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When Eight Cylinders Isn't Near Enough

Here's a wild presumed 48 cylinder bike from an unknown origin. But it's definitely a cool machine, with what looks like 3 old 1930's style 16 cylinder engines welded or mounted in-line somehow. Not much details are known about this wild custom bike such as the total displacement, top speed or horsepower rating. But it looks fast. In fact, real fast.rally20031.jpg

Hey the weather's getting better. And it's getting time to be thinking about getting back on two wheels again and rolling Old Betsy out of the garage again for the Summer season. What you say about that kids?

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Comments (8)


Either that's a photoshop, or somebody has some serious orangutang arms. Could you even reach those handlebars? If it's real, it's very cool, but I don't see how you could ride that thing. You'd have to lay your chin on the tank to reach the bars.

Chad, my thought exactly. Unless you were Plastic Man, riding this bike would be impossible. Looking at the smudges on the pavement under the bike, I'm going with "photoshopped."


NO NO NO, this is the new Hope and Change Scooter. Those are really 48 gerbils encased in little treadmills, with exhaust pipes for their little turds and farts. Obama has to lie on top of the tank, which is really an echo chamber, and whispers encouraging sound bites he reads off the little round teleprompter in the middle of the handlebars. Unfortunately the carbon footprint of this gem is a little to big for anyone else to be able to afford this. Michelle rides behind him, but her arms are strong and long enough to hold the bars and steer at the top speed of 6 trillion microns per year.

Mac Lorry:

It's a 4,200cc 48 cylinder creation by Simon Whitlock called Tinker Toy 48. More photos here.


OK, Maybe it is real. That's still a heck of a reach. My guess is you don't turn real fast!


How do you keep from burning your knees off?

Paul Hooson:

Hey guys you're right about just 48 cylinders here. It was too easy for grandpa here to lose count with all them spark plug wires, etc. running all over. It looks impossible to ride, but it's still cool anyway. Some guy had a dream and was able to realize it. And that's all good in my book.


Good lord that is one scary machine! How is that weighted? Turning must be an excercise in '"crashing gently".


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