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GOP Leadership Not Supporting Notre Dame's Anti-Abortion Protests

Update: GOP party chair Michael Steele has now come out Sunday morning on Meet the Press denouncing the honorary degree, but not the extremists' position that Obama shouldn't be allowed to speak.

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Wow. This would seem to represent a major rift from within the Republican Party. None of the Republican Party leadership are out front and involved in the Notre Dame anti-abortion protests.

With the nation's top Democrat less than 12 hours away from delivering a controversial address to Notre Dame's graduates, some protesters outside the Catholic university were wondering Saturday why President Obama's Republican opposition hadn't shown up from Washington.

Anti-abortion demonstrators are making their way to South Bend, Ind., by the busload this weekend to protest Obama's support for abortion rights and embryonic stem cell research. They argue Notre Dame shouldn't have invited Obama to speak or offered him an honorary degree.

Judy Zabick said she was "very upset because there's not one politician here."

"And what an opportunity missed for the Republicans to take advantage of the passion and the devotion that these people have," Zabick said. "Where are our leaders, not only in our church, but in our nation?"

One Republican exception was 2008 presidential candidate Alan Keyes, who remained jailed Saturday following his second arrest the day before for trespassing on Notre Dame's campus.

The Tea Bagging parties were bought and paid for by Republican interests who were attempting to show that Mainstream America was outraged over Obama's effort to rebuild the nation's economy through his economic stimulus program. Politicians lined up in support.

Note that the only notable Republican icon supporting the anti-abortion extremists is Alan Keyes - a man remembered in Republican circles as the nutcake who attacked Mitt Romney.

Keyes blames Romney for our sins: Just to let us know he's still breathing, the Keyester wrote on his website that Mitt's at fault for turning America into Sodom and Gomorrah by instituting same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

He proclaims, "This action by Mitt Romney is among the most socially-damaging actions by a chief executive in our nation's history. Because of its far-reaching implications for the future of the traditional family, it threatens to destroy our entire moral and cultural fabric more than any other executive action I can think of." Does this mean condoms and birth control pills will replace currency as the medium of exchange?

The anti-abortion extremists at work in Notre Dame represent the far-right fringe, and it's political suicide for a GOP "face" to become associated with these nuts.

So far, none of the Republican leadership has stepped forward to endorse these protests.

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Comments (9)


If you have ever stopped to talk to anti-abortion protesters they are just about the most dimwitted bunch around.

There is a group that walks around with signs in front of a catholic church near my coffee place on some Sundays. 2 minutes of conversation will reveal not only a complete ignorance of scripture but a lack of knowledge about the world that is astounding.

It would seem that republicans would fit right in with these people.


..."but a lack of knowledge about the world ..."

Better to lack knowledge of worldly ways than to be blind to the Lords ways.


So drlava, you're some expert? And which bit of scripture tells you that it is dimwitted to support the defence of the unborn?

I wonder if Hades might be the fit for you and Wizbangblue ?

Rich Fader:

Or maybe Republicans have figured out that it'd be a waste of time and effort. If Notre Dame isn't going to respect God's, and their hierarchy's, long-standing policy on the matter, it's unlikely they're going to listen to the GOP.

The People's Program:

I thought that Republican leadership might rally around this one.

I am pro-life but believe that he had the right to speak at the school.

There is no different set of rules for the president than there is for the common citizen in this regard. Many people who support abortion have stepped foot on campus and you can be sure that they've had debates in the classroom. It is a college university after all.



Once again, it's not the speaking that has the activists upset, it's the honorary degree. They don't understand why a Catholic school would confer honors on someone who's position on abortion is 100% opposite of official Catholic teaching.

Lee Ward:

Oh it is very much the speaking that had the activists upset. Nice try, Tim - but you're wrong as usual.

And note that the Republican leadership is now chiming in, and only addressing the honorary degree issue, but the protests over Obama's presence is still there amongst the extremist base.

A storm blew up immediately after the University of Notre Dame invited Mr. Obama to address Sunday's commencement exercises. It still rages, with antiabortion activists promising to disrupt the president's appearance at South Bend, Ind., where he was also to receive an honorary degree.

Students opposed to abortion rights were holding an all-night prayer vigil to protest Mr. Obama's visit, and the head of the Republican Party on Sunday said Mr. Obama should be denied the honorary degree.

Note also that the Republican figurehead now speaking up is Michael Steele -- so far none of the Republicans who are holding office or interested in running for office are rallying behind the extremists.

Lee Ward:


"President Obama is so sufficiently and strongly in opposition to the church teaching on these issues [such as abortion and embryonic stem-cell research] that it's completely inappropriate for Notre Dame to have him there," said Patrick Reilly, president of the Cardinal Newman Society , an organization whose stated purpose is "renewing and strengthening Catholic identity" at the nation's 224 Catholic universities and colleges.

The language used by the left is very telling; calling those opposing abortion 'extremists' and 'fringe' while smuggly pronouncing that those who demonstrate are 'the most dimwitted bunch.'

Sorry that I cannot live up to you and your coffee place's level of social enlightenment.

When people protest, rather poorly, against the Iraq War, apparently to the Wizbang Blue throng those people (often college students without anything else to do) are 'committed idealists,' right?

By the way, I am and have been against the Iraq War from the start. And I am Roman Catholic.

Perspective however mandates that the hundreds of thousands killed in Iraq be taken with the millions of unborn killed in a decade's time.

When you get right down to it, the abortion lobby uses lies and scare tactics to entice those desperate into aborting (read killing) their children. Does NARAL or PP give out literature describing the other options? Do pro-abortion rights people truly seek to limit abortions by promoting a climate of loving families by encouraging women and their families to help with something unplanned?

No. You don't. Abortion is BIG business and it serves the agenda of de-population harbored by some spooky types.

Something to meditate on: without exception, the pioneers of abortion in America were intensely racist and obsessed with a Hitlerian policy of ethnic 'purification.'


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