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Obama to Receive Honorary Degree from Notre Dame After All

Anti-abortion extremists fought long and hard against Notre Dame awarding an honorary degree to President Obama - and as is the case recently with other positions that conservative extremists have undertaken, their arguments have been rejected:

President Obama is "inspiring this nation to heal its divisions of religion, culture, race and politics in the audacious hope for a brighter tomorrow."

That's the language on the honorary degree the president will receive at Notre Dame University on Sunday, Fox News has learned.

Those words strike a harmonious chord for Obama's supporters -- but they're hitting a sour note for his opponents as the controversy over his appearance at the prestigious Catholic university heats up prior to the commencement ceremony.

The honorary doctor of laws degree reads:

"A community organizer who honed his advocacy for the poor, the marginalized and the worker in the streets of Chicago, he now organizes a larger community, bringing to the world a renewed American dedication to diplomacy and dialogue with all nations and religions committed to human rights and the global common good.

"Through his willingness to engage with those who disagree with him and encourage people of faith to bring their beliefs to the public debate, he is inspiring this nation to heal its divisions of religion, culture, race and politics in the audacious hope for a brighter tomorrow."

One notable and prominent extremist engaged in the discussion by comparing the President to a pervert:

Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry, who runs stopobamanotredame.com in protest of the president's visit, said the degree's language betrayed the teachings of the Catholic church.

"This is like a teenage girl who is in love with a pervert and has had the wool pulled over his eyes," Terry said. "This is written by a sycophant, by someone who is writing regurgitated campaign rhetoric. It's betraying the students and it betrays the church's teachings. Obama is not acknowledging the right to life, so it's impossible for him to promote the common good."

And how do thinking adults feel about this issue?

A Pew poll conducted last month found that 50 percent of Roman Catholics supported Notre Dame's decision to invite Obama; 28 percent said they opposed the invitation.

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Comments (8)


Randall Terry and Alan Keyes are both certifiable whack jobs! No one in their right mind can take them seriously, they destroy all credibility.


i don't particularly care for terry either. and i don't particularly care whether or not notre dame gives obama a degree.

but there is a reasonable arguement that many of obama's positions, especially in regards to abortion, or antithetical to roman catholic teachings. to call roman catholics who oppose a catholic institution giving an honor to someone who holds such views is not extremist. in fact, to be against abortion is not extremist.

the fact that you don't get this shows what an intolerant ass you are.


It's not the invitation that rankles Catholics, it's the Honorary Degree. Why would a Catholic institution honor someone who didn't have the decency to vote for protecting babies who survived abortions, that is, who were actually born?

Mac Lorry:

Notre Dame no longer teaches Catholic values and hasn't for some time. There are now plans in the works to remove Notre Dame from the list of Catholic colleges, which will in turn cut off a significant amount of their funding from Catholic donors. Obama's degree could be the most expensive degree Notre Dame has ever issued.

Lee Ward:

Glad to see that irrationality continues to rule the roost in the land of conservative extremists.


Sad to see Statist extremists still support letting babies die in a closet.


I guess letting babies die in a linen closet is rational. Funny world.


In the divisive world of Dimmies, interrogating terrorists = bad, murdering innocent babies = good.


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