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With A 13% Approval Rating After Leaving Office, Cheney Now Belatedly Decides To Defend Bush Administration

After leaving office with a mere 13% approval rating, and really failing to do much good for the public image of the Bush Administration, former Vice President Dick Cheney now suddenly feels that now it's important to go back on the stage and to defend the reputation of the Bush Administration. Isn't that a little bit late, guy?

If Mr. Cheney really wanted to do his administration some good, back when he was vice president was a pretty good time to defend the administration's reputation. It also might have been helpful to John McCain's ill-fated campaign for president as well. Now is a little bit late, don't you think?

The fact of the matter is that Mr. Cheney left office with a mere 13% approval rating and his "boss" if really was that, Mr. Bush left office with a mere 22% rating according to a final CBS survey. Those were pretty dismal ratings compared to final approval ratings of both Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan at 68%, or even of 44% for Jimmy Carter. The fact of the matter is that Mr. Bush once enjoyed a high approval rating of 90% following 9/11 for strong and decisive action and strong bipartisan support following this attack, but only managed to squander away those numbers with too much controversy, scandal and poor decisions, leaving the U.S, stuck in an Iraq mess that didn't turn out at all like expected or with a terrible economy mess.

But now, all of sudden, since Dick Cheney has no ambitions to run for president himself, and can't really do anything positive for his party other than draw the spotlight away from some more legitimate spokesman who might have a bettert future, Cheney decides this is the time to go back on the stage, over and over again. stage hook.png

Someone call for the stage hook please!

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Comments (7)

Village Idiot:

Here the nation is facing a debate and decision on critical national security matters... and you choose to speak out about old popularity polls?

This is the dumbest editorial I have read today.

Paul Hooson, you win!

Paul Hooson:

Hello Village Idiot. You know that the prison in Cuba is identical in design to one federal one in Michigan for example. And no prisoner has ever escaped from either of those facilities. So I don't really understand where the national security argument is here. Cheney just wants to make a little noise, that's all.


Cheney's playing Chatty Cathy with even more vague comments proves that he is delusional and getting cornered by the facts as they become clearer. Plus if Cheney has evidence of terror plots and American lives saved (due to TORTURE) it's not like he has ever been averse to leaking CYA information.

I believe Howard Dean said it best: The whole Republican message consists of "fear, smears, and queers." How is it that Cheney forgot about the gays? He's slipping.... Just the mention "Pelosi" gets some folks innards all knotted up (a &%$# woman! with power! real power! a liberal, Democrat, woman, San Francisican Californian with real power! OMG!). It plays real good in the Land Of Limbaugh.


But look where his ratings have gone... He has tripled in popularity. Obama is less than half his inaugural high.

We should acknowledge that Cheney is winning the debate right now. He is more articulate and compelling than we give him credit for.

And the President occasionally does stray in both his message and his compass. I don't agree with the way he has embraced BusHitler policies. And then tries to fool me into ignoring the fact.

This is bad.

Doubting Thomas:

" And then tries to fool me into ignoring the fact."


He told you what you wanted to hear to get elected. However, I think he's finding that actually trying to BE President is a lot harder than RUNNING for President. (Which might explain why he seems to still be running for President instead of settling in to the job.)

You can promise to invent antigravity and flying cars that run on water - but the current state of physics and engineering won't exactly support your promises.

He can promise all sorts of 'progressive' thinking - but reality is going to intrude at some point. I think he's finding that he doesn't have as much 'control' over other countries (or our enemies) as he thought, and his influence is much less than he anticipated. It's still a lot - just not quite how he envisioned it...

Paul Hooson:

Hello Doubting Thomas. I'm not disappointed in President Obama's leadership at all even if I disagree with his views on a few issues such as a "cash for clunkers program" to spur Detroit auto sales. President Obama was elected with around 53% of the vote, and has approval numbers that now range between 58-62% which are healthy. Further, I expected his views to become more centrist as president, and to represent a more mainstream consensus followed by presidents of either party.

What I don't understand is Dick Cheney. Is he trying to rewrite his legacy this late in the game or something? The reality is terrorism increased worldwide, in Iraq, and elsewhere by several thousand percent under Cheney/Bush compared to the Clinton years, or earlier presidents, so how were their policies any great success story. Maybe no more American soil attacks since 9/11. However, every terrorist attack on American soil was always many years apart anyway, so that's not even a good indicator of very much. I just don't get it with Cheney. Makes no sense to me at all.


Hi Paul.

Are you 100% positive that the Oklahoma City bombing was simply "domestic" terrorism and rightfully swept under the rug by the Clinton administration?

Jayna Davis and numerous witnesses disagree.

If people can speculate that 9/11 was an inside job and not face derision, I would hope that you can take fifteen minutes or so and check out the possibility that those two assholes were funded and trained by terror cells.

I assume that Mr. Cheney is genuinely concerned with the security of our Nation. Who knows what kind of stuff people in extremely high positions hear during intelligence briefings.


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