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Japan's Awesome Magnetic Hybrid Scooter

Axle Corporation, a Japanese company has developed an incredible hybrid magnetic powered motor scooter. The scooter can reach speeds of 93mph and requires a 6 hour charging time to travel a 112 mile range.magnetic hybrid scooter.bmp

The power is supplied by a hybrid magnet design between an electromagnet and a permanent magnet. And the engine fits into the rear drive wheel, and is said to be seven times more cost efficient than gas power scooter engines.

The scooter is virtually silent running, and with such a high top speed might be a suitable design for racing applications.

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In another exciting breakthrough:


It's tragic that the last 8 year "war on science" by the GOP has left America to play catch-up. I little known tidbit of the legacy of the Bush/GOP cancer from 2001 was the disbanding of the OTA. The Office of Technological Assessment was a long standing service to keep members of the representative and executive branches informed about current assessments in technology and science.

Bush/GOP ended that longstanding agency fully expecting Jesus to provide all needed information.

Paul Hooson:

Cool technology link, DrLava. Right on. That's a fantastic new technology in battery design.


According to the "Peswiki" site:


The scooter debuted in April of 2006 (April 1st maybe?).

The links to the company's website:


Go to a domain placeholder page (meaning at some point between 2006 and now, they stopped paying their website bills).

Find a better link and I'll take it back, but this doesn't even seem to rise to the level of vaporware.

Paul Hooson:

Hello Computerguy. I know that the prototype for this new type of scooter has been experimented with for several years now. Often it will take four or more years of testing before a new vehicle is considered ready for the marketplace. Certainly this vehicle could have developed some drawbacks or even some cost problems that might keep it from the marketplace. But the technology is pretty cool though and the top speed impressive enough.


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