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Fr. Norman Weslin's arrest at Notre Dame - May 16, 2009

Earlier today:

Among those arrested was the Rev. Norman Weslin, a Catholic priest and founder of the Lambs of Christ abortion protest group. He also was among 21 people arrested during a similar protest Friday.

Father Weslin and Lambs were among those anti-abortion extremists who protested at abortion clinics 8-10 years ago.

In the following interview of Fr. Norman Weslin, founder of the Lambs of Christ, performed October 14, 2001, Weslin refers to abortion clinics as "killing centers"...

There are others then who are in a position where they don't have to support a family or they don't have large assets so they can't be sued so they can follow me in the Lambs of Christ and we move from place to place and the people of each town always take care of us. They take care of the food, they take care of the place to stay, they take care of the transportation, they take care of everything -- all the people in town take care of the Lambs. We've always been taken care of and those are the people who are devoted to Jesus Christ, many of them are consecrated souls. They can help in that way.

The other thing is to be able to in the numbers category, is to come out in large crowds on a given day as set up by the Lambs of Christ or by whatever capacity I'm working. We would have key lay leaders, who would then organize small groups, who would all come together on a given day and come with 4,5,10, people outside of the killing center to send the message by a crowd, we don't have to block the door then, we don't have to super glue the locks, we don't have to drive an old wreck of a car up against the door to keep it locked to keep the killer out. We could by the virtue of the crowd being there itself and saying the rosaries and invoking God's power and love and by exercising the building and the demons that are there.

There are demons too and some don't believe there are demons there and their are good reliable saints who said if [demons] had form, the sky would be black amongst us with all the demons that are around the place.

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Comments (2)

Paul Hooson:

Lee, this story inspired me to address those who call themselves "prolife" and what that actually means. The reality is that it often means far less than many in the "prolife" community would really like to admit. Even an overturn of Roe v. Wade would be unlikely to change the availability of abortion in communities where it is now common, or it is more rare.

Peggy Orr:

Paul, do we wipe our all laws against murder because people still murder? Indeed, we do not. The point is, abortion is an inherent evil, just like murder, even if one does not consider it to be murder.


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