market for these? biker puppets 2.jpg

Also strange from the seller is one collection of all Asian puppets, so someone can put on an all Asian puppet show. The seller even has a William Shakespeare puppet for sale as well and a Civil War General. Kids love the Civil War or Shakespeare you know. Very Strange stuff indeed my friend.Biker puppets.jpg

Born to be wild?

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Comments (3)

I know my son really liked motorcycles when he was little (even more so now), so that could be the reasoning behind those. As far as the Civil War general and Shakespeare are concerned, a good teacher could use those in a history class to get the lesson across to kids who need visual stimuli. Maybe.

Paul Hooson:

Hello Denise, I suppose any of these might just have at least some buyers for the fact that they're rare items. I bought a cd on Ebay tonight of the group from Holland, Shocking Blue, because the item is hard to find. Ebay's good for odd and hard to get items. A sort of clearinghouse of the unusual.


Gee, I don't know...Therapy for emotionally disturbed bikers? Therapy for someone who was assaulted by emotionally disturbed bikers?? ...Entertainment for bikers' kids, at the Sturgis bikefest? Also, is it just me, or do some of these puppets look like Asian biker puppets?


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