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Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Uses Medium-Range Missile Launch To Bolster Presidential Election Hopes

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad obviously used Wednesday's medium-range missile launch to help to bolster his strength among the right wing voters in his country ahead of the June 12 presidential election. It was an attempt to make his country look powerful and strong to voters in his nation, although it only makes observers outside of Iran such as Israel and the U.S. look to use more resolve to shut down Iran's nuclear program. President Obama was able to buy a little more time with Israel to put off any possible future military on Iran's nuclear program by pressing Iran to meet a deadline to comply with the international community on the nuclear issue. However, the launch of the new Iranian missile with a claimed 1,200 mile range only puts more pressure on Iran to comply with international efforts to halt their nuclear program.

Ahmadinejad has really misread the resolve of the Obama Administration if they only continue to work on developing and testing missiles capable of hitting Israel or American bases within a 1,200 mile range in the Mideast. In Pakistan, the Obama Administration managed to prod the government into action against the Taliban and their Al Qaeda allies there. And Iran should not rule out that the Obama Administration would take military action off the table if their missile program and nuclear weapons program threaten American interests. ahmadinejad.jpg

The new Iranian missile is called the Sajjil-2, which refers to an account in the Quran in which birds supposedly defended the holy City of Mecca by dropping pieces of clay on enemy attackers like little bombs. Ahmadinejad seems intent on coupling Iran's military with his own extreme Islamic end-time philosophy views, while some reformer candidates running for president are concerned about this deliberate attempt to antagonize the United States and to provoke isolation and possible eventual military action.

Reformer candidates would like to strengthen the weakening economy of Iran, have more constructive relations with Washington, and less confrontation with the world community. By comparison, Ahmadinejad seems more intent on pursuing some extreme end-timer Islamic religious viewpoint. As mayor of Tehran, Ahmadinejad ordered the streets widened because he believed that some prophets from the Quran would need these wider streets to walk down once nonbelievers such as Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc. were destroyed in a religious war. The intent of Ahmadinejad still appears to be pursuing his radical end-timer religious views of creating a war to kill "nonbelievers" so those prophets he believes in will return to Earth and walk the streets of Tehran. This is why Ahmadinejad's intents to build a nuclear program are so suspect. They appear to be a further aspect of his radical religious philosophy to create a religious war on "nonbelievers". iranian execution.jpg

Ahmadinejad has voter strength among the very poor and the religious right wing of his nation. However the middle class of Iran, interested in improved business and a stronger domestic economy only view Ahmadinejad as a huge failure and a poor leader with a failing economy and constant friction with the world community over the nuclear program. A win by a reformer in Iran might mean the end of Iran's nuclear weapons program and greatly improved relations if not trade with some nations such as the United States.iran execution.jpg

The whole issue is really up to voters in Iran within a few weeks what sort of economy and relations with Washington that they really want. If the Iranian public believes that public executions on often trumped up charges and continued human rights abuses as well as a nuclear threat are good public policy or not? If they really want more of Ahmadinejad and confrontation with Washington and a worsening economy, they have to only give him more time to provoke more problems for their nation. Or they can choose a better alternative.

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Comments (3)


overall good analysis, paul. i am extremely concerned about Ahmadinejad. he has rarely acted in a rational way, especially with regards to Israel or Iranian military policy. however, i don't think that obama will do much directly, or even indirectly, against iran unless iran actually nukes somebody.

given the things that he said in the senate, on the campaign trail, and while in office, i don't see him taking any action with out the support and/or approval of either european leaders or the UN. and none of them will support any action against iran or in support of israel.

i am, also, a bit troubled by your use of the phrase "right wing" to describe Ahmadinejad's supporters. mostly that's because the politically liberal in the US, including yourself, use right wing to describe conservatives of all shapes and sizes in the US. who are, generally, very differnent than Ahmadinejad's supporters.

would you mind defining what you mean by "right wing"? and do you mean it in the same way when you describe right wingers in Iran and in the US? i'd hate for you to group me in with the same people who support Ahmadinejad.

Paul Hooson:

Hello Ke, the Iranian definition of right wing includes those extreme religious or revolutionaries who continue to support the Islamic revolutionary government in that nation, compared to the moderate middle class who believe in a more liberal society and a developed economy and better relations and trade with nations like the U.S. The definition of right or left does vary by society. But Ahmadinejad's supporters are also defined by extreme social conservatism as well compared to social moderates. Ahmadinejad is more extreme than many clerics in his nation for example. Many clerics are actually reformers and somewhat moderate compared to Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad uses human rights abuses such as public executions including of women as illustrated here to rule out of fear, sometimes falsely claiming persons are "spies" for Israel or other nonsense just to bolster his own support at home. Claiming that some "spy" is being hung in a public place is a cheap political ploy from this outrageous Iranian tyrant leader. Further his extreme religious views that motivate why he wants to build nuclear weapons should send chills up the spine of anyone in the west. Ahmadinejad is as wacky and dangerous as they come. If the people of Iran will just step up and vote him out of office on June 12, then they can do their society a world of good.


Paul, I don't think President Obama's going to have to worry about it much longer. Israel will handle it if they feel threatened. They might warn us, but they aren't going to wait with their hands tied by us for a solution. I see them taking out the missle ranges, production sites, and nuclear materials stockpiles in 1 large air campaign, maybe even some commando actions on the ground. Pajamahead is a crazy bastard, and like a rabid dog, he lashes out at anything he sees as a threat. His day is coming, and it won't be pretty when Israel gets done with him.


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